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R$36.76 R$19.84
Now Foods L-OptiZinc

"This is the best zinc supplement you can get in the market. It has no side effects at all."
- Rangapathi R

"Easy on the stomach. Keeps my acne under control."
- Sup
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R$49.13 R$39.21
Nature's Plus HEMA-PLEX

"Good source of iron, easy to digest. "
- Gwendolyn L. Casey

"Easy on my stomach. I would give a five but dropped down one because the pill is a bit large. Otherwise, this iron is all natural and seems to work great"
- Gramzie
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R$66.20 R$35.73
Now Foods Magnesium Caps

"Muito bom! Recomendo, uso regularmente e sempre compro essa marca nesse site , efeito perceptive em muito pouco tempo , sem dizer na segurança de um produto importado de qualidade recebendo na porta de casa"

"Ótimo suplemento de magnésio. Importante consumir regularmente. Recomendo este suplemento e esta marca. Muito bom."
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R$41.55 R$26.50
Thompson Magnesium Malate

"Produto recomendadíssimo e de vital importância por suas infinitas implicações na boa saúde do organismo."

"Fale o que você gosta e o que não gosta sobre este produto."
- Anonymous
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R$84.46 R$53.99
Natural Vitality Natural Calm


"Great product! Great taste! My husband and I use Natural Calm to keep bowels moving and it's great for the heart and it's a great muscle relaxer."
- Marie Grace Br.
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R$25.72 R$13.87
Now Foods Chromium Picolinate

"Does what it says it can do. I take it whenever I need to, especially if I overindulge in sugary food before bedtime. Perhaps taking it before food would be a better idea. You can feel the difference after taking it."

"Diminui e muito o desejo por doces , auxilia na diminuição da glicose sanguínea !"
- Leone Pádua Santos e Queiroz
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R$55.75 R$44.57
Nature's Plus Chewable Iron

"Autumn is not a good period for my hair. It was falling a lot, therefore I thought of buying natural hair vitamins. I tried these chewable iron ones for a month already and I noticed a huge decrease in hair loss. I really think my hair reacted so good at it. The cool part is that it comes with vitamin C which makes it easier to digest and avoids bloating or uncomfortable bowel movements. It is vegan :-D and natural and tasty. It is effective and totally worth the money."
- Diddy

"Best Tasting , This is the best tasting I have found. "
- Annabelle Frailey
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R$19.84 R$12.70
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals

"produto muito bom. Ótimo custo beneficio e rende muito."
- Vinicio Reis

"Ótimo custo beneficio, eu recomendo. "
- Leone Costa
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Purest Colloids Mesosilver

"Great product, ordering my 3rd consecutive order."
- Paige delcambre

"Good for Skin allergy."
- Beth Cheung
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R$98.59 R$84.60
Flora Floradix Iron & Herbs

"My mom bought this for me because she could see I was started to get very weak due to my health and it actually helped me. I wasn't as dizzy as I used to be for example while getting up out of a chair or off the bed. The taste is quite good as well."
- Jo

"I cannot recommend Floradix Iron and Herbs highly enough! I have had low iron in my blood for many years and have tried many products. All of them made me sick to my stomach or constipated. Floradix has no side effects like that at all and really increases your energy level. If you have had problems with other iron supplements in the past I truly recommend trying Floradix!"
- Anonymous
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R$129.35 R$96.60
Maximum Living MineralRich

"Its amazing, my hair really start growing very fast!!"
- Merlien Herry

"Awesome product that helps me maintain my energy levels. Tastes great!"
- Carlisa Nelson
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R$29.40 R$15.86
Now Foods Zinc Picolinate

"Damn..its the best proportion to get rid of zinc deficiency ever at its best price...1 tablet a day gives you amazing strength... I would highly recommend it for those who has zinc deficiency..."

"It cures chronic diarrhea, It is very cheap in price from but very effective in healing diarrhea also."
- Ashok kumar Nahak
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R$147.20 R$110.40
Life Extension Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate

"Muito bom! Meu filho tem TDAH. E fez uma grande diferença para a vida dele! "
- Marilia Jaiana Mourao Garcia

"Excelente produto. Dá maior clareza mental."
- Marcilene Heidmann Soccol
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Purest Colloids Mesosilver

"We've used other colloidal silver products, but this one seems to work better. rates it as having the highest particle surface area of the silver colloids they've rated AND it has exactly the ppm as shown on the label. We've used Mesosilver for UTI's, sore throats, mouth irritations and when we start to feel like we are coming down with an illness."
- frogger

