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Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Burner

"I tried this product for about 2 months and did not notice any difference really. Only thing I noticed was more energy but I could not take the suggested serving size. If I did I got really shaky my heart would race and I would have a really hard time sleeping at night. Once I started taking only 1 a day it was a bit better. Also was not a fan of the size of the pill. It was very large and hard to swallow. "
- Harley Kensington

"Helps burn fat. I would say this is a medium level fat burner and although results take slightly longer you will lose weight if you stick with it. Took about 3 weeks before I noticed the weight dropping. "
- James W.
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R$90.57 R$36.26
Natural Research Innovation Raspberry Ketone Extreme

"I lost seven pounds in two months!"
- Tammie B.

"Zero results. I have taken the entire bottle at 2 capsules, twice daily, and have seen no results. I would not recommend this item. "
- Nathan Johnston
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R$90.57 R$69.37
Herbasway Lab HerbaGreen Tea

"Excelente queimador natural de gordura, tomei durante 2 meses, excelentes resultados. Site muito bom."
- William Moreira

"I started drinking raspberry lime flavored tea for a few weeks before I didn't need my reading glasses hardly at all anymore. I can't be sure, but I think that it had something to do with the tea. I drank it in ice water the first thing in the morning before breakfast or coffee. At that time your body is dehydrated from the night and really needs the fluid. The product tastes good and you need the water anyway, but I do think it was the tea."
- Debbie
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R$44.61 R$30.00
Natrol Green Tea

"This is an excellent balance of polyphenols and catechins. And at that price, it's a real bagain. I recommend it. "
- Didier PH Martin

"If you want to supplement with green tea this is a good one to take. I cannot take green tea extract for some strange reason, but that's just me. This is an effective supplement and offers many health benefits."
- Anonymous
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R$43.52 R$23.49
Now Foods Green Tea Extract

"I do feel this helps curb my appetite. You are suppose to take with food. My food is more filling longer with this pill. "
- Alessa Brown

"This Green Tea Extract by Now Foods is a very valuable product and the mix between vitamin c and green tea is good."
- Ahmed Samy
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R$108.90 R$81.68
Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract

"So far it's a good product!"
- Anonymous
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R$56.95 R$36.32
Nature's Herbs Green Tea-Power

"Green Tea-Power is a very strong good appetite surprises."
- smartcookie
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R$57.68 R$38.01
Solaray Green Tea Extract

"I have been taking Solaray Green Tea Extract for 9 months now as a supplement to my weight loss program. The pounds are steadily slipping away and I feel great! Solaray is the best Green Tea supplement I have found. I find the light peppermint fragrance very pleasing. I will continue to use it even after I reach my goal."
- Annette Ruhland
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R$68.46 R$38.14
Enzymatic Therapy Green Tea Elite with EGCG

"Very cost effective for a decaf green tea, as they mention special delivery system it seems to work however didn't feel something mind boggling but value for money!"
- Rishab Mahajan
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R$54.41 R$29.37
Now Foods EGCg Green Tea Extract

"I can honestly say these have given me more energy, draw back if you do not take with food they may make your stomach upset. I have also noticed better concentration and boost in cognitive skills. Metabolism becomes much faster after taking these and my weight is normal, so just to be on safer side I increased some fat in my diet."
- Ritwik Kukreja
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R$94.34 R$50.93
Now Foods Green Tea Extract

"Been on it for about 10 years, am 74 going on 60, most people do not believe my age until they see my drivers licence. Don't get colds or headaches and still working on the tools as The Decking and Pergola Masters No joint aches, pity it does not make me "more HANDSOME"....."
- Bruce Cohen
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R$123.38 R$66.61
Now Foods Ojibwa Tea Concentrate

"Now's Ojibwa Tea Concentrate is fantastic! Real great!"
- Mark L.
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R$99.79 R$69.84
Natural Balance Carb-X

"works for me"
- Robert
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R$101.60 R$54.85
Now Foods EGCg Green Tea Extract

"Estou tomando a pouco tempo mas já estou notando a eficacia, diminuindo bastante minha retenção hidrica consequentemente perdendo peso na balança e aumentou consideravelmente minha energia, recomendo "
- Gabriel Avelino
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R$108.90 R$81.68
Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract

"Comecei a tomar hoje de manhã, eu senti muito calor e fiquei mais disposta também. Não percebi nenhum sintomas da minha labirintite, acho que o produto deve ter bem pouca cafeína mesmo. Vamos ver a longo prazo como meu organismo vai reagir, mas parece que o produtofunciona."
- flávia da mota ferreira
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R$90.71 R$48.97
Now Foods Extra Strength Thermo Green Tea

"I believe EGCG is the best anti-oxidant, I usually take two capsules a day."
- MrBread
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The Synergy Company Pure Synergy Organic Matcha Power

"Easy to swallow. Pure!"
- Mark Cortes
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R$101.60 R$64.80
Gaia Herbs Green Tea

"Gaia makes the best herb tinctures on the planet hands down."
- Dee
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