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Buried Treasure ADDED Attention

"I heard about this product and I started immediately. It was Friday and by Tuesday she was taking the FCAT (state test in Florida) 3rd graders will need to pass it or they will be held back. I totally recommend this product. She passed the state exam!!!"
- Yaidelin S.

"My son is taking this with flax oil. Teachers have noticed a great difference. The only trouble I have with this is the ingredients. I have read that people with ADD/ADHD should stay away from grapes, sodium benzoate, artificial flavors, and sugars. That is all that is in it! Could the results be a placebo effect? "
- Heather
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R$67.95 R$57.77
Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA

"Good DHA supplement to give your baby after he/she is weaned. You can be confident of your baby getting the required amount of daily DHA along with vitamins A and D. Little smelly so it is better to add it in your baby's milk and just make sure you give it to your baby when he/she is really hungry. That way, it goes down with the milk."
- Madhu Rao

"I have been using this for my 2-year-old baby since she was 6 months old. And evitamins is the only website on which I found it for a reasonable cost and delivery is also reliable."
- Rakesh Sharma
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R$90.74 R$77.15
Nature's Plus Pedi-Active

"We just tested this on our son with ASD. He seems better at sitting and taking instructions. We are getting our 2nd bottle of 120 caps. "

"I saw immediate results within the first 24 hours. My daughter went from hyper to calm within the first two doses. She was asked to make her bed and made it within minutes and it looked wonderful ... not just thrown on ... like usual. She has been respectful. I am beyond impressed! "
- Heather
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R$76.64 R$51.70
Factor Nutrition Labs FOCUSfactor For Kids

"Ótimo produto para estudar! Recomendo. "
- Luiz Fernando Freire

"My son with Autism has taken this for almost a week. I think there has been some calmness and focus. He has been very active with aggression. I don't think it takes away aggression per say but enables a child to focus and calmed him down. Taken the edge off. I saw the side of him I missed, a witty, chatty child. Intelligent but extremely active and adamant to have his way. I suggest trying it, it's the only way to know. Will try other products too."
- Jackqueline Mondo
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R$74.55 R$55.91
Centrum Flavor Burst Kids Mixed Fruit Multivitamin

"I gave it to my 10 year old daughter and she just loved it's taste. There were no side effects. She has remained healthy and exceptionally mentally active. I am sure these must have had some role to play."
- Emron Musavi

"Minha filha está usando e gostou muito, acredito que esteja dando um bom resultado."
- Jaqueline Fernandes
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R$72.21 R$61.39
Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Liquid

"Produto espetacular, excelente qualidade e Pureza. "
- monique junqueira ferraz zanella

"Meu filho gostou. Toma diretamente da colher! Adorei!"
- Andrea Ferreira
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R$55.98 R$41.98
Centrum Kids Chewables Multivitamin

"Excelente multivitaminico infantil. Possui todas as vitaminas essenciais para as crianças. Os comprimidos tem sabor de bala e fica fácil das crianças comerem, pode deixar diluir na boca ou mastigar, o que a criança achar melhor fazer."
- Debora Cristina dos Santos Sommer

"Este suplemento da Centrum para crianças é excelente. Eu e minha esposa compramos para nossa filha. Investimos no melhor para ela e temos certeza de que este suplemento fornece as melhores vitaminas e minerais de que ela precisa para crescer e se desenvolver com muita saúde. Recomendo."
- Felipe
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R$63.69 R$54.14
Nordic Naturals Children's DHA

"After I started giving my 9 year old son Children's DHA, his skin and eye allergies reduced greatly. He has always been a bright kid with Maths being his favorite subject. So, I can't really tell about brain development. But I am sure it can only help. Thank you Nordic Naturals for making a wonderful kids product."
- Madhu Rao

"Fácil de administrar e qualquer criança gosta. "
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R$114.38 R$93.68
Pediakid Appetite-Weight Gain

"Great product. We can see the progress of my picky eater's appetite. Willing to buy some more bottles. I've been having headaches for my very playful and active girl who is not normally interested in food. Now she can eat more and seems like she becomes interested in eating food. Checked with doctor and said that this is excellent supplement for kids. Highly recommend for fuzzy eater."
- Octavia

"It works beyond my expectations. Within 3 days of consuming this vitamin my 2.5 yo son started eating well, keeps asking for more food, became less fussy on food and started eating variety of foods and he is gaining weight now. I'm very satisfied and gonna order more. In fact I have recommended to my family and friends too. "
- Rene
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R$118.85 R$84.69
Carlson Labs Very Finest Fish Oil for Kids

"Jam shumë e kënaqur nga vaji i peshkut për fëmijë Carlson Labs Very Finest Fish Oil for Kids Lemon të cilin e porosita për djalit tim 5 vjeçar. Pamvarësisht se është fëmijë shumë energjik e ka të vështirë të përqëndrohet dhe kjo ndikon për keq me fillimin e shkollës dhe me ushqimin është i vështirë. Shija e limoni tek ky vaj peshku lehtëson dhe ai e pranon me dëshirë dhe pa grindje. I jap 2.5 ml në ditë pas ushqimit sipas udhëzimeve të etiketës. E sygjeroj këtë produkt pasi shikoj rezultat pozitiv."
- Eva C.

