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R$33.08 R$17.85
Now Foods Omega-3

"Depois que passei a utilizar melhorou e muito minha articulação e disposição."
- Gomes

"Ótimo suplemento de omega 3. Recomendo um mais completo que contenha omega 3-6-9. A marca é realmente muito boa e recomendada."
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R$88.28 R$47.66
Now Foods Ultra Omega 3

"The benefits of omega-3s include decreasing the risk of heart disease and stroke while also helping to reduce symptoms of depression, hypertension, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), joint pain, arthritis, and chronic skin ailments like eczema. (2) Fish oil intake has also been associated with aiding the body in weight loss, fertility, pregnancy, and increased energy. Now, I take these capsules for increasing my attention span. It contains twice as much DHA/EPA as contained in Omega-3 capsules of others brands! Plus, it takes care of my heart health, which is an added bonus!"
- HealthFreak

"There are a lot of fish oil products out there but in my opinion NOW's omega 3 fish oil is the best. After just a few weeks of taking it I have more energy and I just feel completely renewed. This brand was recommended by a lot of people and so far I can't say enough good about them, they obviously take quality very seriously. I will continue to use their products and evitamins for the great prices, thank you. "
- Deepak P
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R$110.03 R$79.78
Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil

"The taste of lemon is excellent and smooth. I started to take a few days ago."
- Leopoldo Bern

"Excellent product, quick delivery. Satisfied overall."
- George L.
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R$174.76 R$126.22
Proper Nutrition Seacure

"The quality of Seacure seems excellent. However, once the bottle is opened, it smells quite fishy. The good news is that is doesn't taste fishy at all and there is no aftertaste either. I'm pleased with it, just wish it came with some type of odor eater in the bottle."
- Anonymous

"Seacure is a wonderful product!"
- Lynn F.
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R$66.20 R$35.73
Now Foods Omega-3

"O Ômega 3 da Now Foods em seu segmento é um dos melhores, não fico sem, recomendo!"
- Gomes

"ótimo, Realmente muito bom... minha memoria melhorou muito."
- Alexandra Gonçalves Felisberto Nogueira
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Douglas Labs Quell Fish Oil EPA and DHA Plus D

"With some fish oil you always get a fish flavor or after taste an hour later. Not with this one. I think this is a good fish oil supplement. No bad after taste or fish flavor. "
- James W.

"Overall, this Quell Fish Oil EPA and DHA Plus D is a great product. I love the fact that you only have to 1 softgel per day and that it doesn't leave a fishy after taste in your mouth after. The only thing I really dislike, is the size of the softgel. "
- Harley Kensington
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R$84.42 R$47.03
Enzymatic Therapy Eskimo-3 Fish Oil

"Eskimo-3 Fish Oil is a great fish oil! One of the best. No burps and just results. Blood pressure down and stable with this product!"
- Randall N.

"My wife and I have taken Eskimo-3 Fish Oil for over a year. The pills are also easy to take, not like some other vitamins that are huge, like horse pills. We have seen our good health continue. Thanks!"
- Marc M.
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R$102.67 R$76.99
Carlson Labs Very Finest Fish Oil

"Pra quem não gosta de tomar comprimido esse óleo de peixe é perfeito e não tem gosto de peixe como muita gente pode pensar, ele tem um gostinho de limão delicioso. A única parte estranha é que ele tem uma textura de óleo então quando você toma é como se fosse um óleo mesmo, que você acaba acostumando depois de 1 semana. A Qualidade é excelente e eles tem a versão pra crianças também!"
- PriscilaR

"Pra quem tem o estômago sensível como eu e não pode exagerar nos comprimidos, tablets, etc este óleo de peixe líquido é EXCELENTE! O sabor é delicioso, por incrível que pareça, e a qualidade é sensacional além de durar por mais de 2 meses. Vale a pena experimentar!!!!! "
- Karinna D.
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R$101.21 R$90.56
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-D3

"It's something with a lemon-y twist. If you are bored with your regular omega-3 and vitamin D3 capsules, you can try this out for a change. It's the best of both worlds!"
- HealthFreak

"It's an tablet, before using this I couldn't believe, but its amazing."
- Mahesh mishra
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R$58.84 R$31.76
Now Foods Omega-3

"Não fico sem e esta marca é ótima. Suas cápsulas são de fácil consumo."
- Anna Frezer dos Santos Cruz Amorim

"Excelente Ômega, na minha opinião um dos melhores existêntes no mercado. "
- Rosângela Cruz
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R$34.92 R$23.78
Nature's Way Fisol Fish Oil

"Easy to swallow, absolutely no fish taste or burp. Would recommend to anyone."
- Anonymous

"I have used this product for years. I think it is the best way to deliver fish oil to your body. Absolutely no aftertaste due to the enteric-coat. You should build up slowly as there is some digestive adjustment since that's where the oil is being delivered. However, that does subside with use. I only wish I could get cod liver oil pills that were enteric-coated."
- Anonymous
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R$66.06 R$56.16
Nordic Naturals Omega-3 690 mg

