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R$256.72 R$163.66
Hi-Tech Supplements Lipodrene

"Na minha opinião é o termogenico mais potente do mercado, aumenta e muito a termogenese, muita disposição e muito foco, meus treinos renderam e muito com este suplemento, perdi muito peso com ele."
- Gabriel Avelino

"Helps curb appetite and gives an energy boost for a few hours. "
- Sarah Perez
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R$54.87 R$32.99
Hi-Tech Supplements Naturally Sweet

"I think Naturally Sweet is the best sweetener on the market. I won't accept any other. It tastes like the real thing! From what I read on the internet, it is the only one without possible side effects. My wife even uses Naturally Sweet when baking. "
- Paul

"I too ran across Naturally Sweet first in a health food store and love it! I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners, and also hate the thought of putting chemicals into my body -- Naturally Sweet really tastes as good if not better than real sugar. I use it in my tea, coffee, salad dressings, etc., and no one ever even notices that it's not sugar."
- Kathy Harris
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R$293.42 R$175.94
Hi-Tech Supplements Somatomax

"Somatomax is fantastic, but don't take more than it says. If anything, take less. Don't abuse it!"
- D. J. A.

"I started taking Somatomax one day when I came home for lunch the package had arrived. I read the instructions and immediately took a quarter scoop for the mood enhancing effect and went back to work. I am not sure how, but it definitely worked, I was calm, focused and almost didn't have a care in the word, it actually was kind of euphoric. I then started taking the recommended dosage at night before bedtime and once again as stated, I got great restful sleep. I continued taking Somatomax for up to a week as recommended and I am not sure but I believe that it may have gotten built up in my system because I became almost narcoleptic. I work in agriculture in a non-supervised environment and about a week in to taking it, I fell asleep on the job and was woke up by a coworker at quitting time having no memory of even falling asleep and I apparently had been asleep for hours. Whenever taking Somatomax my blood pressure would also rise and my face would get flush and I sometimes experienced a tingling sensation in my hands and feet. I began feeling lethargic. I stopped taking it and have no plans of taking it again in the future. I took Somatomax for a 16 day period. I am not sure of any growth hormone gains, but from what I experienced, I wouldn't recommend it and I feel that it may actually be dangerous to your health and if anyone is considering using it, I strongly recommend discussing it with a doctor first."
- Dennis
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R$183.32 R$96.30
Dose Per Serving: 1,000 mg ($0.44)
Hi-Tech Supplements Hoodia-Pure

"Not 100% sure if this product worked. When I first took it I thought it did, but after that it didn't do too much to suppress my appetite."
- Nasreen Bruiners

"So far I have not felt any effect from taking Hoodia-Pure. I am still hungry; it doesn't take away the urge to eat or drink. I had hoped this would help with my appetite control. Maybe I haven't been taking it long enough, though, who knows?"
- Sheryl
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R$256.75 R$192.56
Hi-Tech Supplements HydroxyElite

"Nice strong weight loss supplement. Increases heart rate and diminishes apetite. Only side effect in my case was some jiggers. "
- Paulo Silva
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