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R$120.57 R$90.43
Centrum Adults Multivitamin

"Being one of the best Multivitamins for decades, this product does not need any introduction. The whole three generations of my family have been using it for years. The day you forget to take it, you can feel the difference by the evening."
- Naresh Sood

"This is by far the best multivitamin I have purchased. This will become part of the regiment of health care products and its almost good for 10 months supply. "
- g krishna prasanth
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R$100.90 R$80.72
Esteem Total Woman

"I am on my second bottle and I really like it I have not noticed any worrisome side effects. I did notice a rash that developed around the same time but not sure if its from the vitamins. I have had an increase in my sex drive and also my cycle has been regulated since taking with less premenstrual symptoms. I have recommended to several friends who have ordered and are waiting to try them too. "
- Katrina

"Minha mulher adorou. Estou gostando do efeito também. Libido aumentou consideravelmente."
- Henrique Uchôas
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R$138.44 R$110.78
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"Eu amo e confio nos produtos da Nature's Plus. Eu tenho usado esse multivitamínico há anos, até que achei essa embalagem com 30 tablets o que é perfeito pra levar na bolsa ou na mala em uma viagem. Os outros são meio grandes e podem ocupar bastante espaço na sua bolsa. Eu gosto do fato dele ser tablete ao invés de cápsula e de não precisar tomar durante uma refeição, muitas vezes eu tomo ele em jejum pela manhã e nunca tive dor de estômago. O tamanho pra mim é bom e eu preciso apenas de um ou dois goles de líquido pra engolir. Excelente qualidade. Minha opção número 1 de vitamina. "
- kdano

"Nature's Plus Source of Life is a great whole food supplement. Pill is a little larger than most other whole food supplements but if you do not have trouble swallowing pills I highly recommended this one over competitors. Days I do not take one my lack of energy and focus is highly noticeable. "
- A.Powers
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R$129.92 R$77.92
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

"The multi is good but opening the screw cap is a tedious job. I would love to have the product in the form of the capsule, as with that of Opti-women. The tablets get moisture and thus I believe it has an affect on the purity of the multi. "
- jitendra tiwari

"O melhor multivitaminico do mercado, sem igual, melhor blend, melhores vitaminas, melhores resultados. Recomendo"
- Leandro Murilo
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R$108.23 R$81.17
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

"I have tried a lot of multivitamins. Centrum Silver Men 50+ is the only vitamin that is concentrated to men above 50 years age needs. The results can be noticed within one to two weeks - you can feel the difference. I tried to use other brands but I resort right back to Centrum. I cannot and will not go without this vitamins. This vitamin is an enhancement to how great I am and I strive to be my best with life's challenges. "
- Naresh Sood

"É perfeito. Supre a necessidade em varias vitaminas e nutrientes essenciais. Vem em quantidade substancial e pode ser muito bem utilizado no dia a dia."
- Valmor Jose Pedrozo Junior
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R$100.90 R$68.95

"Ótima vitamina, melhorou bastante meu desempenho fisico e sexual, excelente Recomendo a todos!"
- marcos thomé

"A friend of mine asked me to buy him the vitamins Total Man. He said he didn't feel any physical changes. But after a hard workout he said it has become easier to refill the energy with the product. He takes about 2 pills a day and says that's enough for him. Thanks for what you do and the products you sell!"
- Oleg Zhigalko
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R$104.51 R$83.61
Esteem Senior TOTAL Woman

"Wonderful product! I can really feel the difference in my energy when taking these & E-vitamins has always had the best price I have found & they get your order in the mail pronto!"
- judy moore

"I tried another brand but it was not as good; returned to esteem. "
- Ray Klingensmith
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R$29.57 R$18.90
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals

"Excelente multivitamínico. Com um excelente custo x benefício esta vitamina é uma das mais completas que encontrei. A marca já é conceituada por excelentes suplementos. Assim, fico seguro ao consumir este suplemento sabendo que é um produto de ótima qualidade."
- Adilson de Chaves

"Produto chegou muito rápido, multi-vitamínico de excelente qualidade, é a segunda vez que tomo e os resultados são visíveis, melhora em todo o corpo e na execução de atividades físicas. "
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R$108.23 R$81.17
Centrum Silver Men's 50+ Multivitamin

"I have used one full pack and found very relieving and soothing for somebody diabetic at 64 years of age."

"This is something I have been using for the past 15 years. So that says it all. It's a complete adult needed vitamin supplement."
- Shashi Sastry
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R$54.87 R$43.90
Nature's Plus Animal Parade Multiple

"My children love the taste and the mix of micronutrients is excellent. After trying numerous multivitamin tablets and syrups, I have finally found the best product for my kids"
- Shweta Kumar

"My kids love this product! Now they are 21 and 18 and still using it."
- Andrea B.
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R$108.23 R$81.17
Centrum Silver 50+ Women's Multivitamin

"Excellent Product and feeling great with the supplement"

"EXCELLENT PRODUCT, A must have for 50+ to keep fit and active through the day."
- Naresh Sood
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R$104.51 R$83.61
Esteem Senior TOTAL MAN

"It is a worthy product for a man like me of 61 years. It gives total wellness -- improves joints, digestion and sleep. One must try it along with any other medication for any specific disease."
- Nimish S.

