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Now Foods Crystallized Ginger Dices

"São uma delícia, sem gordura e com baixo sódio são quadradinhos de gengibre cobertos com açúcar, não vale abusar hein! É um doce naturalmente saudável. "
- Tata

"Para minha surpresa... Delicioso! O saco é grande e dura por muito tempo. O gosto de gengibre é bem forte e natural. Não tem aquele gosto artificial. O fato de ser sem conservantes é ótimo! Eu comprei pra ajudar a aliviar com a dor de garganta e o efeito foi quase que imediato depois de apenas 2 pastilhinhas. O saco é tão grande e como eu tenho dor de garganta muito raramente eu uso no dia-a-dia como pastilha pra dar uma refrescada no hálito, no trabalho. Now Foods sempre faz os melhores produtos, o melhor seria que ele não tivesse açúcar mas já é pedir demais já que a embalagem fala "cristalizado". Amei, indico muito e comprarei novamente quando o meu acabar. "
- kdano
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R$36.76 R$20.90
Nature's Way Fenugreek Seed

"It's a great product for slimming, too, if followed with some diet. Fenugreek also acts as a laxative, lubricates the intestines and reduces fever. I have been using it for a while and I think results are good."
- Navneet B.

"I used Fenugreek in the past and had wonderful results (not sure if it was this brand). My milk decreased after my son went to day care at 2 months old and I was unable to pump enough milk to keep up with his normal feedings. After using Fenugreek, my milk increased 100%. The only side effect is that it is a main ingredient in maple syrup and there is a maple scent that is excreted out of your sweat glands (well for me underarms). Other than smelling sweet all the time, this product worked wonderful."
- Anonymous
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R$62.52 R$32.79
Now Foods Ashwagandha

"Excelente custo benefício e ótima qualidade "
- Wesley de Souza Cidade Luna

"OTIMA! Reduz o stress e equilibra os hormônios."
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R$99.18 R$84.31
Nature's Plus Ultra Ginseng 500

"Recomendo este suplemento de ginseng 500. A marca não é tão conhecida mas é confiável. Mais disposição para o seu dia! Diversos benefícios para o corpo e a mente."
- Felipe Andre Klering

"Ultra Ginseng 500 is great for brain function! "
- Kimberly A.
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R$33.08 R$19.28
Now Foods Fo-Ti 560 mg

"muito bom"
- Lilian Mara Fernandes de Paula

"Great product. , It helps with performance. "
- Daniel Conceicao Gonzales
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R$62.52 R$39.38
Now Foods 100% Pure Essential Oil

"Esse óleo essencial de orégano não tem cheiro de orégano e tem um cheiro péssimo que dá um nojinho! Péssimo, acho impossível aguém gostar deste aqui! "
- Tata

"Não gostei. Eu amo oregano, pra comer, não pra aromatizar minha casa. Tem o cheiro exatamente igual ao do orégano. Detestei. "
- kdano
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R$51.48 R$27.01
Now Foods Panax Ginseng 500 mg

"Using it for more than a week along with a B-complex supplements and I really feel energetic, lesser body pain with no change in BP and sugar. A very safe product indeed."

"Excellent and very potent, this is to be taken after food."
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R$36.76 R$23.15
Now Foods Saw Palmetto Berry 550 mg

"I have been taking saw palmetto from a long time now and I am primary using it as a safe and reliable treatment for the prevention of hair loss. Being a natural product there are no side effects and this dosage is perfect for use in the long term. I chose this particular brand as it is made from the saw palmetto berry and not just an extract as is the case in other brands. "
- Aaron Irani

"Great product!, I'm having great results!"
- neto
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R$33.08 R$25.72
Now Foods BetterStevia

"I love the taste and convenience of this Stevia! it's so easy to sprinkle over foods for extra sweetness and no bitter aftertaste!"
- Allie

"BetterStevia Organic Extract is easy to use and measure and plenty sweet. I will be ordering this again!"
- Constance K.
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R$34.19 R$27.34
Alvita Organic Herbal Tea

"I don't know about anyone else but this Organic Valerian Root Tea gave me lots of energy! I also noticed a few days after drinking this tea my skin was glowing. Price is not bad, either."
- Lisa H.

"Valerian Root Tea is a great anxiety and stress relieving tea. I have two boxes ready for any panic attack I might get. The taste for this tea might have to be acquired, but the benefits are well worth it."
- SallyRose
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R$123.65 R$105.10
Nature's Plus Coleus Forskohlii

"This is the REAL thing. This is one of the few products that actually contains coleus forskohlii (coleus Barbatus) species extract. HBSc"
- Jane Agnew

"Forskolin is great. I have been using it in conjunction with the other products recommended by Dr. Oz on his May show (apple pectin, grape seed oil, forskolin) for the last two weeks. I am down nine pounds after gaining back several pounds after a big summer weight loss. This is a great product. Stick with it. This is my journal of how I am doing. I only get my supplements from!"
- Janeaustengirl
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R$31.24 R$17.77
Nature's Way Vitex Fruit

"Great stuff! I never got a period after taking this because to my surprise and delight, I was pregnant."
- Madhu Rao

"Excelente produto para controle dos ovários policísticos."
- Jéssica Martins Vieira
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R$44.12 R$25.06
Now Foods Maca

"It is Good and Effective, I don't feel any side effect with this product."
- Narsimha

"I guess Now Foods Maca is effective. It has helped me overcome some of my health problems substantially and does contribute to my well being."
- Sukanya Dutta
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R$138.70 R$83.22
New Chapter Holy Basil Force 670 mg

"Holy Basil Force is a great product! Calming and easy to take!"
- Kimberly A.