"I saw results in my hyperactive 6 year-old boy after 24 hours, which I did not expect at all. It's like the wonderful child inside finally broke out of the frenetic, out-of-control exterior he was locked in. The last four days have been the best days of our lives together (that truly is not an exaggeration). The taste isn't bad, it's the consistency that's odd (it is, after all, oil). It's tolerable, but we're going to start mixing it with yogurt. Apparently it doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth a try."
- Anonymous
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R$114.81 R$97.60
Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Liquid

"Efeito bom, mas o gosto e textura desagradam as crianças que rejeitam quase sempre, também não dá pra misturar com nada, gosto forte prevalece. Em cápsulas seria melhor."
- jonas cicero silvino

"Meu filho adorou o produto. Muito bom para a memória e aprendizado. DHA é fundamental para a função cognitiva."
- jose santana de araujo garcia junior
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R$29.78 R$20.72
Boiron Cocyntal Colic Relief

"Excellent product!!! Reliefs colics and also improves sleeping quality! "

"É ótimo para as crises de cólica. No máximo em 15 minutos a dor passa."
- Helen
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R$63.86 R$48.82
MOM Enterprises Gripe Water

"Excellent product for infants and toddlers, who are having constipation, gas and abdominal bloating and pain. I have a 3.5 year old girl and I am totally dependent on this product for any of the above mentioned concern of my child .It really works for her . . . and I believe it can work for any infant and toddlers. The best part of this is there is no side effect even if your child is addicted to it. It has fennel seed extract which is wonderful for any stomach disorder. Try it and find it out!"
- Navneet B.

"Makes agitated babies stop crying."
- T. Hunter
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R$51.08 R$29.04
Nature's Way EFA Blend for Children

"This is a good product with no artificial ingredients."
- Ursula Minnaar

"After only one month my daughter said she has only notice a slight improvement. She is going to use it another month and see if the results change. We will update any new changes."
- Anonymous
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R$195.75 R$166.40
Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Liquid

"Produto maravilhoso, já estou comprando este produto pela quarta vez porque sinto que a imunidade dos meus filhos aumento com uso regularmente. "
- Renata Aloíde

"Omega 3 de qualidade. Excelente. Minhas filhas tomam e tem ótimo desenvolvimento"
- Alan Ribeiro de Queiroz
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Yorba Organics Baby Body Butter

"Esse creme para bebê tem um cheirinho de bala bem agradável. Natural e vegano, ele dá a tranquilidade de saber que você está usando algo que não vai agredir a pele do seu neném. Ele hidrata sem deixar a pele oleosa mas não é o meu favorito. "
- kdano

"Yorba Organics Baby Body Butter është produkt fantastik. Në përshtypje të parë duket sikur ka aromë karamele, shumë delikate dhe të bën të mendosh ëmbëlsi. Trashësia e locionit është shumë e mirë dhe aplikohet shumë lehtë në lëkurën e bebes time. E lë lëkurën shumë të butë dhe përthithet shumë mirë pa lënë gjurmë në veshje. Mbi të gjitha e sygjeroj sepse është produkt natyral."
- Eva C.
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R$74.55 R$51.08
Centrum Kid's Flavor Burst Multivitamin Chews

"Fácil administração. Muito bom sabor e aceitação. As crianças gostaram muito."
- Antonio V E Swaid J

"Minha filha adorou, Ela é ruim de tomar remédios e afim, mas esse ela toma de boa. "
- Eric Daher Lopes
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R$95.55 R$53.23
Enzymatic Therapy Sea Buddies Concentrate!

"This works very good for my son but I want this in chewable tablets!! Kids can't take capsule. "
- Happy Mommy

"I use this product on my daughter when she had enzyma this product cleared her right up."
- Jen
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R$108.59 R$86.86
Buried Treasure Children's ACF

"Children's Acute Cold & Flu is a great product! I give it to my kids when the first signs of a sniffle or cold appears. It clears up the cold in record time. We all start with Children's ACF and if that doesn't do it, we move on to Adult ACF. I'm very satisfied with the results."
- Nikki

"it's perfect... "
- Nur Karali
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R$127.59 R$108.46
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Junior

"Great for kids and their health, mood."

"Adorei!!! Sabor e cheiro diferente de outros omega, muito mais agradavel para criança. Tempo de entrega perfeito."
- Benedito
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R$93.51 R$71.50
ChildLife First Defense

"Ótimo fornecedor das primeiras vitaminas necessárias para as crianças pequenas. Garante mais saúde e proteção aos pequenos. Muito recomendado! (4 estrelas) Marca conhecida."

"First Defense is the best for your kids for immune system."
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R$85.16 R$45.97
Now Foods Dairy Digest Complete

"Produto maravilhoso, nem sinto que consumi leite."

"It's the best dairy digest on the market!!! It does not make me feel any symptoms when eating dairy products."
- Pedro Braunger de Vasconcelos
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R$146.20 R$120.86
Happy Baby Happy Yogis

"Não gostei. Particularmente eu não gosto desses produtos mas decidi dá uma chance e experimentar. Eu achei que não tem gosto de nada, ele gruda nos dentes, não consegui comer mais que 3. Não gostei e com certeza não daria ao meu filho. Eu conheço algumas pessoas que amam então é uma questão de gosto mesmo. "
- kdano

"These are great for kids and I've had a few myself. They melt almost instantly and taste just like yogurt with just a hint of sweet. They're easy for kids to grab and feed themselves and it's a great little snack to have around. The bag is also resealable so it's nice when you don't have to repack everything all the time."
- EK
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R$85.16 R$48.39
Nature's Way Lactase

"Ótimo produto. Funciona perfeitamente. "
- Solange Galter

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