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Natural Vitality Natural Calm


"Great product! Great taste! My husband and I use Natural Calm to keep bowels moving and it's great for the heart and it's a great muscle relaxer."
- Marie Grace Br.
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R$57.91 R$30.37
Now Foods Magnesium Caps

"I know it's good for my body but to be honest I didn't feel any different."
- Rachael Allen

"Good Quality, These Magnesium Caps come in a form of white classic size capsules easy to swallow. I would evaluate this product as effective and good quality. I would generally take 2 caps per day to get beneficial effects although the recommended dosage is one capsule per day. I take them before bed time and they are not irritating my stomach or producing any other side effects."
- Natasa B.
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R$95.10 R$76.08
Flora Floradix Magnesium Liquid Mineral Supplement

"The flavor is excellent! Such a nice change from most chalky mineral supplements. I wish the dose was higher and that the cost was lower though. It is pretty costly for the amount of mag you get."
- Moxie

"The supplement is very easy to use and mixes well with juices. I do wish the flavor wasn't so strong so it would blend into the beverage a little better (the supplement is given to a 5 year old who is very hesitant to drink his juice because it doesn't taste quite right). "
- Anonymous
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Now Foods Magnesium Citrate

"Great product for good price from evitamins. I used to suffer from headaches. After taking these magnesium pills it's better and there are no side effects at all. "
- Ga R

"A forma de citrato é muito adequada para quem sofre de prisão de ventre e dores de cabeça. Tenho tentado alternar o uso entre citrato de magnésio e malato de magnésio. "
- Tales Pinheiro
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R$59.25 R$45.32
Alta Health Products Magnesium Chloride Tabs

"Very good, Este produto é excelente. Recomendo a todos, ótima marca também!!"
- marcos kunio itonaga

"Good product. It is good for blood pressure, muscular pain, muscular strength and energy. "
- Yen
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R$74.51 R$57.03
Baywood Magnesium Fizz

"It may have a great balance of vitamins and minerals but it tastes TERRIBLE. I actually got the shivers trying to get it down. I'll finish the can because I'm cheap and I have a severe magnesium deficiency."
- Anonymous

"I found this product really difficult to take. After a few days I felt sick at the thought of drinking it. I also notice that it has had a detrimental effect on the fillings in my teeth."
- Anonymous
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R$60.31 R$38.50
Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium

"Probably one of the best supplements I ever had. Great sleep, amazing productivity and super relaxation. Go for it !!"
- Karanjeet Singh

"Nice product. Definitely better than other brands. The tablets size is quite big, these chelated magnesium definitely works. "
- Zaid Qureshi
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R$40.43 R$25.83
Thompson Magnesium Malate 400 mg

"Fiz o uso juntamente com o Zinco e a Vitamina b6, ótimo composto para ser utilizado antes de dormir, proporcionando ótimas noites de sono, aumento de energia e melhora em diversas taxadas proporcionando uma melhor qualidade de vida."
- Inaldo Neto

"Passei muito tempo utilizando o magnésio através de duas fontes: ZMA e o clássico e barato Cloreto de Magnésio. E com eles colhi muitos bons resultados na minha saúde, como aumento da imunidade, melhor capacidade de suportar o estresse e sono mais profundo. Porém nunca imaginei que os efeitos desse nutriente fantástico pudessem ser ainda melhores ao juntá-lo com o ácido málico. Estou muito satisfeito com os resultados do Malato de Magnésio. Sem dúvida é a melhor forma disponível (até agora), fazendo com que todos os tão propagados benefícios do magnésio sejam dados em dobro."
- Tales Pinheiro
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Nature's Life Magnesium Malate 1,300 mg

"Simplesmente, a minha fibromialgia praticamente sumiu! E agora durmo muito melhor, tenho muito mais energia durante o dia inteiro e um maior controle do estresse! Segui uma recomendação de algumas pessoas na internet e foi certo! É realmente impressionante o efeito do magnésio quando combinado com o ácido málico, na saúde em geral. É um divisor de águas."
- Tales Pinheiro

"Works well. Improves sexual drive. Better nights, full of dreams! I usually double or triple the dosage."
- Daniel M
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Life Extension Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate

"Pra mim foi excelente pois ajudou a controlar a dor nas costas que me incomodavam há muito tempo e nevralgia nas articulações. Recomendo a todos que tiverem com dores lombares."

