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R$180.46 R$90.21
Dose Per Serving: 1,500 mg ($0.83)
M.D. Science Lab Max Size Male Enhancement

- Anonymous

"Terrible! I don't recommend this product. It made me restless and sleepless, sort of like I was on an anti-depressant. Caution!"
- Allan Tan
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R$180.46 R$90.21
M.D. Science Lab Max Load

"I've used this product for several years and find it to be good at increasing my loads. It's used with several testosterone boosters and seems to work well. "
- Richard L

- Anonymous
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R$87.58 R$64.94
M.D. Science Lab Viva Cream

"Viva worked well. I didn't like the fishy smell."
- Rhonda K.

"Viva Cream works great. I love it!"
- Jen
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R$180.46 R$90.21
M.D. Science Lab Max Hard

- Anonymous

"It's not good for your stomach... nasty feeling... plus it doesn't work "
- Martur M
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R$180.46 R$90.21
M.D. Science Lab Max Size Male Enhancement Formula

"Max Size Cream works wonders. It worked instantly and increased my size slightly. My wife even noticed the change!"
- Allan T.

"Max Size Cream is a very good product."
- Abdullah A.
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R$180.46 R$90.21
Dose Per Serving: 1,000 mg ($0.83)
M.D. Science Lab Max Desire

"I took this product only on one occasion, simply because it made me sick as a dog! When it started to take affect, not only did I not feel anything extra, I started to get the chills. A little bit after the chills started I started feeling sick to my stomach. As me and my husband got intimate I started sweating profusely, and was burning up. We stopped, and the rest of the night I was throwing up! :( so I would actually give Max Desire 0 stars if that was a choice! Not for me!"
- Anonymous

"I have taken Max Desire for almost 1 month. I began to feel the results within the first week or so. It was amazing to have the need/want/desire to have sex again. Don't expect to just want to jump in the sack and rip off your clothes, but it's a nice subtle way to improve your sex drive."
- Anonymous
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R$180.46 R$90.21
M.D. Science Lab Max Testosterone

"Max Testosterone is an excellent product. I highly recommend it."
- Carlos A.

"Max N-tense is great. I have been using it for three weeks and my workouts have almost doubled in both strength and endurance. Thank You!"
- P.K.
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R$180.46 R$90.21
M.D. Science Lab Max Stamina

"Max Stamina is a terrible product. It did not work for me at all."
- Anonymous
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