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Life-Flo Avaliações de Clientes

R$ 49,80 R$ 32,84
Life-Flo Pure Magnesium Oil

"Bom produto. Mas não aumenta muito os níveis de magnésio e dá um pouco de ardência na pele."
- Marcilene Heidmann Soccol

"Love it... I spray on my body, and feel much more relaxed. It is a great way to take your magnesium, as it is being absorbed so fast. If I have any sore muscles I spray it on and helps a lot. And it lasts for long time."
- Yaara
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R$ 112,85 R$ 75,72
Life-Flo Hyaluronic Cream

"Estou usando a um mês e já sinto que minha pele está muito mais revigorada, gostei muito!!!"
- guiomar ferrarezi chiari

"Deep moisturizing, fast absorbs and big flacon. I like it, a very good product."
- Valentyn
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R$ 79,62 R$ 53,68
Life-Flo Pregnenolone Cream

"Nice product. Easy to apply on the skin. It smells pleasant and does not irritate the skin. Good results at the end of the first bottle. I recommend to all who need to supplement pregnenolone periodically. In the form of a cream, the periodic use seems safe to me. Thanks to Life-Flo and E-vitamins for such a wonderful product. Recommended!"
- Sandro Longo

"It is nice and useful product. The cream form is easy to administer and also contains good ingredients."
- Elena Fitenko
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R$ 178,45 R$ 135,79
Life-Flo Testro-Max for Men

"Testro-Max for Men product is hard to find!"
- Kristine Rodgers

"This is great at boosting "t" and libido. I use it in conjunction with other products. "
- Richard L
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R$ 78,77 R$ 52,72
Life-Flo DHEA Plus
R$ 97,94 R$ 65,18
Life-Flo Pure- Organic Tamanu Oil

"I wanted to see what the hype was about since I have been hearing so much about how good this oil helps your skin. It did not help my skin at all, as a matter of fact it was too much for my sensitive skin. Maybe it will help someone else because everyone's body is different."
- Tawanna Hunter
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R$ 100,07 R$ 67,10
Life-Flo Retinol A 1-

"My favorite night time product!!!!! I can see the results of using it for quite a while now and I am scared to stop!!!"
- PS

"Makes my skin feel smooth and visibly reduced lines."
- Bhelps
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R$ 65,56 R$ 43,84
Life-Flo Pure Apricot Oil

"Pure Apricot Oil can be used as a oil cleansing method instead of using soap on the face."
- T. Hunter

" Great way to reduce dark spots and brighten skin."
- T. Hunter
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R$ 178,45 R$ 135,79
Dose Per Serving: 30 mg
Life-Flo DHEA for Men

"It felt more like Estrogen or progesterone but not the energy effects of DHEA. I felt it gave me a bit of nausea and did not raise my libido at all. In fact it reduced my libido and gave me anxiety and flushes. I would not recommend this product. I have used the DHEA mouth spray and it works."
- Dorit Zaslavsky
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R$ 72,80 R$ 48,88
Life-Flo Pure Organic Shea Butter

"This is my favorite butter of all!!! It is great for dry skin, it really feels better immediately. In the winter, when cold gets my skin drier, I use this butter and it is the best! I have tried a lot of creams and expensive products, but nothing like this butter! I really recommend it! And it smells really good! If you are a lover of natural products like me, you will love this shea butter! "
- Mary Lois

"I use this as a hair product and also as lotion for my skin. I have thick hair and the shea butter helps seal in moisture. I have cystic acne and the product has never broken me out. And I usually have to reapply lotion throughout the day but not with this product. Your hands and feet stay hydrated all day."
- Dejra Piper
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R$ 73,66 R$ 49,39
Life-Flo Progesta-Care
R$ 156,73 R$ 105,44
Life-Flo Progesta-Care

"I have been pleasantly surprised at how well this brand of progesterone cream works for me. Compared to another popular brand used, Progesta-Care has been the most successful in reducing the intensity of my night sweats and hot flushes over a period of time. A very welcomed result!"
- Optima
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