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Nature's Plus Source of Life

"Eu amo e confio nos produtos da Nature's Plus. Eu tenho usado esse multivitamínico há anos, até que achei essa embalagem com 30 tablets o que é perfeito pra levar na bolsa ou na mala em uma viagem. Os outros são meio grandes e podem ocupar bastante espaço na sua bolsa. Eu gosto do fato dele ser tablete ao invés de cápsula e de não precisar tomar durante uma refeição, muitas vezes eu tomo ele em jejum pela manhã e nunca tive dor de estômago. O tamanho pra mim é bom e eu preciso apenas de um ou dois goles de líquido pra engolir. Excelente qualidade. Minha opção número 1 de vitamina. "
- kdano

"Nature's Plus Source of Life is a great whole food supplement. Pill is a little larger than most other whole food supplements but if you do not have trouble swallowing pills I highly recommended this one over competitors. Days I do not take one my lack of energy and focus is highly noticeable. "
- A.Powers
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R$29.57 R$18.90
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals

"Excelente multivitamínico. Com um excelente custo x benefício esta vitamina é uma das mais completas que encontrei. A marca já é conceituada por excelentes suplementos. Assim, fico seguro ao consumir este suplemento sabendo que é um produto de ótima qualidade."
- Adilson de Chaves

"Produto chegou muito rápido, multi-vitamínico de excelente qualidade, é a segunda vez que tomo e os resultados são visíveis, melhora em todo o corpo e na execução de atividades físicas. "
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R$19.46 R$12.45
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals

"produto muito bom. Ótimo custo beneficio e rende muito."
- Vinicio Reis

"Ótimo custo beneficio, eu recomendo. "
- Leone Costa
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R$178.98 R$111.87
Pure Essence Labs Life Essence

"I have used Life Essence for years now and it is a wonderful vitamin supplement that contains a comprehensive mix of requirements. Rather than taking the recommended 4 tablets/day, I was advised to take 2 tablets/day. I depend upon this product for my health and thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering a complex multi-vitamin."
- Anonymous

"Easy to digest and has no gas aftertaste. Pills are almost too big though."
- Anonymous
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R$54.11 R$29.20
Now Foods Daily Vits

"Produto excelente! Cumpre o que promete! Completo!"
- Ravi Freire Cunha de Souza

"Há muito tempo queria comprar esse produto! Vou poder ter os nutrientes que necessito! Não tem melhor custo benefício! Além disso, a marca é confiável. Só achei um pouco grande os comprimidos, mas pelo menos não atacou meu estômago nem me fez ficar arrotando, como uma outra marca fez."
- Junior
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R$100.90 R$85.77
Nature's Plus Adult's Multi-Vitamin Chewable

"Love this. I even get my Dad to take them. Awesome product and doesn't taste bad. "
- Alessa Brown

"I have tried quite a few multi-vitamins and I am more concerned with quality ingredients than cheap artificial flavors. Compared to other vitamins Nature's plus holds ingredient choice to the highest standard and does not compromise with artificial flavors or useless artificial colors."
- Joey Wheeler
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R$162.27 R$97.36
New Chapter Tiny Tabs

"Love these! You have to take 6 a day. When I would take all six back to back it would upset my stomach so I started taking 3 in the morn and 3 at night and I like that outcome much better. The pills are small, around the size of an Advil pill (small/round). After about a day or two, I definitely had more energy. It has the normal vitamin smell a lot of pills have."
- Terina L.

"Love em!! They're tiny enough for me to swallow which is a PLUS! You're supposed to take 6 a day. Originally, I'd take all 6 back to back but my stomach would feel sick afterward. So I started taking 3 in the morning and 3 at night and that regimen works much better for me. Within a day or two I noticed I have much more energy. I'm not tired and lagging like I once was. Try these pills :-) They do have that nasty pill odor though, but it's not to the extreme."
- Terina L.
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R$67.87 R$57.69
Nature's Plus Ultra Source of Life w/ Lutein

"Ultra Source of Life w/ Lutein was phenomenal, except when I developed an allergy to it. I had more energy than I had in 15 years, it helped me dramatically with my IBS, and then I became allergic and developed 'serotonin syndrome' and couldn't breathe."
- Shannon R.

"I've been using Ultra Source of Life for the past couple of years and wouldn't want to have to be without it. It makes such a difference in how I feel. There have been several occasions that our finances were crimped and I couldn't afford to buy it (was buying it from a health food store at the time)so I had to settle for another multi-vitamin (Centrum Silver and/or generic brand). When I used the alternative products, I would feel tired by early to mid afternoon. But, with Ultra Source of Life that doesn't happen. I have already recommended it to several people."
- Mary Arnold
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R$108.12 R$91.91
Nature's Plus Ultra Juice

"Ultra Juice has played a major role in the well-being of my husband, who has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (and is now in remission). This is a remarkable product which my family has been using for over a year. With today's fast-food, drive-thru world, this product ensures that you are getting a daily dose of 28 fruits and vegetables, and the energy and feeling of well-being is utterly remarkable!! I have done extensive research on supplements since my husband and father was diagnoised with cancer this past year, and Ultra Juice is the product I found that unsurpasses all others for nutrition. My whole family and many of my friends are very thankful for this product and we all take Ultra Juice daily."
- T. Thompson

