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R$54.56 R$34.34
Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse

"Super Colon Cleanse is a great product."
- Eduardo V.

"Super Colon Cleanse is great. My husband needs help staying regular and this is very mellow on his insides and does not create bloating and gas."
- Cindy G.
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R$116.81 R$88.39
Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse Complete 10 Day System

"This product worked great for me."
- Salah

"I was very pleased with the results from Whole Body Cleanse. I tried everything under the sun to lose weight. Especially after having a baby, eating right and exercising just weren't working for me alone. After gaining more excess weight, I seen this product & gave it a shot. I didn't see any results until, about the 2nd week of using it. I lost 10 lbs. Lot of my co workers noticed too right away. I was amazed just by how I didn't have to make several trips to the bathroom. That's what usually comes to mind, when it comes to a body cleanse. It said that you can use the product every 4 months, and so I had positive results the first time, and kept the weight off, I decided to give it another go, and again, 10 more pounds vanished from my waist line, and again, I was shocked! I'm so pleased with this product, I even got one of my co workers on the cleansing track. It works, no doubt about it! It may not produce the best results the first cleanse, but by the 2nd use, you'll definitely be pleased."
- Heather
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R$233.96 R$126.32
Now Foods UC-II Type II Collagen 40 Mg

"Excelente produto. Superou as expectativas."
- Elias Andre Bernardo Ferreira

"A entrega foi rápida e o produto é maravilhoso."
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R$109.67 R$77.96
Cerburg ProFibe

"Fibra excelente para que possui prosão de ventre, realmente estimula o bom funcionamento do sistema! Eu super recomendo! "
- Tata

"Excellent product, I have used this product for the last 10 or more years. Everyone I suggested Profibe their Hdl/ldl have improved, Great Product!"
- Joyce Robinson
Read 49 Reviews >
R$155.81 R$106.82
Puriclean Omni Cleansing Softgel

"Dose unica que me auxiliou a fazer um detox"
- Bianca Mounic Gava Nogueira dos Santos

"Omni cleansing pills DOES NOT WORK for drug urine screenings! Save yourself the embarrassment and money."
- Ashley
Read 41 Reviews >
R$97.46 R$62.19
Michael's Blood Pressure Factors

"I have only been using this product for 1 month, but this product seems to be working better than other herbal supplements that I used prior to this."
- Paul Zimmerman

"Blood Pressure Factors changed my life. I no longer have high blood pressure."
- Steven C.
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R$70.16 R$37.87
Now Foods Rhodiola 500 mg

"Effective., I am past 40 years old and exercise regularly and find Now Foods Rhodiola functionally useful in increasing energy levels and stamina and boost exercise ability and performance. Furthermore I believe this supplement aids in making me feel calm and serene. I do not get agitated or stressed easily but am able to remain calm and am better able to exert self-control. "
- Sukanya

"Works well when taken early in the morning in empty stomach. Helps in physical and mental exercise. However dosage should be limited to one capsule a day as it's 500 mg. Try with 250 mg and then increase the dosage. "
- Pranshu Sugara
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R$128.66 R$69.46
Now Foods UC-II Joint Health Collagen 40 Mg

"Excelente, ajuda na recuperação."

"Este suplemento UC-II é extraordinário! Comecei a utilizá-lo quando estava em crise da artrite reumatoide e ele foi essencial para a melhora das dores na articulações. Ja utilizo a mais de um ano e não consigo ficar sem ele. Tive bastante melhora nas dores articulares. Produto maravilhoso, bom preço, entrega rápida para o brasil. Amo a evitamins. Obrigado "
- Severino Francisco Bezerra
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R$97.31 R$61.61
Puriclean Omni Extra Strength Cleansing Caps

"Awesome product. The first time my order arrived the product was already expired, but eVitamins re-shipped immediately and I got a non expired one. Even the expired one worked when I used it! I passed the test clean of everything and now I ordered more of this! Totally recommended."
- Michael S.

"Omni Extra Strength Cleansing Caps work great. I take it every month and pass random drug screens for lab tests. Just follow the directions, I can't stress it any harder."
- Ramsey G.
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R$41.30 R$30.83
Health From the Sun MigraSoothe Roll-On

"Muito Bom. Efeito bem rápido!"

