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Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

"The multi is good but opening the screw cap is a tedious job. I would love to have the product in the form of the capsule, as with that of Opti-women. The tablets get moisture and thus I believe it has an affect on the purity of the multi. "
- jitendra tiwari

"Suplemento de alta performance... ganhei muita disposição usando o opti men... comprei o de 90 cápsulas, pois estava mais em conta e não me arrependo da aquisição... a urina ficou jm pouco amarelada, mas capricho mais em beber bastante água e com a hidratação nada demais de anormal...enfim, o produto pra mim é muito bom!!!!"
- Ricelli Gomes
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R$110.33 R$82.74
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

"I have tried a lot of multivitamins. Centrum Silver Men 50+ is the only vitamin that is concentrated to men above 50 years age needs. The results can be noticed within one to two weeks - you can feel the difference. I tried to use other brands but I resort right back to Centrum. I cannot and will not go without this vitamins. This vitamin is an enhancement to how great I am and I strive to be my best with life's challenges. "
- Naresh Sood

"Produto com alto custo beneficio, recomendo a compra. Site de ótima confiança e com bom preço, produto é entregue no prazo informado. Tudo veio como descrito no site. Recomendo."
- Lucas Modafari Viaro
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R$102.86 R$70.29

"Ótima vitamina, melhorou bastante meu desempenho fisico e sexual, excelente Recomendo a todos!"
- marcos thomé

"A friend of mine asked me to buy him the vitamins Total Man. He said he didn't feel any physical changes. But after a hard workout he said it has become easier to refill the energy with the product. He takes about 2 pills a day and says that's enough for him. Thanks for what you do and the products you sell!"
- Oleg Zhigalko
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R$110.33 R$82.74
Centrum Silver Men's 50+ Multivitamin

"I have used one full pack and found very relieving and soothing for somebody diabetic at 64 years of age."

"This is something I have been using for the past 15 years. So that says it all. It's a complete adult needed vitamin supplement."
- Shashi Sastry
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R$165.56 R$115.88
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men

"This a great multivitamin product, its not as commercial as the other products but the quality is great. "
- Emmanuel Ramirez Miranda

"Melhor vitamina, fortalece e deixa com mais disposição para o dia a dia e para os exercicios fisicos."
- Jose Domingo Bouzon
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R$191.32 R$114.76
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

"Sem duvida o melhor multivitamínico para mim. Utilizo ele todos os dias, durante o ano todo!!"
- Rodrigo Martins de Souza

"Bem completo, diferente dos vendidos aqui no Brasil"
- Rafael Dutra de Oliveira
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R$66.17 R$49.62
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

"Recomendo!! Produto muito bom!!"
- Rms

"Excelente produto, utilizo para suplementar vitaminas necessárias. Bom custo benefício."
- Luiz Gustavo Gerent
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R$88.28 R$47.66
Now Foods ADAM Superior Men's Multi

"The best multivitamin for men available in market. Its really effective."
- Rangapathi R

"Excellent Multivitamin from Now Foods. I love Now Foods products because of the quality they provide at reasonable cost. This multivitamin has all the necessary vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants required for a day. I feel really energetic after using this. Sure will be buying again from evitamins."
- Ajay M
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R$98.07 R$73.56
Irwin Naturals Men's Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi

"This is a wonderful product FOR ME, I can feel it working, during exercise, and recovery. I love the omega which does boost all the other vitamins. I can take this anytime, with or without food. Drinking, preferable H20 is essential. "
- Joseph Roberts

"Men's Living green is the best multivitamin. I have been using it for the past five years!"
- Jermel A.
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R$91.96 R$49.64
Now Foods Men's Extreme Sports Multi

"Já tomei antes e me fez muito bem, nunca mais tive gripe, por exemplo."
- Juliano Fontinelle Nascimento

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R$161.88 R$87.40
Now Foods ADAM Superior Men's Multi

"It is not easy to find men's vitamins without iron, for those of us who retain iron. I have felt healthier and had more energy ever since I starting taking these vitamins!"
- Doug Carson (Dayal)

"Um dos suplementos vitamínicos mais completos do mercado com excelente custo beneficio."
- Claudio Graziano
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R$66.90 R$50.20
Centrum Men MultiGummies

"I've been gastroplastized and since then I can't swallow capsules very well. These are amazing, because it doesn't require any water to take, so it's very easy! Love the gummies!"
- Marcelo Floriano Lucianelli

"Adorei este produto! Recomendo."
- Christian Senra
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R$66.17 R$49.62
Centrum Silver Men's 50 Plus Multivitamin

"Ótimo produto!"

"A must have in every house-hold. A compact bottle that you can carry around even when you are trips or to where ever you go. This supplement takes care of my daily dose of vitamins, and having 100 tabs in one pack, last for three months. I also think this is a bargain price. I only with I had found this years ago."
- krishna prasanth guttikonda
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R$128.76 R$77.24
Swisse Men's Ultivite Multivitamin

"Gift for my father."