"Holy Basil Force calms your nerves!"
- Kimberly A.
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R$40.44 R$22.99
Nature's Way Fo-Ti Root 610 mg

"I have been using this for my gray hair, and after 4 weeks I noticed that my hair has started getting its original colour and I found some new hair near my hairline."
- Mohammed Abbas k

"I have used 3 bottles. Did not notice much difference. Will try again and see if I can notice any benefit."
- Sachin Chhabaria
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R$58.84 R$33.44
Nature's Way Saw Palmetto Berries

"O Saw Palmetto é um grande aliado no combate ao DHT sem interferir no controle hormonal. ótimo produto!"

"It helps a little with my acne."
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R$45.23 R$30.42
Natrol Milk Thistle Advantage

"It's a good product as it was really helpful in improving liver health."
- Azra Musavi

"I give Milk Thistle Advantage to our older dog who has a little bit of liver problems!"
- Becky P.
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R$29.40 R$17.33
Now Foods Red Clover 375 mg

"It is good for hot flashes, it makes it almost disappear but I am still hoping to get my period back."
- Osama Iqneibi

"After I started taking it I am able to control my weight, at least I am not gaining more weight. Lately my weight was going up without any specific reason, I hope I can finally loose weight now and my period come back again."
- Osama Iqneibi
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R$47.80 R$30.10
Now Foods 100% Pure Essential Oil

"Não consegui usar mais de uma vez. Não recomendo se você não gosta de cheiro de erva. Esse tem um cheiro bem ativo de manjericão. Se isso é o que você está procurando então acabou de encontrar. "
- kdano

"Το αιθέριο έλαιο βασιλικού είναι απίστευτα σημαντικό για μένα χειμώνα - καλοκαίρι. Σε σπυράκια όλο το χρόνο απίστευτα χρήσιμο, το καλοκαίρι το χρησιμοποιώ ως εντομοαπωθητικό περισσότερο στο εξοχικό και το χειμώνα καθημερινά στο diffuser, ακόμη και για επιχείλιο έρπητα. Η Now έχει πολύ καλή ποικιλία και ποιότητα προϊόντων. Χρόνια ψωνίζω προίόντα της εταιρείας αυτής και ως τώρα είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένη."
- Eva C.
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R$58.70 R$36.98
Bio Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia

"I used this Gardenia Cambodia by Bio Nutrition as an aid to my diet and work outs. I definitely noticed that it helped curb my appetite and help me from snacking in between meals. I loved that it was caffeine free and I didn't have to worry about being shaky or having issues falling asleep at night. Will definately be purchasing another bottle to help me continue to move forward! "
- Harley Kensington

"Garcinia Cambogia is an excellent product, highly recommended."
- Anonymous
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R$68.78 R$45.34
Solaray Vitex Chaste Berry Extract

"I did not start taking this because I was trying to get pregnant. I had taken the pill for years and stopped about three years ago when hubby got fixed. Periods were increasingly irregular and to the point where I was having two per month and any little stress would mess up my energy level and mood. Read about Vitex on the web after Dr. said that there was no way it was pre-menopausal symptoms. (I'm 38) Took it every day first month and second month and by the second month I noticed a huge difference. I now start taking it daily the week before my period and continue for a week after. I have normal short scheduled periods now and I feel like a normal person again. I will add that I took it with evening primrose oil and vit. B6 the first month, but just the Vitex since. Love what this stuff did for me."
- Anonymous

"Vitex Chaste Berry Extract helped me get pregnant! It helped my ovaries to ovulate regularly - no kidding."
- Anonymous
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R$110.36 R$95.46
North American Herb And Spice OregaResp

"I have been using Oregacyn for 3 years now, and haven't had to use antibiotics since. Whenever I start to catch a cold or flu, I start taking 2 caps, 2 times a day and within 3 days my symptoms are gone! I can't say enough good about this Oregacyn! The only downside is the after taste...but it's worth it not to have to take antibiotics!"
- Kathy

"I have been a cronic sinusitis sufferer for as long as I can remember. My mother turned me on to Oregamax and Oregacyn two years ago and I have not had to be put on antibiotics since. This natural product truly amazes me!"
- Teresa
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R$44.12 R$27.01
Now Foods Aloe Vera 10,000 mg Equivalency

"Com ele nunca mais eu tive azia!"
- Paulo Roberto Akaki Borges

"Muito bom para queimação estomacal. Junto com a Betaina são espetaculares."
- Francisco Marcelo da Silva Oliveira
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R$91.96 R$52.11
Now Foods Maca

"Very good this product, it improves your mood, your vitality and virility!"
- Marcos Andrey

"Works for me., I take this in combo with other herbs for over all health and sexual health. I do take less than recommended dosage."
- Handy Man
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