"This MygraStick Roll-On by Health From the Sun is such a great product that I would recommend to anyone looking for relief! I tried this in a last stitch to avoid taking Advil or other pain relievers. And the results were great. I was shocked how well it worked. Just put a little on my forehead and it helped melt my headache away and keep it at bay. Love it!"
- Harley Kensington
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R$22.58 R$19.83
Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea

"I tried this tea for the first time yesterday at around 6pm & today @ 9am I could tell the tea SURELY does what it's suppose to! Definitely did its job! I've read that people often have cramping a couple hours after drinking this, but I didn't have any problems.. "
- Helen

"You can always trust this if you have a constipation issue. Once in a while, I use this to cleanse my system. Have a tea, wait for 10-15 hours and you will see the effect coming. Stay within walking distance from a washroom."
- Alan Chan
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R$29.06 R$20.94
Futurebiotics Chill Pill

"The Chill Pill works very well. Definitely calms you down and makes you feel more relaxed. Would advise starting with taking 1 only until you see how it works for you. If you take too many at once though definitely feels like you're about to fall asleep. "
- Harley Kensington

"I have been taking Chill Pill for over a month now and if anything my symptoms have worsened. Sure wasted my money."
- Ginger C.
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R$140.36 R$75.78
Now Foods 5-HTP

"ótimo neurotransmissor, me ajudou bastante no controle do sono, do apetite e do humor. Este ultimo principalmente. "
- Rene de Lima Barboza

"Eu adoro este produto. Eu tenho resultados muito favoráveis ​​depois de apenas duas semanas usando-o - Tomo 1 cápsula uma vez por dia quando eu acordei pela primeira vez. Recomendamos o produto a muitos dos meus amigos que também começaram a tomar isso com resultados positivos. Eu me senti diferente após o segundo dia, então ele funciona rapidamente. Eu gostei desta marca em particular porque é vegana e não tem enchimentos desagradáveis. Na verdade, não há enchimentos. Então, para quem quer um impulso feliz para sua vida diária, eu recomendaria comprá - lo, pois é um recurso totalmente natural e sem nenhum tipo de efeitos colaterais desagradáveis. Obrigado "
- Leonardo Cobo Benevides
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R$77.96 R$42.08
Now Foods DOPA Mucuna

"Very good general mood enhancer and pick me up for times when feeling generally low. Takes about a day to work, take for about a week then stop as the body adapts to it and it stops having an effect and excess consumption can have negative effects."
- Kashif Islam

"Sempre compro Mucuna pro meu tio, durante anos ele passou noites que coloca acordado com as pernas balançando, porque ele tinha síndrome de pernas inquietas. E com apenas uma capsula de mucuna todas as manhãs tem provado ser um milagre para ele. De vez em quando ele começa a ficar com a mente inquieta e começa a ir junto com as pernas. Nessas noites ele também toma "Leg Cramps da Hyland" e dentro de alguns minutos, ele já estar dormindo. Ele não pode ficar sem esses 2 produtos e sente-se muito melhor com eles do que com uma prescrição de um desses tranquilizantes químicos que são receitados por médicos e de controle especial tarja preta. "
- Leonardo Cobo Benevides
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R$132.56 R$71.57
Now Foods 5-HTP

"Eu realmente adoro e recomendo este 5-HTP da NOW! Muito bom! A dosagem de 200mg é eficaz e, se utilizada a noite, como eu faço, consigo dormir muito bem e o sono é reparador. Durante o dia percebo benefícios como disposição e elevação do humor. Sinto-me mais leve e tranquilo. Recomendo o produto e a marca e espero que esta avaliação seja positiva para você."

"Ótimos resultados com este suplemento, além de ter ajudado na qualidade do sono, me ajudou também em não sentir vontade de doces"
- Gabriel Avelino
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R$155.96 R$109.16
Detoxify Xxtra Clean

"I love Xxtra Clean. I smoked heavily for about a week and quit for seven days, then was tested on the seventh day. I drank tons of water the day before, didn't eat much, drank the contents in the morning, refilled the bottle, drank that water, and took the test two hours later and passed. I'm not a big person, and I think that helped, but it would probably work for anyone."
- Anonymous

"Xxtra Clean, Sour Apple worked great for me. I think the trick is being clean for at least a week. Within that week do as much as you can with just water and cleansing vitamins like niacin, milk thistle, B12, and green tea for antioxidants. A lot of people say well its the water flushing you out. True but I know this stuff helps (seeing as how I failed a home test just before I drank the drink) I drank the drink, followed the instructions. Presto, clean with no dilution.(If you drink too much water the test comes back too clean. While the doctor can't prove you cheated they will either make you retest or tell the employer that you tried to beat the test.)"
- Anonymous
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R$50.66 R$30.42
Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve 5 mg

