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Heritage Products Castor Oil

"La consistencia del aceite es algo espesa a comparación con otras marcas, de cualquier manera va muy bien para el uso que le doy."
- Edgar Omar Gutierrez Hernandez

"I use Heritage Products Castor Oil for skin and hair mostly. Soothes perfectly and there is no smell. For hair is also very beneficial. I like the fact that is cruelty-free. Wish it was in a spray bottle though, would make easier the application."
- Eva C.
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R$34.46 R$25.82
Heritage Products Grapeseed Oil

"Grapeseed Oil is great for frying, salads and on the skin and hair. Also great as a sunscreen."
- Tawanna H.

"Heritage Products makes the best grapeseed oil. You can use it as a massage oil, sunscreen, for frying food, on salads, hair, bad skin and it does not clog my pores like Vaseline does. Love that the bigger sizes come in a dark glass jar."
- Tawanna H.
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R$76.64 R$58.15
Heritage Products Organic Hexane Free Castor Oil

"I want to give 10 stars!!! it should be called a miracle oil, on first application on my frizzy, tangled hair, it became instantly soft, glossy and easy to comb, I didn't mix with other oils because I wanted to be sure of the results. very nice quality and I'm glad it worked for me.-)"
- Teeybaby

"It is not the best smell, it smells like stale bread, but for the benefits it don't matter. It really helps with hair growth and it helps to keep the skin clear. It should be mixed with oils like sunflower seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, coconut oil or some sort of carrier oil because it is strong."
- T Hunter
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R$32.76 R$24.47
Heritage Products Rosewater and Glycerin with Atomizer

"グルセリンにローズウォーター!ダブルで肌によさそうで買いました。肌がぷ るぷるになってうれしいです。携帯にもいいサイズで思ったときにシュッとで きるのがいい。"
- Renna
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R$71.10 R$54.32
Heritage Products Cola Syrup

"This works great for getting rid of my Migraines. This is the only non medicine type of solution I have found. When I don't eat a meal I time I get headaches and this usually fixes the issue."
- Corey Coultas

"Great for upset stomach or sour stomach."
- T Hunter
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R$30.63 R$22.81
Heritage Products Castor Oil

"Amazing for hair therapy and lashes."
- Fotini Pollatou
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R$30.63 R$23.07
Heritage Products Castor Oil Roll-On

"Castor oil application has never been easier. It works great for eyelash oil."
- Valentyna
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R$41.28 R$30.99
Heritage Products Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash

"Even though the taste is not great, it Kills bad breath instantly."
- Tawanna Hunter
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R$54.49 R$41.28
Heritage Products Ipsab Herbal Gum Treatment

"Very effective for those with periodontal issues."
- Tawanna Hunter
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R$37.45 R$28.24
Heritage Products Ipsab Tooth Powder

"Tried Ipsab Tooth Powder once and did not like it. It was too salty for me."
- T. Hunter
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R$28.07 R$21.21
Heritage Products Jasmine Flower Water with Atomizer

"I love the smell of Jasmine. This is not overpowering, but very light and fresh. It's wonderful to keep in the fridge in the summer and spritz yourself with it to cool off. Love the stuff and would recommend it to everybody."
- Anna
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R$42.56 R$31.76
Heritage Products Lavender Flower Water with Atomizer
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