"I ordered because I had flue virus and latter it move to my eyes and was diagnose with Blephorities eyes infection causing blurry vision, redness, possum discharge from eyes causing quite blurry vision, and this did not help me for I was forced to take antibiotics when I got lung infection as result of mutation of flu. I used for 9 days with 4 Tbsp a day so did not helped me, maybe it was to short time but I could not afford to buy more to continue for longer period like maybe 1 month. I used also in eyes as putting drops that did not help either and I used more then 2 weeks period. Therefore my conclusion is that in my case did not work as expected. "
- Rick
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R$103.00 R$55.60
Now Foods Magnesium Citrate

"Helps immensely with my migraine!"
- HealthFreak

"Great product for good price from evitamins. I used to suffer from headaches. After taking these magnesium pills it's better and there are no side effects at all. "
- Ga R
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R$25.72 R$13.87
Now Foods Zinc

"Ótimo produto, estou tomando devido a acne e oleosidade já senti muita melhora. "
- Flávia Ribeiro

"Muito bom! Se tomar super dosagem chega fica vendo tudo claro e com enjoou. É muito eficiente!"
- Vanessa Avelar Mendes
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R$55.16 R$29.77
Now Foods Zinc Picolinate

"Best form of Zinc if you are deficient, well absorbed. I am taking it with Vitamin B6 for effective absorption. Taking for better liver function and hair loss control, seems to be working."
- Sharath

"Meus Níveis de Testosterona aumentaram, essa forma de Zinco Picolinato é a de melhor absorção, me deu melhor disposição nos treinos de crossfit e musculação. Recomendo. "
- Leila Cristina Miranda Moreira
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R$62.52 R$46.15
Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium

"Probably one of the best supplements I ever had. Great sleep, amazing productivity and super relaxation. Go for it !!"
- Karanjeet Singh

"Nice product. Definitely better than other brands. The tablets size is quite big, these chelated magnesium definitely works. "
- Zaid Qureshi
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R$44.16 R$30.03
Solgar Gentle Iron

"Capsules of the small size, are easily swallowed, there are no unpleasant feelings, either nausea, or frustration, etc. After a week of application I have felt improvements, the head has ceased to be turned, cheerfulness has appeared. I drank capsules 2 months on 1 piece a day. I have stopped two weeks ago. Today I have made blood test, hemoglobin 136. I am happy!!! Bank big, in her 180 capsules, ideally"
- Alexa

"Solgar's Gentle Iron has worked to restore the low iron levels in my daughter. Last winter she had pneumonia and her body became run down. This product helped to boost her energy levels. It is an easy pill for her to swallow and has been very gentle on her stomach. "
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R$44.16 R$33.12
Life Extension Magnesium Caps

"Muito bom, tanto que pretendo comprar novamente, me favorece um sono profundo e mais disposição."
- Rosangela Eduarda

"Adoro este suplemento, me ajuda muito no sono, bem estar fisico e mental e nas dores articulares"
- Gabriel Avelino
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R$36.76 R$19.84
Now Foods Selenium

"It is helping in treatment of my selenium deficiency. The smell of the capsules is not good."
- Sharath

"Dosagem ótima, parabéns a empresa!"
- Roberto Aparecido Do Santos
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R$80.89 R$47.31
Source Naturals Magnesium Malate

- Vanessa Luz

"Me senti mais disposta depois que passei a tomar este suplemento. Muito bom pra repor os minerais perdidos!"
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R$47.80 R$25.80
Now Foods Calcium Citrate

"I never believed in Calcium supplements until my bone injury and I started taking these. But I've kept taking them because my teeth are so much stronger and I haven't had a cavity since!"
- Doug Carson (Dayal)

"Pure calcium citrate by Now Foods is the best anyone can get. Calcium citrate has excellent bio availability, hence better absorption. Lack of any harmful additives make this product really light on your digestive tract. Overall a very good product."
- Rangapathi R
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R$25.72 R$13.87
Now Foods Boron

"Eu usei esse produto para combater minha condromalácia patelar e minhas dores nas costas.Usei ela isoladamente e não pude verificar nenhum benefício em ambos os casos.No entanto parece ter um efeito positivo retardando a ejaculação o que é ótimo."
- Daniel M

"O suplemento Boron da Now é bom, mas ele só funciona seguindo as recomendações que pedem. Não ingerir determinados alimentos quando estiver fazendo uso dele. No caso da formula, por ter o extrato de magnésio, para quem tem pressão alta, tem que começar na primeira semana com 1 comprimido, na segunda com 2 comprimidos e na terceira semana no máximo 3 comprimidos e se aumentar a pressão, voltar a tomar somente 2 comprimidos e quem não tem problema de pressão, pode tomar quantos comprimidos que achar melhor."
- Douglas Marcos das Neves
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