"Produto fantástico!!! Mais que recomendado para todos que têm dificuldade para ter um sono tranquilo e reparador!!! 5 mg foi a dose suficiente para mim... Além de ajudar com a dificuldade para dormir ou manter o sono, observei uma maior disposição não só física mas também mental, já que minha jornada de trabalha vai das 8h da até 21h... Pela manhã era muito comum encontrar fios de cabelo espalhados no travesseiro e notei a ausência dos mesmos ao acordar... Desde que conheci a melatonina minha qualidade de vida mudou para melhor... Recomendo a todos e aos inseguros, consultem a opinião de um bom médico para não fazer uso descabido ou com insegurança!!! Obrigado evitamins por poder proporcionar compras de produtos de alta qualidade... Fiquei fã da facilidade e por tudo no site ser tão acessível, com tradução e muito conforto e facilidade... Sucesso!!! Ótimas vendas! Obrigado! "
- João Paulo Galbero

"Sensacional. Resolveu meu problema de insonia e muito mais. A minha enxaqueca de 20 anos acabou. Obrigada "
- Ligia Maria de Paiva lara
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R$117.00 R$99.45
Life Extension Super Omega-3 EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans

"Este suplemento de Omega-3 é realmente excelente. Muito eficaz a médio prazo. Melhora a memória e raciocínio parece ser mais fluído. Já comprei e voltarei a comprar novamente. Recomendo pela excelente qualidade. Obs.: Esta marca é possui realmente um status superior pela qualidade dos seus produtos. Já tive a oportunidade de testar alguns e aprovo todos. LifeExtension é cinco estrelas!"
- Felipe

"Além de ser um excelente ótimo custo beneficio, este Omega 3 tem qualidades de DHA e EPA maiores que os concorrentes, estou usando e adorando, tem melhorado meu rendimento tanto cognitivo quanto esportivo, Comprei vários e recomendo."
- Gabriel Avelino
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R$22.58 R$19.83
Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Tea

"I love this tea, it's soothing and it tastes great. I would recommend it. "
- Anonymous

"Throat Coat Tea is a wonderful tea, especially if you like the flavor of black licorice tea. I personally do not like the flavor of the tea with out mixing it with some thing else. I use this tea in cooking, my chicken soup for added flavor and healing benefits, and also mix the tea with a bit of apple juice and honey to make it friendlier to my pallet. Great buy for sure."
- Oscar
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R$117.00 R$87.75
Life Extension Pregnenolone 100 mg

"Minha memoria tem melhorado gradativamente. Super indico!"
- Cristiane Mara Celestino

"Otimo suplemento, passei a me sentir melhor, mais alerta e mais ativo. Tenho menos episodios de esquecimentos."
- Guy Sucupira Junior
Read 14 Reviews >
R$175.31 R$105.18
New Chapter Zyflamend Whole Body

"Good product, This product was recommended to me by my arthritis Doctor. I've been taking it for over a year and have noticed an improvement in my overall health. "
- Rosanne Kolassa

"I have been taking Zyflamend for the past month and, as a long term sufferer of interstitial cystitis, I noticed a significantly less bladder reaction to different foods and even red wine. It does cause some constipation but this is manageable and not bad enough to stop me using this amazing herbal combination."
- Kim Graves
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R$175.31 R$105.18
New Chapter Zyflamend Whole Body

"Good product, This product was recommended to me by my arthritis Doctor. I've been taking it for over a year and have noticed an improvement in my overall health. "
- Rosanne Kolassa

"I have been taking Zyflamend for the past month and, as a long term sufferer of interstitial cystitis, I noticed a significantly less bladder reaction to different foods and even red wine. It does cause some constipation but this is manageable and not bad enough to stop me using this amazing herbal combination."
- Kim Graves
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R$214.31 R$157.37
Greek Island Labs Natural Joint

"I bought Natural Joint for my mum, whose arthritis in her hands didn't let her sleep. After three days use told me that on the forth night she had painless sleep. I bought it because it was highly recommended by other users -- well that wasn't a lie. I highly recommend it myself. "
- Lilian S.

"These vitamins for joint pain are the best I've ever used. They really work well. I had trouble even bending my left knee. When I am taking Natural Joint regularly, I can bend my left knee without any pain."
- Sandra
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R$30.77 R$26.68
Natrol Sleep 'N Restore

"Tried many melatonin sleeping aids. This one is the best! Took me off prescription meds."
- David Sämsjö

"I've tried it all and Sleep 'N Restore is the best! And no side effects!"
- Anonymous
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