"Great multivitamin. My wife introduced me to the product after she heard her co-workers talking about it and I must admit I was not disappointed. It has a great ingredient list and isn't packed with a bunch of fillers. Literally has everything you need in a multivitamin and then some. Great that it is only 1 tablet a day. Bottle lasts while. "
- Jackson Teller
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R$95.64 R$54.35
Nature's Way Alive! Once Daily Men's Ultra Potency

"O cheiro é um pouco forte, mas vale a pena. É recomendável tomar com alimentos. Senti o sistema imunológico melhorar."
- Rafaela Lopes Teixeira Aguiar

"Excellent product! Effectiveness felt right from the first week of use! :)"
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R$124.94 R$96.85
Nature's Plus Source of Life for Men

"Have used Source of Life for Men (Iron Free) on and off for a couple of years, I feel much better when I have taken it and people say how well I look!"
- Chris

"Source of Life for Men is excellent. After taking the product I don't feel tired at all for the whole day."
- Patrick Lim
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R$92.11 R$73.67
Twinlab Men's Ultra Daily

"A really nice product. From the first pills I felt lots of energy and health. I will definitely recommend Men's Ultra daily to my friends. Thank you!"
- Oleg Z.

"On the advice of a friend I started taking Twinlabs Men's Formula. After my first bottle, I feel very little different than when I took a much cheaper brand. For the added expense, I expected more. Sorry Twinlabs."
- Tony
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R$147.02 R$94.03
New Chapter Every Man's One Daily

"Este é um bom multivitaminico para homens. Possui todas as principais vitaminas e minerais que o corpo e a mente precisam para funcionar bem todos os dias. Já comprei e recomendo."

"We are an organic-loving family, so I purchased Every Man's One Daily for my husband as his multivitamin. He's had no complaints in taking it. Aside from eating well, I'm sure it helps in his overall health because he's hardly ever sick. Would highly recommend if you don't mind the "organic" price. "
- Marizel D.
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R$110.36 R$62.71
Nature's Way Alive! Men's Max Potency

"Este multivitamínico é bastante completo e o preço é realmente bom. Sinto-me mais disposto e revigorado para as atividades diárias. Recomendo."

"I should say this is a product providing comprehensive nutrients to me. It would be even more convenient if I would just need to take only one tablet at a time."
- Luting Xiao
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R$103.00 R$72.09
Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW One for Men

"Vitamin Code RAW One for men are excellent vitamins all around."
- Sunder K.

"Vitamin Code RAW One for Men is an easy, once a day RAW vitamin with value for money!"
- Mitsuko S.
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R$84.60 R$52.70
Country Life Max For Men

"WOW! Call it a coincidence? I don't think so! Consider this: At the same time I decided to take vitamins, I couldn't decide which to choose. I actually decided on two. MAX FOR MEN, and VITAPOWER. So I started taking the full doses of each one around the same time. Since then I have lost 60 pounds! And it was easy, I have never been able to loose weight before! I didn't even buy these for weight loss, but what a coincidence! Can you figure out anything medically to explain this? If so, please let me know! No matter though, Im buying more! Thank You"
- Dirk

"I have been taking Max for Men for about a month now. I take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon (it says take 2 daily and I figured spreading them out would be better). I did get gas in the beginning, but that only lasted a few days. I found myself in a better mood, and had more energy than usual. I didnt realize how much it helped until I forgot to take any for a few days and on the 2nd day of not taking any I felt like my old sluggish self. I will definately be reordering once I finish this bottle."
- Anonymous
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R$198.32 R$180.28
Pure Essence Labs One n Only Mens Formula

"I love this One a Day Vitamin! Right away I noticed more energy throughout the day and the fact I only need to remember one pill makes it much easier to take. I like knowing that I am getting high quality herbs and phyto-nutrients as well. Plus it is only about $13.00 a month, can't beat that."
- Dennis Reed

"I immediately experienced long and steady-sustaining energy with One 'n' Only Men's Formula."
- Babu G. Ranganathan
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R$95.64 R$54.35
Nature's Way Alive! Once Daily Men's 50+ Ultra Potency

"I think it is a must for 50+ adults. Good combination of all essential vitamins and minerals required."
- Naresh Sood
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R$110.36 R$59.58
Now Foods ADAM Superior Men's Multi

"O melhor multivitamínico, todas as vitaminas dele são queladas, apresentam melhor absorção, confio muito na marca NOW FOODS. Realmente faz a diferença, nota-se uma melhora orgânica logo nas primeiras doses."

"Uma vitamina que faz toda a diferença no dia a dia do homem. Mais atenção, vigor e menos fadiga."
- Alexandre de Lima e Silva
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