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Medical Futures Inc Iberogast

"Uma boa para acabar com enjoo e problemas gástricos em geral."
- Mauricio Mangione do Nascimento

"This med seems to calm my child's stomach. It was recommended by her doctor, so we tried it. It seems to work."
- ebmama
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R$145.52 R$81.06
Enzymatic Therapy Heartburn Free

"Olha, não acalmou minha gastrite. Absolutamente indiferente. Não recomendo."

"I really think this product helps with Acid Reflux. After the first couples capsules you might belch the orange taste, but after that it gets better."
- Sandra Halpenny
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IBS Formula Natural IBS Formula - Gluten Free - Vegetarian Formula

"Vi que muitas pessoas que tomaram esse produto melhoraram dos sintomas da Síndrome do Intestino Irritável. Para mim, não houve melhora, pelo contrário, soltou meu intestino logo nos primeiros dias de uso. Posso ter me precipitado em parar de tomar, mas o usei por 4 dias e não tive bons resultados!"
- Térence Silva Barros

"I've had IBS for nearly 10 years now and feel as if I've tried everything on the market including harsh prescriptions that didn't help much. After using IBS Formula for just a few weeks, I've noticed that my IBS symptoms have diminished to the point that they're nearly non-existent."
- Steven Murray
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R$63.86 R$34.46
Now Foods Peppermint Gels

"Esse produto é muito bom! Tenho crises de sindrome do intestino irritável e ele ajuda bastante!"
- jarbas fernando da silva

"Perfeito para quem sofre da Síndrome do Intestino Irritável. Costumo tomar chá da erva porém quando estou em viagem fica difícil, então as cápsulas são uma ótima alternativa, funciona!"
- Carlos Eduardo
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R$108.16 R$72.85
Natural Care Reflux-Away

"Produto muito bom, sempre me salva nas horas de refluxo. Eu sempre tive problemas com refluxo e nunca encontrava algo que melhorasse rápido, mas, agora eu encontrei. Esse produto ajuda muito a reduzir os sintomas de azia. Eu não tive nenhum efeito colateral desde que comecei a usar. RECOMENDADISSIMO!!"
- Priscila Ramos

"I have used Reflux-Away ten days now and it is most effective when you take it about 10 minutes before eating, if you are eating very acid foods (Which you should not) then take two. Also you can buy it online at eVitamins for about 12 dollars - in stores it can go for over $20. "
- Jose
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R$85.16 R$65.11
Absorbaid Digestive Enzyme Powder

"Did its job. Was a pain to have to measure it out like they want. But works well"
- Anonymous

"It works well. It has to be taken like the instructions say to. Good product! "
- Frank L.
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R$76.47 R$50.23
Enzymatic Therapy Peppermint Plus

"This is a great product for people with IBS-C (constipaton). Taken as directed, it can be a great help."
- Connie Hill

"The product itself meets my needs. I have taken it before and I like it."
- John Gidzinski
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R$227.27 R$144.86
Nutricology Mastic Gum

"This is the second bottle I ordered. It's one of the most life-changing supplements I've ever taken. I'd suffered with horrible digestion and bloating for 32 years of my life until I came across information about h.pylori and mastic gum. I decided to take 500mg of mastic gum morning and evening for 2 months. I had a bit more flatulence and belly rumbling for the first few days, as if there was a battle going on inside me, but after about a week it was all smooth sailing. Mastic gum has completely fixed my digestion. No more tiredness after eating, no bloating, no constipation. I highly recommend it to anyone with weird digestion problems. I have Hashimoto's and sorting out h. pylori with mastic gum helped my thyroid a lot, too. I took mastic gum alone for 2 weeks. Then, I added wild oregano oil for 3 weeks, and also have been taking Saccharomyces Boulardii from around the 3rd or 4th week and will be taking it for 3 months in total. My 2-month-long course of mastic gum is almost over now and I'm cured. Try it before trying the conventional antibiotics for h.pylori. You've got nothing to lose! "
- Laima Vilciauskiene

"Mastic Gum is amazing stuff! I had a pain on my right side below my rib that hurt all the time. I would also belch a lot and had acid reflux. I went through a ton of testing throughout three years. I tried medicines and modifying my diet. Nothing worked until I found this. I took it for about a week, along with aloe vera juice, and after three years I was finally pain free. I don't have to take it everyday anymore, but if I eat bad foods that upset me, I might have to take it for a week or two following. "
- Lisa
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R$61.73 R$44.60
Enzymatic Therapy DGL

"Soothes stomach shortly after taking it. Great Product."
- AC

"I have been using this product for years and have turned several people to it. If you get occasional indigestion, this is a great, all natural way to get immediate, long lasting relief. One caveat, you must favor the taste of black liquorice."
- A Fisher
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R$61.73 R$44.60
Enzymatic Therapy DGL

