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Desert Essence Avaliações de Clientes

R$ 42,56 R$ 28,69
Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick

"Muito bom, o cheiro é forte, mas ajuda no tratamento das acnes esporádicas."
- Fabiana Duda Diniz Sortino

"I love it, it really works!"
- Lucía sanz valles
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R$ 21,26 R$ 15,93
Desert Essence Cleansing Therapy Bar Soap

"Works very well. Doesn't leave your skin dry. I thought the tea tree would smell too strong, but it's pretty neutral. "
- Bruce Kent

"I like the tea tree smell. It does clean my body very well as well help with my acne. I first bought Dessert Essence tea tree soap in January and I can't try a different one. I also like the fact it is a vegan product. I would highly recommend this product to anybody that wants to experience a refreshing and lovely shower!"
- Monica W
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R$ 25,52 R$ 19,49
Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

"Com o uso do desert essence, minha pele ficou muito mais macia, limpa e suave. A aplicação é simples e os resultados excelentes. Produto que embora tenha um valor baixo tem um resultado de primeiríssima qualidade. Recomendo a todos. Eu estou muito satisfeita com a compra que realizei. Estarei repetindo a compra logo, logo. Muito obrigada a evitamins por disponibilizar esse produto e me possibilitar conhecer as maravilhas que esse produtos pode proporcionar. Ahhh ia esquecendo... o perfume do Desert Essence é maravilhoso também. Amei, além de limpar e amaciar, ainda te faz relaxar a pele e a alma."
- Luiza Aparecida Fernandes Pires Gonzalez

"I've been using this for a couple of months, great ingredient for acne prone skin. It works well and doesn't have any bad ingredients."
- Valentyn
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R$ 11,89 R$ 8,05
Desert Essence Lip Rescue

"Melhor protetor labial que já usei! Deixa meus lábios hidratados por muito mais tempo."
- D. Alves

"Simplesmente maravilhoso. Nada mais fazia efeito nos meus lábios e esse Lip balm salvou meus lábios."
- Cristiane de oLiveira
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R$ 38,30 R$ 29,27
Preservative Free
Artifical Color Free
No Animal Testing
Desert Essence Pure Jojoba Oil

"its good product, but more expensive than cocconut oil, and very small container "
- oscar alejandro salcedo salinas

"Fantastic product!"
- Lucía sanz valles
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R$ 27,65 R$ 21,15
Desert Essence Relief Spray

"I bought this multitasking product by mistake, thinking it was some kind of face toner spray with tea tree. I sprayed it on my face when I was having a really bad cold and the strong herby smell totally unblocked my nose and made me feel much better. I know now this is not how I am supposed to use it but it worked well for me. I can't wait to use it as an insect repellent in the summer too. (If you're considering buying it, make sure you are into those kinds of smells.)"
- Jenny Kourakou

"Very strong smell but gets the job done! I applied it to my cut and it healed overnight... great stuff."
- Lisa Hunter
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R$ 29,78 R$ 22,32
Wheat Free
Yeast Free
Milk Free
Desert Essence Natural Toothpaste

"I have enjoyed the taste of this tea tree oil toothpaste and for the first time in my life look forward to brushing my teeth. I see a lot of my dental problems disappearing and plan to use this toothpaste as long as it is available to me."
- Anonymous

"Desert Essence's Tea Tree Fennel toothpaste burned and did nothing for my bronkosol stained teeth."
- Anonymous
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R$ 35,32 R$ 26,97
Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer

"Desert Essence Daily Essential Moisturizer has worked great for me. I have somewhat sensitive skin and have had no major breakouts from using this product. It moisturizes my skin well without leaving it greasy. "
- KHiller

"I have very sensitive skin with an oily T-Zone, prone to acne. I have tried several expensive moisturizers but they either result in breakouts/small spots on my face or there are no positive results. Recently I read about the similarity of jojoba oil to 'sebum' which our body secretes and I wanted to try this out. I love it! The smell is very light and the texture is creamy. My skin breakouts much lesser and the tone has improved a lot! I use the moisturizer everyday with the thoroughly clean face wash and have been using this for about 3 months now and though it has a slow reaction I am going to stick to this. I doubt I will ever change my facial moisturizer again!"
- Subhasri Krishnan
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R$ 17,00 R$ 12,97
Desert Essence Dental Floss

"Fio dental livre de química, excelente produto!"
- Thiago de Oliveira Soares

"While I like the Tea Tree Oil aspect of this product I'm not a huge fan of the floss itself. It seems that the actual dental floss separates and shards pretty easily. In addition it doesn't seem to slide that well in between teeth. "
- James
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R$ 42,56 R$ 32,53
Desert Essence Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector

"Несмотря на то, что я очень бережно отношусь к своим волосам, время от времени я делаю различные прически и укладки и самым лучшим помощником для меня становится спрей для волос Desert Essence. Спрей обладает прекрасным ароматом кокоса, при нанесении совершенно не склеивает волосы.Не содержит глютен и силикон.Состав 100% веганский. Флакон оснащен аэрозольным распылителем. Консистенция жидкая и на вид напоминает разведенное кокосовое молоко. Заметила, что при укладке волос с помощью спрея можно не плохо выпрямить волосы (они у меня волнистые) и не смотря на влажность или дождь прическа остается прежней. Пользуясь регулярно и замечаю, что волосы пачкаются гораздо быстрее, особенно у корней.Кстати спрей обладает пролонгированным действием и позволяет волосам выглядеть ухоженно даже не пользуясь продуктом. Безусловно мне очень понравился и даже привлек состав, я обожаю веганские продукты, они не только не вредят нашей красоте, а наоборот способствуют ее улучшению. Расход экономный, мне хватает на долго."
- ???????? ???? ?????????????

"Ένα προϊόν που συστήνω με κλειστά μάτια. Όσες ειδικά έχετε μακριά μαλλιά και μπερδεύονται εύκολα αυτό είναι ό,τι πρέπει. Εγώ το χρησιμοποιωώ σε στεγνά μαλλιά αλλά και βρεγμένα και κάνει υπέροχη δουλειά. Προστατεύει και απο το πιστολάκι. Μυρίζει καρυύδα αλλά θα μπορούσε να ήταν και λιίγο πιο έντονη η μυρωδιά."
- xara koukouvini
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R$ 68,12 R$ 52,08
Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil

"I use this in my hair to tame its frizz, just a tiny amount, one drop is enough. Keeps it nice and smooth. I also like to apply it to my hands and body. It absorbs fast and locks in moisture all day. I think Jojoba is the closest oil to our own natural skin oils, but it doesn't breed bacteria as easily, so it's nice knowing I'm using something natural and free of chemicals that my skin won't react with. "
- Shay Nankivell

"I have been using this organic jojoba oil for a while now. I have tried every cream and oil with no luck until I found this oil. I no longer have breakouts and my skin is very smooth and moisturized. I am so happy to have found such a wonderful product and I highly recommend it!"
- Anonymous
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R$ 21,26 R$ 15,93
Desert Essence Soap Bar

"Not much of a coconut scent but its a very refreshing conditioning soap that I use all over my body. I love the scent and it leaves the skin very soft. Excellent for the face as well."
- Lisa Hunter

"This creamy coconut soap is very very great for the face. The conditioners are natural and do not leave skin dry at all. My skin is glowing after using it."
- Lisa Hunter
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