"Although I take several vitamins (a multiple, vitamins B, C and E, and St. Johns Wort, I was still feeling run down and lacking in energy. Admittedly, I do not eat enough fruits and vegetables each day. I discussed this with a very knowledgeable woman at a health food store and she recommended Ultra Juice. Within a week of taking these, I noticed a definite difference. These tablets are now part of my everyday routine!"
- T.C.
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R$57.72 R$32.81
Nature's Way Alive! Multi-Vitamin Max Potency

"Alive! Vegetarian Capsules seem okay although after taking only one a day for two days, it seems so strong. Has anyone else noticed this? It seems too strong and I would not take more than one a day. If anyone else has any feedback on if this is 100% safe or not, please feel free to include this here. Thank you."
- Anonymous

"I tried Alive! Multivitamin for the first time today and I tell you I felt a difference after the first 10 minutes. I actually felt more aware, alert, and, frankly, alive! That was after taking just one in the morning. We'll see how it goes for the rest of the day."
- Time2BFit
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R$54.11 R$37.87
Only Natural For Women Only

"I usually get terrible menstrual cramps, but haven't felt a thing since I started taking this multivitamin. The hormone balance aspect of it really does work. the price is great, but would be nice if it also came in 60 tablets :) This is my vitamin till I reach 50."
- Antonica S.

"I liked taking For Women Only but, I wish they could make a bigger bottle with more inside, like 100 caps."
- Mona A.
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R$108.26 R$61.51
Nature's Way Alive! Men's Max Potency

"Este multivitamínico é bastante completo e o preço é realmente bom. Sinto-me mais disposto e revigorado para as atividades diárias. Recomendo."

"I should say this is a product providing comprehensive nutrients to me. It would be even more convenient if I would just need to take only one tablet at a time."
- Luting Xiao
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R$108.12 R$91.91
Nature's Plus Ultra Juice GREEN

"I love the Ultra Juice and Ultra Juice Green. They are great boosters to the immune system during cold and flu seasons. I never get sick and my energy level is constantly high."
- Karen Koch

"Within two days of starting to take Ultra Juice Green, I noticed a tremendous increase in my energy level. Plus, I don't require as much sleep as I used to. Highly recommended!"
- C. Bourque
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R$189.53 R$137.40
Carlson Labs Super 2 Daily

"I LOVE the Super 2 daily vitamins...I take them everyday and I even use them as my prenatal vitamin when I am pregnant!! They are big pills, but they go down really easily!!! I like the fact that it has DHA and EPA for good brain health!! "
- AW

"The Super 2 Daily multivitamin is fantastic! My doctor recommended it, and it is the only multivitamin I have found that does not upset my stomach when I take it. You do have to take it twice a day and the pills are very large, which may be a downside to some, but hasn't been an issue for me. I would definitely recommend this product."
- Anonymous
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R$103.97 R$88.37
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"This is a great way to get vitamins a lot cheaper than in the store. Fast shipping too!!!"
- Brenda B.

"If you have to have a good tasting product, you will not want to buy Source of Life Adult's Chewable. It has a very chalky taste and a bit of an aftertaste. I took this for maybe four or five days and then could not stomach the taste any longer. I have taken other chewable vitamins in the past that had a great taste but thought I would try this one. Won't order again."
- Mike E.
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R$73.46 R$62.45
Nature's Plus Ultra II Sustained Release

"Great vitamin for people with sensitivity to the more processed type."
- Janis Doyle

"Best pricing on the web! And Nature's Plus Ultra II Sustained Release is the most complete, effective one-a-day multivitamin on the market in the last 25 years. TOTALLY RECOMMEND eVITAMINS AND NATURE'S PLUS :-)"
- Sandra F.
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R$73.64 R$67.80
Twinlab Daily One Caps

"This is a very very inexpensive vitamin and it is very good. I have been taking it for 2 years and love it."
- Cass
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R$140.61 R$119.53
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"Adorando esse multivitamínico ele possui cápsulinhas menores que os outros o que facilita engolir e é hipo alergênico. Vale a pena experimentar eu indico! "
- Talita Oliveira
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R$219.49 R$164.62
Solgar Earth Source Multi-Nutrient Tabs
R$259.74 R$220.79
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"Entrega antes do esperado e sem problemas de importação, produto muito completo, satisfeito com a compra."
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R$250.71 R$213.10
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"A melhor multivitamína que já experimentei. Adoro o fato de não precisar tomar junto com uma refeição. Os tabletes são bem pequenos por isso é muito fácil engolir. Eu gosto de tomar 3 por dia pela manhã. Até o gosto é bom, as vezes eu já coloco na boca enquanto pego a água e vou chupando. Não tem um sabor desagradável como as outras geralmente tem. Ela tem uma tampa com trava de segurança para criança o que é ótimo! "
- kdano
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R$147.65 R$125.52
Nature's Plus Regeneration  - 3 Tier Revitalizing Pyramid

"This product is unbelievable! Before I found out about "Regeneration" I was constantly tired and had dark circles around my eyes. My skin was dull and my hair dry. I was looking for the "right stuff". Those vitamins not only manage my body great. I also feel much more energized. They also have those antioxidants – the miracle of the 21st century."
- Anonymous
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R$234.61 R$192.23
Olympian Labs Vita-Vitamin
R$101.51 R$76.13
Twinlab Daily One Caps

"One of the best multi vitamins around. My partner is a qualified nutritionist and recommends to past and present clients. Large pills to swallow but a great all round multi vitamin. Only need to take one a day so also good value for money. The Twinlab range is high quality and value for money. Can be taken by both males and females to get the benefits. Would highly recommend, along with other products in their range. "
- L M Clifton
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