"I am 67 years old and have been using it from the last one month. I can feel the overall difference within the first week of its use. I recommend it to be used by all adults of my age to remain fit even at this age."
- Naresh Sood
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R$162.41 R$113.68
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men

"This a great multivitamin product, its not as commercial as the other products but the quality is great. "
- Emmanuel Ramirez Miranda

"Melhor vitamina, fortalece e deixa com mais disposição para o dia a dia e para os exercicios fisicos."
- Jose Domingo Bouzon
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R$19.46 R$12.45
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals

"produto muito bom. Ótimo custo beneficio e rende muito."
- Vinicio Reis

"Ótimo custo beneficio, eu recomendo. "
- Leone Costa
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R$86.46 R$62.27
Futurebiotics 30 Day Beauty Secret

"Good..., Good multivitamin. I felt energetic after I started using this."
- Radhika Sharma

"I used 30 Day Beauty Secret for three months some years back. It worked and co-workers attested to that. Now I'm done with childbearing and I want to start taking care of myself and looking good once again."
- Jacqueline U.
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R$61.19 R$38.55
ChildLife Multi Vitamin and Mineral

"Great flavor!"
- Arthur

"Good!! I've used this product a lot in the last 6 months and it works very well. It's a great taste and my kids love it!"
- Anonymous
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R$93.68 R$74.94

"My daughter is very happy with this product. Will buy it again and again really good."
- Tony Bokeroth

"I noticed a significant difference in my 13-year-old daughter's attitude and eating. I am definitely re-ordering Total Teen!"
- Cari K.
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R$187.68 R$112.58
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

"Bem completo, diferente dos vendidos aqui no Brasil"
- Rafael Dutra de Oliveira

"Simplesmente um multivitamínico sensacional"
- Davi E B Ferreira
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R$71.84 R$57.47
Nature's Plus Childrens Vita-Gels

"My five-year-old daughter hates gummy vitamins and she hates the sour-type vitamins. This is a great vitamin. It is small enough for her to swallow and she does not complain about stomach aches or taste. She actually thinks it smells like chocolate and looks like it too, because they are brown."
- Tara M.

"I love Childrens Vita-Gels! My children have been taking them for about one year and have not had any colds, etc. They are easy to swallow, smell great and do not have any artificial colors."
- Juliet A.
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R$178.98 R$111.87
Pure Essence Labs Life Essence

"I have used Life Essence for years now and it is a wonderful vitamin supplement that contains a comprehensive mix of requirements. Rather than taking the recommended 4 tablets/day, I was advised to take 2 tablets/day. I depend upon this product for my health and thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering a complex multi-vitamin."
- Anonymous

"Easy to digest and has no gas aftertaste. Pills are almost too big though."
- Anonymous
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R$64.94 R$44.19
Rainbow Light Women's One Multivitamin

"This is an "all in one" vitamin for women and works really well in supporting you through the day. Best of all, all natural ingredients."

"I love this Rainbow Light Women's One Multivitamin. I've been using this product for a few months now and I can tell a difference. It is very convenient you only have to take 1 tablet a day. My favorite part is that it is a food based multivitamin so it doesn't have a bunch of fillers or unnecessary ingredients in there. It also contains probiotics, so it limits me having to take another product, which I like. Overall, great multivitamin for women. "
- Harley Kensington
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R$54.11 R$29.20
Now Foods Daily Vits

"Produto excelente! Cumpre o que promete! Completo!"
- Ravi Freire Cunha de Souza

"Há muito tempo queria comprar esse produto! Vou poder ter os nutrientes que necessito! Não tem melhor custo benefício! Além disso, a marca é confiável. Só achei um pouco grande os comprimidos, mas pelo menos não atacou meu estômago nem me fez ficar arrotando, como uma outra marca fez."
- Junior
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R$63.18 R$47.40
Centrum Adults Flavor Burst Multivitamin

"Gostei muito do sabor deste produto. Não há nada que não gostei."
- Christian Senra

"Esse Multivitamínico parece bala de goma! É em docinho e deixou a ingestão de vitaminas diárias na minha casa, muito mais divertida e saborosa. As crianças adoram! "
- Tata
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R$64.91 R$48.68
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

"Excelente produto, utilizo para suplementar vitaminas necessárias. Bom custo benefício."
- Luiz Gustavo Gerent

"Centrum has always been known as a great brand. However, after reading the label, I was quite disappointed. Being very demanding with same level of reputation of mark, I describe the problems: JUNK: RED LAKE 40, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, YELLOW 6 LAKE - this only serves to color, ie unnecessary! Questionable: DI-alpha (instead of D-alpha) , CYANOcobalamin (instead of METHYL) SOY (only Lecitin?), contains low amount of the vitamin B12 , folic acid and zinc. So, I only buy it again if improvements are mades. There are quality brands like it and more cheap."
- Guilherme
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