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R$70.63 R$45.08
Dose Per Serving: 300 mg ($0.11)
Nature's Herbs Bitter Melon

"Tenho diabetes tipo I e estou usando Bitter Melon há 2 semanas. O controle da glicemia melhorou, mas o produto sozinho não tem tanto efeito. Uma alimentação com baixo índice glicemico, vegana e natural são aliados importantes na manutenção da saúde."
- Mariana Correia

"My husband is a diabetic and has been using alternative medicines rather than the typical doctor-oriented meds. Bitter Melon was recommended by a PhD friend of ours in the homeopathic industy and it works. It is also fairly expensive, that is, until we came across Nature's Herbs at eVitamins. The cost is less than half what we were paying before, for the same product. Thank you for your product and your service."
- Christine Moore
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R$69.04 R$44.07
Dose Per Serving: 1,000 mg
Nature's Herbs Valerian Root

"Valerian Root is great for nerves and pain."
- T. Hunter

"I was having problems sleeping after a full hysterectomy. I did a little research and talked to my doctor and she also recommended Valerian root. It works! Sometimes I have to take one during the night also. But I am sleeping well and wake up rested. I love it!"
- Linda H.
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R$76.58 R$48.83
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg ($0.12)
Nature's Herbs Maca Root 500 mg

"Maca Root has helped me with my severely irregular menstrual cycle. I am a 35 yr old woman who has always had an irregular menstrual cycle. My biggest problem would be that I would not cycle for months and when I finally did, I would stay on for a month or more. My doctors always swore to me that the only thing to regulate my cycle was the pill. Well, I had been on the pill off and on since I was 16 and did not want to continue because I soon want to begin to have children. Anyway, after not being on the pill for at least 4 yrs my cycle was back to its normal irregular behavior. I had not been on in months, and I know what that meant, a month long cycle and possibly a trip to the ER. I searched for something, anything to help and I came across Maca Root. I ran to GNC to purchase this very brand and started taking it immediately! Well to my surprise, it worked instantly! I had a week long cycle and I will be ordering online now that I see its cheaper than in GNC."
- Ms. Brown

"Maca Root is a great product! I really saw great results within a few days. It gave me energy, stamina, etc. No adverse side effects, just a great product and great value."
- Patrick
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R$61.89 R$39.48
Dose Per Serving: 1,500 mg ($0.30)
Nature's Herbs Celery Seed

"Celery Seed is so great for water reduction."
- Jen

"I combined taking 1 x 600mg capsule of Celery Seed daily with an evening application of "Weleda Massage Balm with Arnica" - a five minute massage - for about two weeks. The gout actually dissipated in three days but I kept up the treatment to be on the safe side. "
- Larry Hotchkiss
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R$67.05 R$42.76
Dose Per Serving: 2,000 mg ($0.43)
Nature's Herbs Psyllium Husk

"Nature's Herbs Psyllium Husk is a very good product for lowering your cholesterol and "body cleansing". It has lowered my chlorestrol dramatically. It is also a good souce of fiber, if you are lacking. I have been using this for 2 years now and I like it."
- Khoa Trinh

"I find Psyllium Husk very good and useful. It really helps me to reduce my weight and my constipation."
- Nilawati Nazir
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R$69.04 R$44.07
Dose Per Serving: 1,500 mg ($0.34)
Nature's Herbs Saw Palmetto

"I have used Nature's Herbs Saw Palmetto for 10 years. I take 8 capsules a day. There are no discernible side effects. I do not use this product because of prostate enlargement but rather to keep the prostate healthy and functional. In that regard it works. I am 77."
- Anonymous
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R$70.23 R$44.78
Dose Per Serving: 300 mg ($0.23)
Nature's Herbs Feverfew Leaf

"If you've got headaches or migraines, Feverfew will help! I noticed a difference in a few days. Just to prove it's not circumstantial, the times I forget a dose, I feel the migrane coming back on until I take more, so just be consistent."
- Anonymous
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R$117.47 R$74.91
Dose Per Serving: 300 mg ($0.63)
Nature's Herbs Saw Palmetto Extract 320 mg

"Quality product, Product of high quality standard."
- Daniel Randazzo
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R$62.29 R$39.72
Nature's Herbs Green Tea-Power

"Green Tea-Power is a very strong good appetite surprises."
- smartcookie
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R$71.82 R$45.79
Dose Per Serving: 50 mg ($0.46)
Nature's Herbs Aloe Vera Gel

"I took Aloe Vera Gel for 2 months plus but did not see a difference in colitis. What does this gel pills really do."
- Anonymous
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R$74.20 R$47.34
Dose Per Serving: 250 mg ($0.12)
Nature's Herbs Aloe Vera Inner Leaf

"It's hard to find the inner leaf product. I've been using this exact product for over a year and it works great!! No more harmful laxatives to make me go."
- johkel73
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R$71.42 R$45.56
Dose Per Serving: 800 mg ($0.23)
Nature's Herbs Astragalus

"Excelente producto. "
- Rodrigo Navarrete
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