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R$122.36 R$64.22
Now Foods 5-HTP

"O produto tem uma excelente dose de melatonina o que torna meu sono mais tranquilo com apenas uma capsula."
- João Paulo Carvalho Medeiros

"It really has helped me with good mood issues. Just loved it!"
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R$71.96 R$37.76
Now Foods DOPA Mucuna

"Very good general mood enhancer and pick me up for times when feeling generally low. Takes about a day to work, take for about a week then stop as the body adapts to it and it stops having an effect and excess consumption can have negative effects."
- Kashif Islam

"Excelente produto está de parabéns!"
- paulo franchi netto
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R$28.76 R$15.08
Now Foods 5-HTP

"It's good but for someone who is on meds and good for about 30 days. I started to notice results immediately but due to the medication that I am on, it kinda counteracted the benefits of 5-HTP."
- Connie

"Wonderful for people that love a good night sleep and a positive mood, also for those who wake up feeling refreshed. An adult male can take 2 each night without problems. A great addition for anyone. eVitamins does an excellent job in delivering the product in time. "
- Deepak Patra
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R$62.96 R$35.78
Nature's Way Rhodiola Rosea

"Produto bom. Por possuir 250 mg por cápsula dá pra dividir e tomar um de manha e outro à tarde. "
- Guilherme

"I was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago. This is the first and only supplement that helped the fatigue I experienced. I would set my alarm so I wouldn't forget to take my next dose. And it's standardized."
- Jane Browning
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R$69.44 R$49.90
Natrol 5-HTP

"Você fica tranquilo e elimina a ansiedade."
- Rodrigo Romanus

"Adorei o produto, pois me deixou mais disposto e com um ótimo humor. Percebi uma boa queda na vontade de comer doces!"
- Luciano Sávio de Oliveira
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R$129.56 R$68.00
Now Foods 5-HTP

"Good deal. I feel better with my mood."
- Tseng Wai Ching (Wilson)

"5-HTP has really helped my husband. He had been feeling depressed from the stress he had at work, plus just the demands of everyday life. After taking 5-HTP for a couple weeks his moodiness began to subside and I felt like he was more positive. I'm glad he tried this supplement before turning to anti-depression drugs from the doctor."
- KHiller
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R$71.96 R$37.76
Now Foods 5-HTP

"Nenhum efeito!!, Não vi nenhum efeito positivo enquanto o tomei!"
- Erika Soares de Oliveira

"Realmente diminuiu muito a vontade de comer, principalmente alimentos doces."
- elis angela masiero cardoso
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R$60.59 R$46.39
Natural Balance Happy Camper

"I was suffering severe arm pain when this was recommened to me for help in dealing with the emotional aspects of long term pain. I felt better from the first dose and within a week I really was much improved. I also noticed a decrease in the pain levels. I don't know if it actually helped with the pain itself or with my ability to cope with the pain, but it allowed me to keep working when I otherwise would have quit. Ultimately I was diagnosed with a rare and painful type of bone cancer. I credit this product in helping me deal with the stress and pain involved before, during and after treatment. I recently looked for this product and could find it nowhere in the city. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to see it is still being manufactured!!!!"
- Anonymous

"I just started taking Happy Camper for my bipolar and its great. As with most bipolar medication I felt like a zombie, but with Happy Camper I feel happy and more balanced."
- Crystal
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R$122.36 R$64.22
Now Foods 5-HTP

"I have anxiety and bought these to help with that. I haven't had any issues with my anxiety since I started taking them. It might sound strange, but I feel sort of peaceful and calm with these. Highly recommended."
- Kashif Islam

"The product is great for being vegetarian."
- Maíra Larissa do Nascimento
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R$215.96 R$113.36
Now Foods Double Strength 5-HTP

"Este produto é fantástico, eu uso continuamente... "
- Iidalina Munhoz Deana Ribeiro Borges

