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Kiss My Face Triple Action Organic Aloe Vera Toothpaste

"I wasn't a huge fan of this toothpaste. The texture was a little gritty."
- James W.

"Straight Forward, Like the 'cleanness' of this product. Not loaded with unknown things you can't pronounce. Mild flavor. COQ10 helps any mouth/gum irritation."
- Kitt
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R$26.50 R$20.26
Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Long Lasting Toothpaste

"I really like this toothpaste. It tastes really good and fresh. Very close to conventional toothpaste or even better (white paste, not gel). Overall a very nice experience."
- Valentyn

"A little hot for my mouth but this toothpaste has my teeth much brighter. I brush twice a day and the coffee stains no longer appears. Great overall."
- Lisa Hunter
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R$76.36 R$49.64
Dr. Christophers Herbal Tooth Powder

"This stuff is amazing and miraculous for a major toothache. If you have a really bad toothache try this stuff.Just shovel in a small spoonful and chew it into your molars and leave it "
- Anonymous

"This tooth powder is too complicated for me so I just stick with regular fluoride free toothpaste."
- Tawanna Hunter
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R$25.72 R$19.65
Jason Natural Cosmetics Healthy Mouth Toothpaste

"Best Toothpaste!!! I love toothpaste with this company!!! They are the best! Highly qualified staff, natural, there is nothing more harmful. The consistency of the paste is very thick, foaming is normal, after it a sense of freshness and good teeth cleaning. After constant use of these pastes, tartar is formed more slowly noticed my dentists!"
- MI

"Healthy Mouth Toothpaste is very refreshing and effective!"
- Asha
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R$26.50 R$20.26
Tom's of Maine Fluoride-Free Sensitive Toothpaste

"Simplesmente a melhor que já experimentei que seja natural e fluoride-free (o que pra mim é super importante). O gostinho de menta eh delicioso deixa o hálito com uma sensação de frescor. Tom's mais uma vez surpreendendo. Estou empolgada para experimentar os outros sabores. "
- kdano

"I have been searching for a great natural toothpaste option! I love the taste and the fact the formula is for sensitive teeth is fantastic. It's by far one of my favorite toothpaste options and has become in go to brand."
- Allie C
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R$30.88 R$20.53
Organix South Neem Toothpowder

"I wanted to try a new way to brush my teeth and I decided to try this. I really like it. The taste is great and natural. I notice by my gum lines there are less plaque and build-up after using this. It does the job. "
- Diana

"Ten to 15 years ago I stopped using drug store toothpaste's because of the strange film it left in my mouth. I have used natural toothpastes like Jason's and a few others and I thought they were much better than the commercial brands. A few months ago I started learning more about the importance of our gum health and started using Neem Toothpowder and I am having great results!!! This with coconut oil pulling for 20 minutes while in the shower is providing wonderful results that even my dental hygienist has commented on!! It only takes a tiny bit I still have more than half the bottle and I use it daily."
- Michelle
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R$26.50 R$20.26
Tom's of Maine Natural Antiplaque, Propolis and Myrrh Toothpaste

"I love the taste and how it makes my teeth feel at the end. "
- Diana

"I love the taste and that is fluoride free. But the feeling of freshness doesn't last for very long. Also I don't love that it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. "
- Marimba Part
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Tate's The Natural Miracle Toothpaste

"I don't know if anyone has noticed but this company has changed their ingredients and added PEG-6 (Polyethylene Glycol) in their toothpaste. I never had a problem in the past when I would use this toothpaste when pg wasn't added. These added on ingredients made my gums very sensitive etc... I use to give it to my puppy, but now I just give her dog treats with peppermint or barley grass. I wish companies would go the extra step of insuring their products are completely free from PEG compounds."
- T Hunter

"The Natural Miracle Toothpaste is one of the best natural toothpastes on the market. It helps whiten teeth and it has no nasty ingredients in it."
- Tawanna H.
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R$25.72 R$17.33
Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Mint Toothpaste

"Creme dental muito bom. Deixa o hálito refrescante e sem flúor. Recomendo!!!"
- Marcilene Heidmann Soccol
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R$25.72 R$17.33
Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil With Wintergreen Toothpaste

"This was the best toothpaste I've used. The teeth are super clean and white without any trace of dirt. Natural and efficient."
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R$32.35 R$24.40
Heritage Products Ipsab Tooth Powder

"Tried Ipsab Tooth Powder once and did not like it. It was too salty for me."
- T. Hunter
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R$26.50 R$20.26
Tom's of Maine Whole Care Fluoride Toothpaste

"Choose a toothpaste with Fluoride free and pg free if you are concerned about it... I would not give this to a children or pets."
- T Hunter
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R$9.20 R$7.07
Weleda Salt Toothpaste

"Πολύ καλή οδοντόκρεμα χωρίς φθόριο,δεν αφρίζει δροσερή αναπνοή! "
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R$30.65 R$23.46
Tom's of Maine Natural Rapid Relief Sensitive Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

"Amei o produto! Sabor agradável e melhorou muito a sensibilidade."
- Eliane Teixeira Ramos
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