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Genesis Today Mangosteen Juice

"Tomei esse líquido de manga por alguns dias, o gosto é bem estranho, meio inçoso não sei. Não é horrível, mas também não é gostodo. A testura parece a de um suco de fruta natural. "
- Tata

"Looks and smells worse than it actually is. It's not bad but the texture is strange and that's what I have a problem with most liquid supplements. This is watery but thick which is strange to contemplate but I think it's easy to drink as a shot or mixed with another drink. It doesn't have much flavor. I was expecting a fruit flavor or something sweet but it's neither so maybe that's for the best. Just don't smell it. "
- EK
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R$89.72 R$67.59
Pure Fruit Technologies Mango Xan Antioxidant Recovery Formula

"Recommended to everyone!!, Excellent product I been using Mango-Xan in combination with Reishi for more than 3 month and my cancer cell started going down. "
- Oscar E Murillo
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R$129.02 R$90.32
Source Naturals Mangosteen

"Great item with no after taste."
- Cathy Parrinello
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R$36.72 R$25.73
Source Naturals Mangosteen

"I bought mangosteen after reading about histamine intolerance. I've been getting random histamine reactions and thought that this supplement would help. Not sure about the histamine reactions as I feel so much better nowadays because of all the other things I've been taking anyway, but this supplement has surely given me more energy as it contains anti-oxidants and every little thing helps in this polluted world we live in. The tabs are very small and I only take one a day in the mornings, so I think it's a great little thing to take from time to time during times of extra stress or work. "
- Vita Pedrazzi
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R$143.32 R$114.65
Genesis Today Mangosteen 100
R$163.92 R$125.35
Dynamic Health Laboratories Organic Mangosteen Gold

"I've only found one other company producing the same organic quality super fruits. I'll be posting the same A+ review for the others as I am for the Mangosteen. It is pure organic undiluted with no added ingredients. There are 30000 mg of the super fruit in a 1 oz serving where many brands only contain a small undisclosed amount combined with sugar water & other juices. The health benefits of these pure super fruits are amazing. I've taken all of these super fruits along with other supplements since 2012. I've never felt healthier & after crossing the 50 marker this year feel I'm in better shape than a lot of people much younger than me. Remember, cheaper doesn't mean better. This is a good quality product & well worth the price--an investment in your health. "
- Healthy4me
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R$94.45 R$66.82
Dynamic Health Laboratories Organic Mangosteen Gold

"Although an excellent juice, I am not sure if this contains the pericarp (outer peel) of the mangosteen fruit, the 43 xanthones that are found in this fruit are distributed through the inner pulp and the pericarp, the pericarp has 40 xanthones and the pulp has a mere 3 xanthones. Could anyone inform me whether this Organic Mangosteen Gold juice contains the pericarp?"
- Victor Fernandes
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