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Now Foods Evening Primrose Oil

"Me lo recomendó el médico para suplementar mi fertilidad y también cuidado de la piel y el higado"
- Victor

"So effective! My PMS disappeared & my body feels great!"
- RS
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R$ 102,20 R$ 55,17
Now Foods Evening Primrose Oil

"Son cápsulas pequeñas, se tragan con mucha facilidad, sin retrogusto, incluso se pueden abrir y aplicar directamente sobre los alimentos, piel, pelo, mucosas. El aceite de onagra es un suplemento tradicional, sobre todo lo usamos las mujeres. Me va muy bien para mejorar el síndrome premenstrual (PMS), como tratamiento único o complementando con vitex, wild yam, magnesio, vitaminas B También hidrata la piel, pelo y mucosas desde el interior. Se notan mucho sus beneficios en las personas con piel seca, arrugas, estrías, dermatitis, psoriasis, cabello seco... También para deshidratación de los ojos y otras mucosas como la vaginal. Se puede usar como lubricante. Estupenda fuente de ácidos grasos Omega 6. Pero es muy importante equilibrar el balance omega 3 y omega 6 aumentando la ingesta de omega 3 simultáneamente en la alimentación o a través de otro suplemento. Así se garantiza el equilibrio entre las prostaglandinas antiinflamatorias y las inflamatorias. Me encantan los productos de Now Foods, son de excelente calidad y muy económicos. Siempre que puedo los compro a través de eVitamins."
- Anónima

"Great anti-inflammatory vitamins. When I get migraines once a month during my menstrual cycle; then I double up in the a.m. and afternoon. They're also great for menopause symptoms am dealing with."
- Elle Greer
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R$ 21,68 R$ 13,87
Thompson Evening Primrose Oil

"I love this product. It is cheap but so effective. I wish they had larger sizes. It is great for skin and hair and for lubricating too. I highly recommend this product."
- Hana Eqnebi

"WOW, it is great. When I bought it I was suspecting it would be good since it is cheap, but I said why not, and I bought it for vaginal dryness and I am so glad, after just a few days I feel much better and vaginal dryness is not a problem anymore. I will buy again for sure. I highly recommend it."
- Osama Iqneibi
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R$ 75,10 R$ 50,74
American Health Royal Brittany Evening Primrose Oil 1300 mg (Twin Pack)

"I take this as part of my hot flash remedy every day at noon. I think it also helps with my dry skin due to Thyroid issues."
- Cindy Stevens
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R$ 44,26 R$ 36,12
Nature's Bounty Evening Primrose Oil
R$ 106,46 R$ 57,47
Now Foods Super Primrose Oil 1300 mg
R$ 125,24 R$ 97,06
Nature's Plus Ultra EPO 1500 Softgels

"I started taking Ultra EPO 1500 Softgels about 2 months ago for hot flashes. It has been remarkable! I have an autoimmune illness, and frequent migraines, and I am extremely careful about what I put into my body--- avoiding possible triggers like food dyes, seafood (cannot take fish oil), and lots of other items. I was plagued with daily hot flashes. Oftentimes when one came over me, it would precipitate a migraine if I did not deal with it quickly. Gulping ice water sometimes helped. I decided to give EPO a try. Because of untoward reactions in the past, I am always leery when I start any new medication or supplement. But what drew me to this product is that the oil is cold-pressed, without hexane, and comes from organic plants. And it has no artificial colors, preservatives, or soy. I take one 1500mg softgel every day with dinner. The results were almost immediate and dramatic. Now I seldom have a hot flash, and feel better overall. "
- Anonymous
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R$ 198,09 R$ 138,66
Source Naturals Flax Seed-Primrose Oil 1-300 mg

"I love it. I used to buy just Primrose Oil, and I still got heat flashes, but with this, it's a lot better."
- Nathalie Audet
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R$ 55,34 R$ 42,30
Deva Organic Vegan Evening Primrose Oil

"I thank Deva for this V cap product that I have used before and find it to be helpful as a mild sedative and in helping to lower my high blood pressure."
- Cynthia Aberdeen
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R$ 84,14 R$ 70,67
Barlean's Evening Primrose Oil
R$ 137,56 R$ 104,86
Health From the Sun Organic Vegetarian Evening Primrose Oil

"I searched everywhere for a vegetarian brand of this product and I am happy to have found it on evitamins."
- Hossam Meawad
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R$ 105,18 R$ 69,31
Solaray Evening Primrose Oil

"I started taking Solaray Evening Primrose Oil about a week ago. I've noticed that I'm much more calm now. Things that would make me fly off the handle during PMS don't bother me as much, yet I don't have the grogginess that comes with tranquilizers. I take one 500mg capsule 3 times a day with a meal. Don't expect to feel high or euphoric - just more settled, which is a nice change for me!"
- Gabriella
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R$ 67,95 R$ 46,01
Jarrow Formulas Evening Primrose

"Πήρε η γυναίκα μου για ένα μήνα, με σκοπό να περιορίσει το προεμμηνορυσιακό σύνδρομο που την ταλαιπωρεί και να μετριάσει τους πόνους της περιόδου. Δεν είδε κάποια σαφή αποτελέσματα. Ίσως δοκιμάσει ξανά."
- Apostolou
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