"Great product, really enhance cognition and focus!"
- Archibaldo Alves Bonfim
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Now Foods Magnesium Citrate

"I wanted to buy a magnesium supplement and after a lot of researching online I found this brand to be the best. Now Foods has given this excellent price and tablets have reasonable strength too. I am happy with this one."
- Gayatri

"Excellent product to prevent headaches."
- Pamela K Giles
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R$61.53 R$32.30
Now Foods Magnesium Citrate

"Absolutely brilliant, even better than the "other brand" that is recommended if you have my problem. If you loose magnesium from your body like I do, then used in conjunction with P5P 50, is the perfect solution."
- Trevor Lorenz

"Helps to relax the nerves in my bowel so it's easier for me to go to the bathroom. Will not go a day without using it. "
- johkel73
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R$42.60 R$32.59
Life Extension Magnesium Caps

"Magnesium Caps work great for irregularity. Works great for tight muscles. Great muscle relaxer. I have MS and it helps me a lot."
- Marie Grace B.

"Works well to relax muscles and to help have a healthy bowel movement the next morning."
- Linda Hart
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R$77.00 R$46.93
Nature's Life Magnesium Malate

"Excelente custo-benefício!, Não altera o sabor da bebida onde for misturado. Só não dissolve bem e decanta rapidamente é precisa lembrar de agitar bem no final para tomar toda a dose."
- Karin Argenti Simon

"I take magnesium all the time and have tried all kinds of forms: magnesium chloride, topical magnesium oil, magnesium citrate, and magnesium malate tablets, but this one is truly the best because it's pure. There are no fillers and yes, it does taste sour, but it doesn't bother me when I drink it with a straw to protect my teeth. Magnesium malate is great for muscle recovery and for energy. Malic acid itself is great for liver and gallbladder. I take 0.25-0.5 tsp. every day before bed and it keeps my muscles supple and my sleep very deep. I wouldn't spend a day without magnesium."
- Vita Pedrazzi
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Twinlab Magnesium

"I ordered Twinlab Magnesium Caps. The capsules are intact, easy to swallow, and the bottle is heavy glass."
- Helen Calmes
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R$47.04 R$24.69
Now Foods Magnesium Citrate

"Works fast and effectively at slowing me down, relaxing my muscles, enabling me to sleep well, take deeper more relaxed breaths throughout the day, and generally all round relaxed. Fantastic form of magnesium. "
- Anna
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Solgar Chelated Magnesium
R$123.04 R$59.69
Source Naturals Ultra Mag

"I started taking this supplement for severe heart problems, palpitations, chest pain etc. Which landed me in the hospital many times for overnight stays. Since taking this supplement my symptoms have decreased substantially. I can not believe how good this supplement works, better than anything the doctor has ever prescribed. I wish they had told me to take this supplement rather than the poison they try to push that only makes you worse."
- Ben Bristow
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R$35.30 R$17.15
Source Naturals Ultra Mag

"This is definitely a good product. It consists of magnesium from 5 different sources, all the 5 sources are most absorbable forms of magnesium found. The tablets are quite large to swallow. The reason I am rating 3 stars is because of 50 mg of pyridoxine hcl (vit B6). If you are too much deficient in magnesium then you will be definitely taking 3-4 tablets a day or more. So the total of vitamin B6 would go around 150-200 mg or even more. Though pyridoxine is used in numerous conditions. If you can tolerate pyridoxine well then it's definitely a great product. Google pyridoxine uses & its used for migraines, nerve pain in diabetes, high BP & numerous other conditions. Somewhere I have read that pyridoxine helps in magnesium absorption. So that might be the reason source naturals adding 50 mg pyridoxine. Pyridoxine is seen to be synergistic in uptake with magnesium."
- zaid qureshi
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Source Naturals Magnesium Malate 625 mg

"I think this helps me sleep better by relaxing my muscles."
- Shal
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R$72.35 R$35.09
Source Naturals Magnesium Malate 1250 mg

"Ótimo produto, dura 6 meses e é ótimo para dar energia, estimular o cérebro e repor o magnésio necessário diariamente. A pele fica maravilhosa. :D"
- Francisco Weslay Ramalho Lima
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R$149.06 R$90.81
Olympian Labs Magnesium Citrate 400 mg
R$40.08 R$30.09
Life-Flo Pure Magnesium Oil

"Great for post-workout since magnesium relaxes the muscles and joints. Really reduces numbness, fatigue and muscles cramps. "
- Valentyn
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R$72.39 R$37.97
Now Foods Magnesium and Potassium Aspartate

"Well, after a busy and tiring day and after the gym, I feel my whole body is heavy and sometimes I get cramps at my legs. A couple of Magnesium and Potassium Aspartate helps me relieve the cramps and the tension of my body. I'm, also, having a week treatment before my period because it helps me to reduce premenstrual syndrome. Highly recommended! "
- Lilian S.
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