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Thompson DHEA

"Produto muito bom, tem 3 semanas q eu estou usando e senti uma melhora muito grande na disposições, estou me sentindo muito bem, vale a pena."
- Emerson Costa Adário

"Produto muito bom , consegue ver o resultado já na primeira semana de uso. Pois ele potencializa o ganho de massa naturalmente, fora que aumenta o libido e diminui o cansaço pós treino. Recomenda usar ele com L Arginina para melhores resultados. Após 2 semana você consegue ver os musculos inchados naturalmete. A princípio não vejo nenhuma contra indicaçao. Produto de boa qualidade e boa absorção no organismo. Muito indicado pra mulheres até para aumento de massa magra e aceleração do metabolismo."
- Thiago Henrique cortez
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R$ 118,15 R$ 88,66
Solaray PhytoEstrogen One Daily

"I am 60 years old and I have been taking this product for 9 years and I must say I'm still lucky enough not to have the hot flashes I have seen my friends experience! Best thing I have ever tried and I'm sure you will think so, too!"
- Lynda Ball

"There's no taking Phytoestrogen - One daily for a few years. I like this. Taking only one capsule daily, it's easy to continue. "
- Junko O.
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R$ 146,96 R$ 137,95
Zahlers HeightFactor

"I saw results in just a month and they are easy to swallow for their size."
- Daniel Ypil

"Height Factor is a natural formula that boosts growth. I'm giving to my 9 year old who is very conscious about his height and begged to find him vitamins. I'm pleased to report that after 8 weeks I've already seen results. This product is all natural and has no side effects. I called the company itself-Zahlers and asked them what else to add on and they said PowerCal-Calcium. I just added it on and hope to continue seeing great results."
- Linda
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R$ 53,52 R$ 34,12
Natural Sources Raw Pituitary

"A big NO if you suffer from Estrogen Dominance, Endometriosis, etc. It put me in pain! "
- Dianne

"Combined with Alfalfa, this is the most powerful cure for sinus congestion going. Incredible results for sinus colds and sinus infections, I can't recommend it highly enough!"
- Laura Beggins
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R$ 231,88 R$ 162,30
Garden of Life Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones

"Trying to find and stay on a natural product was overwhelming and time consuming. Thank goodness I found this product. Even though some issues were resolving within the first week, after 2 months my extreme symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes have almost but vanished. I am sleeping better and the stress and irritability issues are almost non-existent. I still tend to have some food cravings on those few nights I am not sleeping as well. I was on the extreme side of the scale with my symptoms for 1 1/2 years refusing to take synthetics. I used a well known cream (Emerita) in the beginning with the healthy hormones but no longer need the cream. I now am comfortable in my own skin (I did not know who I was turning into before) and my life has gotten back to a much more normal state. I would recommend this product to anyone that has no allergies to it's contents. This product saved me! Thanks Ruben!"
- Anonymous

- ???
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R$ 66,41 R$ 50,31
Health From the Sun Evening Primrose Deluxe

"By far one of my favorite oils! Very Good and essential for the skin, and overall internal body functions and female organs. Encourages a more luminous vibrant skin complexion, hydrates skin, scalp, hair and nails. Balance for a more calm mood and less mood swings, eases cramps etc. I recommend this to a lot of my clients in helping to improve psoriasis, eczema, and acne and it REALLY WORKS!! I love the brand Health from the Sun it's one of my holy grail products."
- Anonymous
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R$ 77,56 R$ 46,56
Kal Melatonin
R$ 113,69 R$ 85,32
Solaray PhytoEstrogen

"I have noticed that this product helped me sleep more solid through the night. Not so much of waking up around 3AM and not being able to go back to sleep. If I do wake up I seem to fall back to sleep. So I am more well rested for the next day."
- Louise Campbell
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R$ 378,88 R$ 246,28
Zahlers Male ZSK
R$ 192,67
Douglas Labs DIM Enhanced
R$ 88,98
Premier Research Labs Fem Balance-FX

"This was recommended by a nurse practitioner because I am post menopausal and was suffering from hot flashes and insomnia. I initially started to take 2 pills 3x a day for two months. After two months I was to stop completely but I began to experience the hot flashes again. The nurse practitioner who also specializes in natural medicine recommended that I start again. This has been a life saver. I can now say that I feel that this my menopause symptoms are manageable. "
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