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R$34.48 R$29.31
Eden Foods Organic Apple Butter Spread

"So good. This apple butter tastes pure and is so great, it's the best. I love it on everything. I also love it has nothing else in it but pure goodness and you can tell. Give it a try!"
- EK

"I can't get enough of this Organic Apple Butter Spread from Eden! It tastes fantastic! It's great on toast, muffins and even mixed in for baking. The texture is nice and smooth. I love that it's organic! I recommend it to everyone to try looking for an organic alternative to a favorite."
- C.W.
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R$18.87 R$16.04
Eden Foods Brown Rice Chips

"Comprei esse snack pois estou tentando abrir as minhas opcoes saudaveis de lanchinhos, mas nao gostei do sabor. Ele nao contem gluten, é saudavel mas infelizmente achei meio sem graca. Eu ofereci para os meus colegas de trabalho e ambos gostaram, eu compraria novamente só por ser saudável e pela embalagem pois ela é bem conveniente."
- Monica W

"So I have really mixed feelings about these Brown Rice Chips. When you first taste them, they taste like they're going to be very flavorful and good, but then as soon as you start chewing, it feels like you are chewing on a shipping peanut. They are very airy and basically desegregate in your mouth. They don't taste awful though. Also, realistically, the nutrition facts are not much different then eating a baked chip or something. They're okay, but not anything special. "
- Harley Kensington
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R$20.71 R$17.63
Eden Foods Organic Apple Sauce

"A tasty apple sauce. The strawberry flavor is pretty faint and the sauce itself is a bit runny, but that's where the cons end. Everything else about this apple sauce is outstanding. It isn't super sweet and tastes very natural."
- Bruce Kent

"I love this applesauce. There's nothing extra in it and it's a great consistency. You can't taste the strawberry as much as I'd wish but it's still so good it doesn't matter. It's great for baking. I've made muffins with it and they came out very tasty. Or sprinkle a little cinnamon on it. I like that you can flavor it however you want or enjoy it as is."
- EK
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R$24.92 R$21.19
Eden Foods Organic Grape Butter

"Whoa, very natural grape spread. You can tell they left all the textures in there, but it's still quite smooth. Very, very sweet. If you like grape jellies and jams, this is for you."
- Bruce Kent

""Butter" might not be the right term for this. This Grape Butter has the consistency of a thick paste. It's very good, sweet and tart, but very thick and a little can go a long way. You can water it down easily, though. Boil it down into a syrup or just thin it out with a little water and it's a grape sauce. Just try not to get it on anything, it stains everything purple."
- EK
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R$14.62 R$10.94
Eden Foods Organic Whole Wheat Kamut Elbows

"This takes a tad bit too long to cook. The taste is starchy even though it's whole wheat. I prefer to make a cold salad with mine. Worked out okay with the extra food I threw together with it."
- Lisa H.

"I love adding these to soups and chili to make meals a little more filling and add some fiber and carbs."
- Andrew
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R$16.67 R$12.53
Eden Foods Organic Vegetable Spirals

- Anonymous

"Cooked well, has a mild veggie taste. Eden foods makes quality products."
- Andrew
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R$76.32 R$64.84
Eden Foods Organic Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

"Taste great in water and I put it on waffles. It may help with joint pain."
- T. Hunter

"Great taste, not too sweet. I used it in my lemon tea and sometimes I use it in lime tea for an extra zest. Perfect all natural juice concentrate. I will be buying more for a friend."
- Lisa H.
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R$12.64 R$10.73
Eden Foods Organic Pizza-Pasta Sauce

"Excellent sauce. Not very bold taste. Works well with the organic noodles or in a pizza pie. No one flavor was too overbearing in this sauce"
- Bruce Kent

"Definitely love this Organic Pizza-Pasta Sauce. The flavor is mild enough where it can be used in a variety of different ways. I love that it is wheat free and gluten free. It is also relatively low calorie wise. Overall, great sauce, would defiantly recommend it. "
- Harley Kensington
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R$16.25 R$13.81
Eden Foods Organic Dried Cranberries

"Taste great it's organic and easy to take with you when you want to snack instead of eating junk food."
- Jenn

"They are healthy and delicious and definitely organic. I love these."
- Tawanna Hunter
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R$15.89 R$13.49
Eden Foods Organic Wild Berry Mix

"So delicious! I always carry it in my bag in case I get hungry. Perfect for vegetarians, this is a good mix of seeds, nuts & dried fruit."
- Valentyn

"These are delicious. I eat them when I feeling like snacking on something without feeling guilty later."
- Tawanna Hunter
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R$41.91 R$35.63
Eden Foods Organic Pistachios

"I really enjoy these Eden Organic Pistachios. They're a nice treat when I need something salty to snack on. They have a nice flavor and the mild crunch so they're really tasty. It's nice that they are already shelled. Makes it a very convenient snack. Great alternative to chips or other high calorie snacks. "
- Harley Kensington

"These are definitely organic and they taste a 1,000 times better than regular hard shelled pistachios."
- Tawanna Hunter
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R$14.55 R$10.94
Eden Foods Organic Kamut Ditalini

"Great organic noodles! Takes a little while longer to boil than regular noodles but this is more healthy and has great amount of fiber. I made delicious macaroni salad with this one. Great."
- Lisa H.
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