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Futurebiotics Avaliações de Clientes

R$ 63,69 R$ 45,88
Futurebiotics Hair Skin Nails for Women

"Notei que meu cabelo parou de cair com 2 meses de uso, foi umas das melhores vitaminas que comprei, usarei novamente."
- melina galvao thomaz

"Senti meus cabelos, unhas e pele mais firmes e hidratadas. Tenho usado e gostando muito dos resultados. Recomendo para todas as mulheres."
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R$ 31,74 R$ 22,88
Futurebiotics Chill Pill

"Estou fazendo uso e diminuiu a minha ansiedade por doces. "
- Andréa Costa Nunes Passeri

"The Chill Pill works very well. Definitely calms you down and makes you feel more relaxed. Would advise starting with taking 1 only until you see how it works for you. If you take too many at once though definitely feels like you're about to fall asleep. "
- Harley Kensington
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R$ 102,03 R$ 73,49
Soy Free
Dairy Free
Yeast Free
Futurebiotics 30 Day Beauty Secret

"Good..., Good multivitamin. I felt energetic after I started using this."
- Radhika Sharma

"I used 30 Day Beauty Secret for three months some years back. It worked and co-workers attested to that. Now I'm done with childbearing and I want to start taking care of myself and looking good once again."
- Jacqueline U.
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R$ 72,21 R$ 52,01
Futurebiotics Pressur Lo

"My husband had been taking prescriptions (in extremely high doses). He wanted to take a natural supplement to help with his high blood pressure, and Pressur-Lo has truly worked for him!"
- Nancy Conley

"I have had high blood pressure for several years and have been on high dosages of medication. I was having side effects to the prescription and decided to try herbs. I have been very pleased with Pressur-Lo - my blood pressure has been lower with the herbs. I am very, very pleased!"
- Sonja
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R$ 46,65 R$ 33,61
Futurebiotics Cholesta Lo

"I used Cholesta-lo for a month and had fantastic results. My cholesterol was 227 and was lowered to 188. I have not experienced any hot flashes or tingling. No changes in my body at all except for lowered bad Cholesterol levels. I am 32 years old."
- Anonymous

"I have been taking this product for two months now and lowered my cholestoral from 211 to 158 in just (2) months. I had previously tried to lower my cholestoral for two years with little to no results. I am convinced this product is for real. I have recommended this product to several friends who now have reduced their cholestoral levels as well. I highly recommend this product."
- Joe Szlasa
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R$ 102,03 R$ 73,49
Corn Free
Starch Free
Sugar Free
Futurebiotics Hair Skin Nails for Women

"J'ai utilisé se produit pendant 2 ans et je dois avoué que cela m'a surpris très bon produit une accélération de pousse des cheveux. "
- marina Fidèle NICHOLAS

"Produto muito bom, ajudou muito para meu problema, que era unhas e cabelos fracos. Sem falar no site evitamins que é bem idôneo, entrega garantida e sempre no prazo previsto, produto com embalagem intacta. Super recomendo fazer negócio com esse site, muito bom, 5 estrelas. Muito bom e melhor custo x benefício."
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R$ 76,47 R$ 58,47
Futurebiotics Vital K plus Extra Ginseng

"Best for energy & helps out in bedroom"
- Connie Abrante

"This product in the past has left me with a permanant pup tent in my pants! I can't find it in stores in my area but wish I could. This stuff gives you extra energy as well and increases libido. I will vouch for this product because of all the sexual aids there are out there, this is the best there is. I tried several of them and found this product to have no side effects other than a youthful exhuberance and drive of a 20 year old. Makes us old guys young again!"
- Anonymous
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R$ 93,51 R$ 71,50
Futurebiotics Hair Skin Nails for Men
R$ 72,21 R$ 55,21
Futurebiotics Male Power

"This product is very good! Why? This is not a quick fix product. This product is actually good for the OVERALL health of ones body. Yes it is! For that it gets four and a half stars (4.5). For male sexual prowess it gets three (3) stars. Any man over forty (40) should buy this product for comprehensive excellent health. The older the man... more value would be yielded. BTW... it seemed to STOP me from craving food too. Some indirect natural weight management is at work too. Go for it! "
- Adrian
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R$ 106,29 R$ 67,80
Futurebiotics Vitomega Women

"Say what you like or don't like about this product."
- Joe dougert

"As this is more of a multi-vitamin, it's difficult to say if it's "working". But as a vegan, I'm happy to have found an all around good multi-vitamin that includes omega 3's. I started taking these as a less-expensive/easier alternative to a multi-vitamin plus flax seed oil. It's possible that I feel a tad bit better overall. No negative side effects. No complaints - I plan to keep taking it. "
- Anonymous
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R$ 84,99 R$ 61,22
Dose Per Serving: 1,000 mg
Futurebiotics White Kidney Bean Extract

"I take this along with NOW Garcinia and it really works. That are easy to take. Not too big, but not small. I don't mind them. I crave sweets less and it keeps me super "regular", taking both together. I fill up faster and have notice me going down in inches. Not pounds but definitely feel this does assist me with my weight loss journey. "
- Alessa Brown

"I love White Kidney Bean. It works!"
- Lena C.
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R$ 161,67 R$ 116,43
Dose Per Serving: 400 mg
Futurebiotics Green Coffee Extract

"Futurebiotic's Green Coffee works really well. I've been taking it for eight weeks now and lost 12 lbs without making any changes in my diet."
- Lyn B.

"This is the size you want! Take one VCap 30 min. before each meal and lose a pound a week. You still need to eat reasonably, but it sure did work for me. I lost 20 lbs in 6 months."
- Lyn Borchert
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