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R$ 34,04 R$ 21,26
Now Foods Lecithin

"Great for restless leg."
- Sharon K Tillery

"Seems fine, no issues and good value."
- Rick M
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R$ 51,08 R$ 39,11
Fearn Lecithin Granules

"Most cost effective way to get this product. I just mix it in with my amino acids once a day."
- nathan w.

"Lecithin Granules are a healthy alternative to many highly expensive phosphatidic acid supplements on the market. Each serving of these delicious yellow balls packs a whopping 1200mg of phosphatidic acid. It'll have you screaming WOOOO!!! louder than Luke Skywalker when he blew up the Death Star. Definitely purchase this, it'll have your arms begging to be released from the sleeves of your medium t-shirt within a few weeks of daily consumption. "
- Christopher Lee Aden
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R$ 27,65 R$ 21,21
Fearn Liquid Lecithin

"It makes bread rise super quick, you don't even have to let the dough rise if you make pizza. Liquid Lecithin is a miracle ingredient!"
- Anonymous

"My family has used Fearn Liquid Lecithin for over 20 years and it is a pleasure to have in the house. Besides the obvious health benifits obtained from adding it to shakes, baked goods and many other cooked dishes, it is the first thing I reach for when making salad dressings, as 1/2 teaspoon beautifully causes the oil and water to combine into creamy, healthful salad toppings. I also rub it on cookie sheets for complete non-stick baking. Sometimes I even rub it into my skin. It is such a relief for dry chapped hands and feet. We will continue to buy this fine product for years to come."
- Rebecca Reynolds
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R$ 89,42 R$ 59,60
Swisse Lecithin

"Meu médico indicou o uso deste produto, iniciei o consumo há cerca de 2 semanas e estou me sentindo melhor."
- Melissa Borges

"I love this product! I started taking it when my doctor recommended it and I haven't looked back. My only issue is you have to take 5 capsules a day, which I feel is alot. Other than that, great product! "
- Jessica Casio
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R$ 96,28 R$ 81,83
Nature's Plus Egg Yolk Lecithin 600 mg

"This is a great supplement for all ages, especially seniors and pregnant women. I highly recommend this product."
- Anonymous
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R$ 63,86 R$ 34,46
Now Foods Lecithin 1200 mg

"Отличное сооношение цены и качества."
- ????????? ?????? ????????????
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R$ 42,56 R$ 25,52
Now Foods Sunflower Lecithin 1200 mg
R$ 43,84 R$ 34,80
Kal Lecithin
R$ 40,47 R$ 28,33
Source Naturals Lecithin 1200 mg

"Works very well to unblock ducts while breastfeeding. Was recommended to us by our lactation consultant and work VERY well."
- Danny Carvalho
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R$ 42,17 R$ 30,59
Carlson Labs Lecithin

"Prices are very affordable because capsules are very convenient to take, Carlson brand is trustworthy. I often match their fish oil together."
- shoutianyu RHE610
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