"Este produto é excelente, me tira a ansiedade e eu durmo bem. Resumindo, ótimo! "
- Francisco Evaldo Ternus
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R$64.76 R$33.98
Now Foods 5-HTP

"Bom, Eu usei e estou sentindo os resultados em 2 semanas. "
- Alex Costa Gomes

"Te dá uma sensação boa de ânimo."
- Alex Costa Gomes
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R$87.98 R$61.34
Natrol 5-HTP

"Produto bom, ajuda a controlar a ansiedade. Efeitos percebidos 2 semanas após o uso. Melhora o sono. "
- Carmen

"Taken in the evening definitely made a difference to a more rested sleep. No next day hangover. Used with melatonin, is great combination. Not for use if taking Tri-cyclics. "
- Rachael Allen
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R$86.36 R$65.66
Natural Care MoodFix

"I've had great results from MoodFix. I've tried many different products and this one works for me."
- Arlene

"Mood Fix didn't help. I don't recommend it."
- Anonymous
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R$93.53 R$54.70
Source Naturals 5-HTP

"Eu tomo 1 cápsula por dia depois do almoço e meu humor melhorou muito."
- David Meireles Miranda

"only tried one bottle so far, I seem to sleep a little better on this"
- Kevin Guraluk
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R$50.33 R$29.43
Source Naturals 5-HTP

"Boa marca, reduziu o stress e melhorou meu humor."
- Vicente

"its very good..."
- Jose Pinheiro
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R$50.36 R$36.29
Natrol 5-HTP 50 mg

"I have had periods of depression and anxiety dating back to my late twenties. I have taken Paxil and some other anti-depressants. Since taking 5-HTP, I have become like the old me back in my early twenties. It has been nothing short of a miracle for me. If you suffer with depression or any mood disorder and your current medication is not doing the trick, you've got to try this. I take 3 a day and I am as level and smooth as I've ever been."
- Mike Price
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R$64.22 R$35.78
Enzymatic Therapy St. John's Wort Extract

"This product is terrible. They had the best St. John's Wort on the market in the 300 mg version capsule. The 300 mg version is the one in all the clinical trials. Enzymatic Therapy discontinued the 300 mg product. The caplet form is 450mg, it is too strong, tastes awful, and is not the same product as they had. I will not use it anymore or any Enzymatic Therapy products because of this change."
- Anonymous
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R$62.96 R$45.36
Natrol 5-HTP

"Purchased 5-HTP 100 mg due to the advice of a coworker and I love it! I have a long history of depression and anxiety as well as binge eating and over the last five years have begun having symptoms of PMDD. Couldn't even stand myself. I feel so much better already. I take one in the morning and one at bedtime. Take with food to prevent nausea. My well-being is better and I don't sit around gloomy and stuffing my face all day. "
- Susan D.
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R$18.00 R$15.28
Yogi Tea Organic Teas St. John's Wort Blues Away Tea

"It is ok, it's better if you use two tea bag so you get it's full effect. It put you in a relax mode so it is better if you use it before bed time or if you want to unwind. "
- Connie
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R$78.30 R$70.49
Vitanica Uplift

"I've used Uplift on and off for about a year. I use it in times of high stress. I notice a difference after just two doses! It helps me to relax and focus more on the tasks I have at hand. I'm not a fan of antidepressants so this is a great alternative!"
- Anonymous
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R$110.48 R$84.02
Natural Care Blues Care

"it takes the edge off"
- graham prescott
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R$71.96 R$45.74
Natrol 5-HTP Fast Dissolve
R$100.76 R$52.88
Now Foods 5-HTP

"Não senti muita diferença em mim, talvez porque não esteja precisando... Dei para minha irmã e ela sentiu muito sono. "
- Gabrielle Malvásio
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R$118.76 R$87.64
Doctor's Best 5-HTP Enhanced with Vitamin B6 and C

"Produto maravilhoso, realmente me senti muito bem depois de tomar, estresse controlado. Me senti muito "zen" com esse suplemento, recomendo."
- Katia Chiachia
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