"Well I took this supplement and I found great positive effects!"
- Rohit anglani

"My wife had been bothered (past tense) by a Reflux Condition for a few years, which prevented her from getting a regular comfortable night's sleep. This was until a doctor recommended taking 2 DGL tablets before bedtime. "You'll never have heartburn or acid reflux again", she was told. My wife followed the doctor's advice with great success and therefore gladly recommends this product."
- Harold Mattner
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R$59.60 R$50.65
Renew Life HeartBurn Stop

"Using this to control acid that caused a bleeding ulcer. I combine this with herb uva ursi, pezin Gi, and calcium tablet."
- Anonymous

"I like HeartBurn Stop better than Nexium. It didn't give me any side effects. I feel a relief. It has helped me feel better again. Just be careful of the foods that can trigger heartburn."
- Josephine B.
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R$49.63 R$42.17
Nature's Plus Licorice (DGL) 500 mg

"Dei três estrelas porque pra mim não serviu para o que eu precisava. Tenho Síndrome do Intestino Irritável e li que este produto poderia ajudar na permeabilidade do intestino, mas o usei por uma semana e soltou meu intestino. Para meu caso, não foi satisfatório. Ressalto que o usei por apenas uma semana. "
- Térence Silva Barros

"Um produto confiável. Demorou alguns dias para começar a fazer efeito, mas, quando o fez, foi como se eu estivesse tomando Detox com Folhas de Couve todo o dia."
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R$51.08 R$41.66
Nature Works Swedish Bitters Liquid

"Swedish Bitters Liquid Extract is magic. My husband was in bed for a year with a pressure sore on his bottom. He was on a special bed. Numerous visits to the Wound Care Center for debriding. In four (4) days it healed after I started compresses and giving him Swedish Bitters."
- Gloria Marvin

"I've only been taking this product for less than 2 weeks and already I can see a marked change and relief from the stress associated with the physical and psychological symptoms associated with a sluggish system. I feel much better, healthier, and more confident in my body's ability to heal itself with the aid of Swedish Bitters. I'm so glad I discovered it. It has truly been a God-send. "
- Krand
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R$127.71 R$89.42
Source Naturals Mastic Gum Extract

"O produto atendeu minhas expectativas no controle da gastrite e síndrome do intestino irritável. A qualidade e pureza do produto agradaram muito, ou seja, foram além do esperado. "
- fernando barbosa

"Mastic Gum Extract does not work like the other brand I was taking and my heartburn is back."
- Tonya L.
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R$176.75 R$140.15
Proper Nutrition Intestive

"I have been using these for several months and have been feeling noticeably better. They don't taste or smell great, but the product does work well. "
- Mary Clare BAILEY
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R$61.73 R$35.09
Nature's Way Pepogest Peppermint Oil

"Could not take it because it burned my stomach like fire. I was really excited to try because of all the benefits but could not stand the discomfort."
- Dana Roth
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R$93.38 R$52.02
Enzymatic Therapy Acid-Ease

"I've been using Acid-Ease for less than a week and have had great results. I suffer with acid reflux and cannot (will not!) take any more doctor-prescribed Zantac or Prilosec. The side effects are terrible, especially for Prilosec. As of yet, I've had no side effects with Acid-Ease - only relief!"
- Anonymous
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R$21.30 R$18.08
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

"This tea has a very pleasant taste, it does seem to help quite a bit with indigestion and settling other stomach problems. "
- Meghan Johns
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R$78.77 R$50.23
Michael's Antisid

"Antisid is quite tasty and does the trick for me. I don't think it works any better than Rolaids, but the proprietary blend is very appealing to me. It doesn't taste like an antacid at all."
- Robert Brown
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R$193.49 R$135.72
Nutricology Perm A Vite

"Helped heal my son's leaky gut. His eczema cleared a lot didn't completely go away but he is now able to eat some foods that he was originally told he is sensitive due to leaky gut. "
- Safiya
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R$72.38 R$39.06
Now Foods Acid Relief with Enzymes

"Good but it is not too strong. It needs 2 or more."
- Alan Pinto
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R$19.13 R$17.42
Now Foods Queeze Ease Tea

"Very tasty and very helpful for upset/sensitive stomachs. "
- Meghan Johns
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R$63.69 R$57.34
Zahlers AfterMeals

"My digestion is a wreck lately. These enzymes save the day after a spicy or heavy meal. I chew 2 by each meal and feel a whole lot better. I can actually get to bed without a stomach ache."
- Sheila
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R$102.03 R$66.33
Zahlers Mellow Mornings

"A big thank you to Zahlers for this amazing products!!! My first pregnancy (out of 3) that I'm finally coping with life and can walk around without feeling queasy and nauseous. My kids and husband are definitely benefiting from the amazing effects this small vitamin has to offer. I sometimes can't believe that I'm at the end of my first trimester and hardly feeling it. "
- Sheila
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