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R$127.76 R$72.59
Nature's Way Completia Diabetic Multivitamin

"O completia é um multivitamínico muito bom, pois tem ajudado em muito no aumento da energia diária, disposição e renovação do ânimo. Meu irmão faz uso e tem se sentido bem melhor. Essa foi a primeira compra e se os efeitos continuarem, vou comprar mais. A entrega foi rápida e o preço está em bom, em relação aos demais. Gratidão!!! "
- Ricelli Gomes

"Muito bom me deu muita energia."
- manoel silva
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R$63.81 R$44.69
Source Naturals Life Force Multiple

"I have been taking the Life Force Multiple for a year and have noticed no difference."
- Anonymous

"My good friend who has 5 children recommended this to me. You need extra energy and most important good health to take care of your family. This is a very good product."
- Kevin
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R$161.67 R$137.43
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"I love this multi-vitamin. It is so hard to find an iron free vitamin at my local CVS, so when I searched on evitamins and saw this vitamin I thought I would give it a try. This vitamin supplement does improve my health and does give me more energy. Once I forget to refill my order in time and I kept forgetting to order more, so I was out of it for a couple weeks and took some vitamins that I bought at my local pharmacy. I felt "unhealthy" and felt like I was fighting a small cold. I was a little run down too. When I got my new order and I felt healthier and more energized... maybe it is a coincidence, but I don't think so. There was a marked difference in energy levels from before and after I took the vitamin: a lot less fatigue."
- Tara Monuteaux

"This is the best vitamin supplement I've ever taken. You can actually feel your energy level increasing in the first couple of hours after taking a dose (bee pollen effect?) and I notice my mood improving as well. On days when I have forgotten to take my vitamins I notice it! My health has improved quite a bit in the two years I've been using Source of Life. I highly recommend it - it's worth the extra expense to me. You can't put a price on your health."
- Shelley
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R$70.38 R$56.32
Twinlab Daily One

"I've been taking Twin Lab Daily One Caps for the past 11 years. The past 5 years, I have been taking the same vitamin but without iron. I am 52 yrs old and a body builder. I've taken all kinds of multiple vitamins prior to this. I've found that Twin Lab is the best multiple vitamin out there. In the last 11 years I've been taking Twin Lab, I have only contracted 2 colds. Before that on all the other melt-vitamins, I'd get a cold once a year. These vitamins are #1 on my list and I wouldn't substitute them for any other vitamin."
- greg
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R$104.11 R$72.59
Natrol My Favorite Multiple
R$234.26 R$204.48
Rainbow Light Just Once Multiple Vitamins

"I found my energy level to have increased. It also did not cause any digestive problems."
- Siddharth Sharma
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R$300.54 R$255.47
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"Maxima distribuição de vitaminas e minerais, livre de ferro, para pessoas com ferritina é a solucao mais saudavel"
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R$88.40 R$75.15
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"I absoulutely love Source of Life!! I learned about it from my Mom, who at the time was enrolled in a Holistic Health class, a Therapeutic Touch class, etc. She bought me a bottle a little over a year ago. I noticed the effects right away, most importantly more energy."
- Danielle Andrews
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R$212.96 R$120.98
Nature's Way Alive! Multi-Vitamin Max Potency
R$119.24 R$67.75
Nature's Way Alive! Multi-Vitamin Max Potency

"Incredible mix of healthy stuff plus enzymes plus vitamins and minerals"
- Nair
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R$51.08 R$29.04
Nature's Way Completia Diabetic Multivitamin

"Completia Diabetic Multi Iron Free helps to control blood sugar and, from my own experience, it also feeds your skin and helps to keep the dry diabetic skin nourished and looking good. "
- Suzanne
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R$78.81 R$55.17
Source Naturals Mega-One Multiple

"Faço o uso desse suplemento para complementar as vitaminas que preciso ingerir no meu dia dia,ele é ótimo,uso e recomendo !"
- Washington Jeronimo Rodrigues de Souza
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R$114.93 R$80.47
Source Naturals Mega-One Multiple

"I really like Source Naturals and this is an affordable formula."
- Nair
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R$70.29 R$49.20
Source Naturals Life Force Multiple

"Complexo vitaminico muiti bom. Excelente usei e recomendo. Tem todas as vitaminas que seu corpo precisa diariamente!"
- Jefferson Jesus Benito Lopes
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R$198.09 R$138.66
Source Naturals Life Force Multiple
R$46.82 R$26.62
Nature's Way Alive! Multi-Vitamin Max Potency

"This multivitamin is a blend of vitamins, mineral, fatty acids, calcium etc. I don't need to take multiple supplements now. As it contains all the nutrients in one dose. I really don't feel tired now. I always feel energetic. It's a wonderful product for everyone!!!! Don't hesitate to buy it. This product actually works great."
- Ekta
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R$224.50 R$168.40
Solgar VM-75

"I love that Solgar has no extra additives, is gluten, wheat and dairy free. I chose Solgar in the first place for it’s bioavaible iron formula. The iron-free is a great option, since my doctor said I don’t need the iron now and my iron levels remained normal when I switched to the no-iron formula. Evitamins offer these product at a great price!"
- Lyn Moodie
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R$55.34 R$42.30
Deva Vegan Multivitamin and Mineral One Daily

"Очень довольна этим препаратом. Витамины не химозные, не имеют фармацевтического запаха и вкуса, зеленые капсулы скорее похожие по вкусу на водоросли. Эффект очень порадовал! Уменьшилась сонливость , стало гораздо больше сил. улучшилось состояние кожи. Есть 2 варианта этих витаминов - с железом и без ....мне нужны были именно без железа- поэтому и выбрала эти и не пожалела! Беру уже 3 баночку."
- Margarita Garbuz
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