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Now Foods Dried Pineapple Rings

"Looking for dried fruit that is really natural wqs difficult until I found Pineapple Rings from Now Foods. They taste great! They aren't too sweet or too sour. I'm imprseed with the texture. Some dried fruit are either too chewy or too hard. These ones are really just right goldilocks style. They make it into eveey trail mix, snsck and lunch bag in our house. I highly recommend. "
- C.W.

"These are the best dried pineapple rings I've ever tasted. The first dried pineapple product I have found without sugar. Yummy, just a little sour... but definitely natural!"
- Valentyn Melnychenko
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R$19.13 R$16.23
Eden Foods Organic Nut

"Absolutely love the taste but found the amount was very small. Will buy again though."
- Lisa G

"So delicious! I always carry it in my bag in case I get hungry. Perfect for vegetarians, this is a good mix of seeds, nuts & dried fruit."
- Valentyn
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R$19.55 R$16.61
Eden Foods Dried Berries

"Taste great it's organic and easy to take with you when you want to snack instead of eating junk food."
- Jenn

"They are healthy and delicious and definitely organic. I love these."
- Tawanna Hunter
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R$39.92 R$33.10
Navitas Naturals Sun-Dried Goji Berries

"Fresh and tasty! Love adding these little berries to my smoothies or oatmeal"
- Rebecca yaker
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R$64.92 R$53.80
Navitas Naturals Mulberry Berries

" Best Navitas product!, These are just awesome! Soft and chewy out of the bag and it even gets better if you soak them in water for at least 30 minutes - the soaking water is also a delicacy! Recommended!"
- Alise
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R$63.86 R$58.23
Now Foods Organic Dried Apricots

"I love these Organic Dried Apricots from Now Foods. Sometimes tried fruit can be to sweet because of artificial flavorings but these ones are certified organic and unsweetened so you get the full apricot flavor. The size of them are great too! They top salads wonderfully and mix well into yogurt. They are great to eat on their own as well! Wonderful! "
- Allie C
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R$77.45 R$65.82
Eden Foods Ume Plum Concentrate

"I've always need to stay up for the whole night to work on my reports for my work, so I got heaps of pimples on my face and I feel so flabby and sleepy during working time. I was suffering from insomnia from time to time, I've also got a bad bowel movement. After consumption of these concentrates I've feel way better, I feel so energetic in the day time but I sleep so well at night!This is amazing, now my skin gets better and smoother than before! Also I have a regular poo-poo time!! "
- ??
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R$43.03 R$36.55
Eden Foods Dried Berries

"These are a bit tiny, but they are yum yum delicious. I eat them plain, but I really think they would go great in a smoothie."
- Tawanna Hunter
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