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Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

"A delicious tea to detox, relax and enjoy. The flavor is amazing and the smell of it as brewing is incredible and leaves the whole house more comfy and warm."
- Danuta Carneiro Raposo Nunes

"This tea relaxed my mind and body! Very good cleanser when you drink 3 cups a day. Skin never looked greater!"
- Lisa Hunter
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R$43.28 R$31.79
Wellements Daily Detox Tea

"Good detox. I had a bowel movement after my 3rd cup of tea. Good cleansing and my skin is even glowing now, more than ever. I have to stock up on this. Great price as well."
- Lisa Hunter

"My teenage daughter leaves early for school and cannot eat breakfast or drink anything except this tea. It not only tastes good to her, but is very soothing to her stomach. She finds it very effective for either getting her regular or keeping her regular. She specificallly asked me to get more for her."
- Beth Powell
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R$18.05 R$15.32
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

"Eu amo esse chá de detox pra pele da Yogi. Ele tem um cheiro bom o sabor é bom também fica melhor se adicionar um pouquinho de mel ajuda a dar um brilho a mais na pele além de ser orgânico. Eu usava 1 sachê por dia. Após usar a caixinha interira, quero tomar novamente. Recomendo. "
- kdano

"Como eu tomo chá sem açúcar eu posso dizer que o gosto é bom. Pra um sabor mais forte basta usar dois sachês mas apenas 1 é suficiente. Ajuda a dar um brilho a mais na pele e realmente após tomar por uns dias dá pra perceber a diferença. "
- Priscila
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R$16.21 R$14.76
Now Foods Dandelion Cleansing Herbal Tea

"It took some getting used to the taste, but I like it now. It seems to be helping with my fatty liver disease."
- Mary Kyte

"Dandelion Tea is excellent for the liver and like many other traditional Medicines this one is outstanding in quality and taste. It's a great alternative to coffee and tastes even better. Very satisfied customer."
- Deepak P
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R$34.26 R$21.55
Health Plus Colon Cleanse Peppermint Tea

"Colon Cleanse Peppermint Tea works great, but the taste is horrible."
- Tawanna H.

"Colon Cleanse Peppermint Tea is very great for cleansing but made my tummy feel very cramped. After all, I did use the bathroom and felt very great the rest of the week. it's better to use 1 tea bag per 8-ounce cup."
- Lisa H.
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R$43.28 R$31.79
Wellements Daily Detox II Original Tea

"I alternate daily use of Daily Detox II and Daily Detox I Original Tea. eVitamins has a great price on this great item, and I definitely found myself feeling the positive effects of continued use. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try detox in an quick and simple way. Just steep one bag over hot water each morning!"
- Kevin D.

"I benn drinking this tea for 5 months every morning, makes me feel as if I'm doing something good for myself. I feel that I have and continue to detox my body."
- Phylyss Beaudet
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R$43.28 R$31.79
Wellements Daily Detox II Herbal Passion Fruit Tea

"Really works!, I have used this tea before and noticed a big difference in how I felt. I actually lost 4 pounds in about 2 weeks since drinking the tea."
- Sofia A

"This is a great tasting detox tea if you're feeling sluggish and drained. I used this tea for a week and I was feeling refreshed and energized. The taste is fruity flavor without the sweetness. I also used this tea whenever I'm not able to have a normal bowel movement. This tea cleanses, refreshes and energizes!"
- Lisa Hunter
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R$18.05 R$15.32
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

"I love this tea! It tastes great! Great price as well. "
- Hannah Batterham

"Ελαφριά γεύση, πολύ καλό! "
- Christina Kokkinakou
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R$11.95 R$11.48
Uncle Lee's Tea Dieters' Natural Herbal Drink

"Best product in this area. I use this to stop getting bloated and keep me regular. Great for cleansing the system on a daily basis."
- Valentino

"Качественный продукт, у нас такого уже не найти. Но стоит принимать с осторожностью – мы его пьем только в том случае, если не надо никуда идти – поскольку этот чай очень хорошо очищает организм Пить его лучше с утра выходного дня, никак не вечером – иначе ночь спать не будете."
- Alex Wilke
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R$43.28 R$31.79
Wellements Daily Detox Tea

"Comprei esse cha para tentar fazer um detox mas para mim nao deu certo, o sabor e muito forte e eu nao consegui tomar 2 dias sequer. Eu prefiro tomar suco verde ou alguma capsula. Infelizmente nao indico esse cha da Wellement. Acredito que um cha verde possa ajudar melhor com o proposito."
- Monica W
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R$137.14 R$115.48
Flora Flor-Essence Detox Formula,  Dry Herbal Tea Blend

"I only have been on the dry blend a day and I feel far less "fuzzy". I was experiencing a lot of anger as well, harsh PMS symptoms, but I think this has helped! I think I will continue to take this when I run out. Swishing it in the mouth before swallowing as directed is smart! I recommend this product to anyone. It does its job without being the typical "cleanse". Very smart this invention!"
- Anonymous
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R$28.84 R$23.07
Alvita Organic Herbal Tea

"Always helps my husband's upset stomach."
- Christa Holmes
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R$36.06 R$25.23
Only Natural Dieter's Tea, Lemon

"Lemon flavored Dieter's Tea is great and it is easy on your stomach!"
- Tanesha Hunter
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R$35.92 R$25.16
Only Natural Ultimate Acai Dieter's and Cleansing Tea

"Rich in anti-oxidants and great for detoxing plus it tastes great."
- Jenn
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R$16.21 R$14.76
Now Foods Ojibwa Herbal Cleansing Tea

"I have used Ojibwa Herbal Cleansing Tea now for three years and would not want to be without it. It's soothing and definitely organic. I steep it for about seven to eight minutes and use it four times a week. It makes me sleep better and regulates my urinary urges. I highly recommend it. walter"
- Waldemar E.
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R$48.70 R$27.35
Bio Nutrition Moringa Tea

"Moringa Tea helps me cleanse my body so I feel great throughout the day."
- Jen
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R$36.10 R$26.17
Zhena's Gypsy Tea Wellness Tea

"Renew Me Tea really gave me lots of energy. I felt renewed after several cups of it. I will be buying this again soon."
- Lisa H.
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