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R$49.64 R$33.75
Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

"Eu amo óleo de coco. Especialmente se ele é orgânico. Eu uso ele pra tudo, pra cozinhar, passo no cabelo, dou uma colher de manhã ao meu cachorro e ele é ótimo também pra lustrar móveis de madeira. Pra quem não está acostumado com o gosto a comida pode ficar com um gostinho de coco mas depois de algumas vezes o paladar acostuma e você não sente mais por isso use pouco no início pra acostumar se você não é muito fã de oleo de coco mas quer tentar."
- kdano

"Melhor oleo de coco que eu já usei. A embalagem diz que é bom para cozinhar mas eu também já usei no meu cabelo e adorei os resultados, o meu cabelo fica super brilhoso (não brilhoso de oleoso rsrs). Eu tento aplicar óleo de coco no meu cabelo pelo menos 2 vezes por semana e está ajudando muito no crescimento dele. Eu recomendo este produto para qualquer um."
- Monica W
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R$69.88 R$39.71
Dose Per Serving: 5,000 IU
Nature's Way Vitamin D3

"Após o exame de sangue mostrar baixo índice da D3 fiz a suplementação com esta dosagem e depois o exame confirmou a normalização desta vitamina no exame de sangue. O sistema imune melhorou, alergias cessaram... Quando não encontro tempo para ficar ao sol, faço a suplementação. "

"Fale o que você gosta e o que não gosta sobre este produto."
- Lígia Maria de oliveira
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R$36.76 R$20.90
Dose Per Serving: 600 mg ($0.11)
Nature's Way Fenugreek Seed

"It's a great product for slimming, too, if followed with some diet. Fenugreek also acts as a laxative, lubricates the intestines and reduces fever. I have been using it for a while and I think results are good."
- Navneet B.

"I used Fenugreek in the past and had wonderful results (not sure if it was this brand). My milk decreased after my son went to day care at 2 months old and I was unable to pump enough milk to keep up with his normal feedings. After using Fenugreek, my milk increased 100%. The only side effect is that it is a main ingredient in maple syrup and there is a maple scent that is excreted out of your sweat glands (well for me underarms). Other than smelling sweet all the time, this product worked wonderful."
- Anonymous
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R$58.84 R$40.08
Nature's Way Sambucus

"I am a college student, and encounter many germs and viruses amoung my peers. Coming to Florida from Philadelphia for school is a big change in certain allergies too. My mom recommended this to me when I felt myself coming on with something. I can honestly say that this product is amazing. It has stopped any type of illness that I have ever come on with. It did not work just once, but has worked continually over the four years I have been in school. Sometimes antibiodics are needed if you are really sick, but elderberry (90 %) of the time stops the virus or infection dead in its tracks. The key is to take it as soon as you feel crummy, in a double dose strength (4 tablespoons) twice a day. Then finish off the bottle in regular doses once a day. If you are a college student or know one, recommending black elderberry to them will really help them out when they get sick."
- Anonymous

"I agree with the others about the effectiveness of Sambucol. My daughters take it everytime they feel run down or like a cold is coming on, and I have never seen it fail. They may get a cold , but it's always very mild. I swear by Sambucol and tell everyone about it."
- D. Read
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R$31.24 R$17.77
Dose Per Serving: 400 mg ($0.05)
Nature's Way Vitex Fruit

"Great stuff! I never got a period after taking this because to my surprise and delight, I was pregnant."
- Madhu Rao

"Excelente produto para controle dos ovários policísticos."
- Jéssica Martins Vieira
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R$69.88 R$47.61
Nature's Way Femaprin Vitex Extract

"I started taking Femaprin On Jan 1, 2011. I usually have a period about 4 times a year up until 2010 when I went up until May and still had no period. Since starting Femaprin on Jan 1, I have had 2 periods so far this year (one the 1st of Feb. and the other the end of April). Now by no means is this "regular" but its a step in the right direction. I love this stuff!"
- Chay

"From the age of 14 to 25 I had been having irregular periods, and the older I got, the longer I would go without seeing it. Before I found out about Femaprin, it had been 10 months since I had last gotten my period. I took the entire bottle, and about a week after I finished it, my period came on. It has been coming on every month since then. That was over a year ago! After years of going to doctors to find out what was wrong with me, I did a little research online and purchased this product. I have recommended Femaprin to every woman who tells me she has irregular cycles, and I recommend it now. This stuff is AWESOME!"
- Chari
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R$34.92 R$23.78
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg ($0.14)
Nature's Way Fisol Fish Oil

"Easy to swallow, absolutely no fish taste or burp. Would recommend to anyone."
- Anonymous

"I have used this product for years. I think it is the best way to deliver fish oil to your body. Absolutely no aftertaste due to the enteric-coat. You should build up slowly as there is some digestive adjustment since that's where the oil is being delivered. However, that does subside with use. I only wish I could get cod liver oil pills that were enteric-coated."
- Anonymous
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R$40.44 R$22.99
Dose Per Serving: 1,000 mg ($0.12)
Nature's Way Fo-Ti Root 610 mg

"I have been using this for my gray hair, and after 4 weeks I noticed that my hair has started getting its original colour and I found some new hair near my hairline."
- Mohammed Abbas k

"I have used 3 bottles. Did not notice much difference. Will try again and see if I can notice any benefit."
- Sachin Chhabaria
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R$64.36 R$36.58
Dose Per Serving: 250 mg ($0.17)
Nature's Way Rhodiola Rosea

"Produto bom. Por possuir 250 mg por cápsula dá pra dividir e tomar um de manha e outro à tarde. "
- Guilherme

"I was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago. This is the first and only supplement that helped the fatigue I experienced. I would set my alarm so I wouldn't forget to take my next dose. And it's standardized."
- Jane Browning
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R$58.84 R$33.44
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg ($0.09)
Nature's Way Saw Palmetto Berries

"O Saw Palmetto é um grande aliado no combate ao DHT sem interferir no controle hormonal. ótimo produto!"

"It helps a little with my acne."
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R$44.12 R$25.08
Nature's Way EFA Blend for Children

"This is a good product with no artificial ingredients."
- Ursula Minnaar

"After only one month my daughter said she has only notice a slight improvement. She is going to use it another month and see if the results change. We will update any new changes."
- Anonymous
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R$154.52 R$87.79
Nature's Way DIM-Plus

"Been using this for two weeks... But I'm still having spots on my face."
- Deborah Ann Leria Adona

"Amazing formulation. I can instantly feel the energy. Just be careful to not take too much as it may cause joint pain similar to arthritis."
- Anonymous
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