"Melhor Omega 3 disponível..."
- Luis Cláudio Ribeiro Oliveira

"Omega-3 Softgels have no aftertaste. Great product."
- Tammy B.
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R$44.12 R$25.08
Nature's Way EFA Blend for Children

"This is a good product with no artificial ingredients."
- Ursula Minnaar

"After only one month my daughter said she has only notice a slight improvement. She is going to use it another month and see if the results change. We will update any new changes."
- Anonymous
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R$161.88 R$87.40
Now Foods Ultra Omega 3

"Excellent product. Inspite being so high in EPA/DHA and obviously the fish oil itself, doesn't cause any bloating whatsoever, unlike many other fish oil products. Has really kept my cholesterol numbers perfect. Highly recommended."
- Emron Musavi

"Produto excelente!Porém, após algum tempo de ingerido volta o gosto do peixe."
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R$51.48 R$27.78
Now Foods Omega 3-6-9 1000 mg

"Melhora do colesterol, Excelente Produto! Melhorou meus níveis de colesterol. Recomendo a todos!"
- Sergio

"I've used this Omega made by Now Foods before and it helped to decrease my cholesterol levels (HDL) and increased my attention and working out focus."
- Luiz Gustavo Gerent
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R$13.95 R$12.73
Now Foods Organic Flax Seed Meal

"This product is a great source of fiber and easily mixed in my breakfast shake; it has helped to regulate by digestive system. Its great you should try it!"
- Cynthia Brown

"Now's Organic Flax Seed Meal is great for digestive health. I use it to supplement my morning breakfast shake; and since I have been using this product I have not problems with irregularity. What a great supplement!"
- Cynthia
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R$136.12 R$73.49
Now Foods Omega-3

"O omega 3 acima citado é de ótima qualidade, tem o efeito de energia para o cerebro esperado, gerando vigor no dia a dia. Ponto negativo é o tamanho da capsula um pouco dificil de engolir,porém possível. "
- jose eduardo barbosa de araujo

"Produto chegou com 16 dias. Entrega muito rápida. Recomendo a todos."
- José R L Oliveira
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R$66.24 R$49.68
Life Extension Super Omega-3

"Ótimo suplemento e com um custo benefício regular. A fonte desse ômega 3 é das melhores, sinal de pureza e qualidade. A Evitamins está fazendo um ótimo trabalhando trazendo os melhores suplementos pra seus clientes e com um preço em conta."
- Pablo Caires Rocha

"Very good product. , Very good product. It is the best of this category."
- Kleuber O R Matos
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R$93.84 R$68.04
Carlson Labs Super Omega-3 Gems

"O único ômega 3 que eu tomo. Eu confio na marca Carlson. Os produtos são de alta qualidade. O ideal é fazer o teste de pureza. Coloque a cápsula no congelador por 5 horas e tente passar um alfinete por ele se ele tiver congelado não é bom. Eu já fiz esse teste com todos os ômega 3 da Carlson várias vezes e ele é sempre aprovado. "
- kdano

"I take one of these daily along with a multivitamin. This one product has everything you need for Omega 3 oil and is high quality. I wouldn't be without it for heart health."
- Susan K.
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R$110.36 R$59.58
Now Foods Omega 3-6-9

"Ótimo produto, pele fica mais sadia. Recomendo a todos. Entrega rápida. "
- Fabiano Vieira Damascena

"Tomo no auxílio ao aumento do bom colesterol. "
- Antonio Rita dos Santos Neto
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R$62.52 R$40.48
Now Foods Argan Oil

"I use a couple of drops of this, a couple drops of tamanu oil and a couple of drops of rosehip oil in the morning after serum. Easily absorbed, guaranteed radiant skin for the rest of the day. "
- Laura Lu Zhai

"Argan Oil from Now is the best. It makes my skin soft and smooth and gradually erased my wrinkles."
- Allan C.
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R$40.44 R$21.82
Now Foods Evening Primrose Oil

"So effective! My PMS disappeared & my body feels great!"
- RS

"Great product, Excellent quality!! I noticed a difference in my PMS symptoms within 3 days of taking this that too I took only 500mg instead of the recommended 1500mg dosage! Very pleased!"
- Radhika Sharma
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R$40.44 R$21.82
Now Foods Flax Oil

"Good product, I have started using this two months ago and I noticed some improvement on my skin. It is very easy to take as well. "
- Andrea Almeida Reis

"Great product - No fishy aftertaste or burps!"
- Matthew Brooks
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R$76.18 R$48.58
Amazing Herbs Theramune Black Seed & Garlic

"I am using it for immune-enhancing effects."
- Anonymous

"I can't live without Theramune Black Seed & Garlic. It's a shame that the Amazing Herbs website is not a good recognition of this. I placed a big order with them and they never sent the products to me, and the phone and fax is on a constant engage tone. Overall, this product is great and I recommend it to all my friends. Improvements have shown in my recent blood results."
- aisha lee
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