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Home Health Products Herbal Magic Deodorant

"I have used this and I was absolutely amazed by the results. It keeps BO at bay for HOURS! Most effective deodorant that I have tried so far!"
- HealthFreak

"O Desodorante Herbal Magic é um produto sem ingredientes cancerígenos e que agridem o nosso corpo. Cumpre com aquilo que promete, proporcionando bem estar com saúde. Com certeza, estarei comprando mais, inclusive, também, para familiares. Excelente produto."
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R$20.64 R$15.78
Queen Helene Vitamin E Natural Deodorant

"Excelente produto, aroma agradável, boa fixação e durabilidade. A entrega foi bem mais rápida do que o previsto, os produtos chegaram em menos de 15 dias. Pediria novamente. Site confiável, merece 5 estrelas."
- Anônimo

"Não amei o produto pra mim porque não segurou o odor durante o dia. Achei o aspecto na pele um pouco grudento. No entanto, não tive nenhuma reação alérgica ou irritação na pele. O cheio do produto é suave."
- Camila Costa
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R$20.64 R$15.78
Queen Helene Mint Julep Deodorant Stick

"Produto muito bom. Não tem cheiro, não mancha."

"Not happy at all with this deodorant! It is natural and promises to last for long. The minty smell is refreshing, but after few hours my armpits start to smell bad when I'm sweating. Real bad! Wouldn't recommend it!"
- Erika Agostino
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R$18.86 R$14.41
Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Body Spray

"Excellent product. This is the only deodorant so far that I am not allergic to. It works for a long time too!"
- Melanie Dias

"This product has been very useful as a deodorant for someone who is allergic to ingredients that may be found in deodorants or antiperspirants. This is not a guarantee for everyone, but has worked for our family. "
- mary mogavero
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R$23.78 R$18.16
Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Roll-On Natural Deodorant

"Kiss My Face is well established brand. So nice to have a deodorant that isn't a 'sporty' scent for a change. "
- Sarah Chick

"While it isn't any Dove or Secret The Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Roll-On Natural Deodorant isn't horrible. It's not half bad by any means. The smell is great and it goes on smooth. It doesn't last as long as my usual deodorant choice but I didn't mind it in a pinch."
- C.W.
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R$27.59 R$21.14
Earth Science Liken Deodorant

"I was looking for a natural deodorant and tried this Liken Deodorant on the recommendation of a staff member at a health food store in Toronto who said she found this to be effective for her. The scent was very fresh and pleasing. Unfortunately, the product didn't work effectively for me as a deodorant."
- Sally Chow

"I've tried a lot of different natural deodorants that all smelled good for a little while, but then wore off. The Liken Deodorant, Herbal is the only one that, so far, for me, actually works and works quite well. By the end of the day, even if I'd been to the gym, it's still working."
- Paul K.
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R$23.78 R$18.16
Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Roll-On Natural Deodorant

"This is the first natural deodorant I've ever tried, and it was a great decision to buy it! It applies and dries clear, so it doesn't leave white stains on the clothing. The scent is a little bit strange (rare lavender), sort of like lavender-infused alcohol, but it's not bad either. I think the smell disappears in about 10 minutes anyway. I was really afraid this wouldn't keep me dry all day, but it always worked great!"
- Maria

"Love it! Kiss my face is my favorite brand."
- Shelby Anderson
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R$35.73 R$23.86
Weleda Deodorant Spray

"This is a wonderful natural deodorant that works as a mild perfume also. It is the only thing that does not make my allergy-sensitive pre-teen daughter sneeze away. The smell is wonderful and refreshing. I'm about to order the citrus one."
- Abi

"This Citrus deodorant works great! It has a nice citrus smell that is suitable for man or woman. It is nice that Weleda always uses natural ingredients too. This 1.02 fl. oz. size is also small enough to carry with you in your purse or glove compartment. You could keep one in your locker too."
- Alise
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R$69.48 R$53.18
Micro Balance Lavilin 72h Deodorant

"Adorei o produto! Cheiro agradável, mantém as axilas secas e perfeitas. Achei que durou bastante tempo e rendeu o desodorante. Não impregna na roupa e seca rápido. Superou minhas expectativas. Eu recomendo este e todos os produtos do site. Não houveram taxas aduaneiras e chegou bem rápido aqui no Brasil. "

"This stuff actually works. Non-toxic deodorant & no aluminum. It's not tested on animals. So happy!"
- Valentyn
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Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Stick Deodorant

"Achei muito bom. Fazia muito tempo que procurava um desodorante que não me causasse alergia."

"Love love love this deodorant! It smells like lavender and I love lavender so much. It lasts long on my armpits and they don't smell after a while. It does its job very nicely and I'm very happy about the ingredients too!"
- Erika Agostino
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R$31.72 R$22.81
Home Health Products Herbal Magic Deodorant

"Nice scent and lasts long, It lasts long. In case I reapply in a few hours. The scent is not as strong as perfume only when you put up your arms you can smell the nice scent. I feel very comfortable with this scent. It's very natural."
- Qian Wang

"It's the best deodorant I've ever used, that's why I continue to use it and will do so until it's no longer available. It's natural which is reassuring but most of all it's the most effective deodorant I've ever used and I suffer from hyperhidrosis- so it's got it's work cut out on me! There must be a magic ingredient in this that does the job that no other product has achieved and believe me I've been through the whole range."
- Amanda Crees
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R$31.72 R$22.81
Home Health Products Herbal Magic Deodorant

"Achei o aspecto um pouco estranho na pele e não segurou o odor durante o dia. Por morar em um país quente, talvez tenha essa diferença na durabilidade. Mas não me deu alergia e nem irritação na pele. O cheiro é suave e não fica impregnado durante o dia."
- Camila Costa

"Very healthy choice, It's really a great product. Far better than perfume the scent is just like jasmine. "
- Qian Wang
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R$24.81 R$18.62
Desert Essence Deodorant

"Doesn't work if you are in a hot weather place. I have added tea tree essential oil drops to help it out but still doesn't work well. "
- Dianne

"Dry By Nature Deodorant is great stuff! I have trouble finding regular antiperspirants that works, and this does the trick. I hate scented deodorants, and this has no scent at all. I love it!"
- stacy
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R$40.85 R$30.61
Burt's Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Deodorant

"I love the smell of this deodorant but it was too oily as a roll on. If you're a very active person or into sports, I wouldn't recommend this deodorant."
- Lisa Hunter

"Burt's Bees Natural Skin Care Deodorant Stick caused extremely pronounced stains and wax coating on my husband's shirt the two days he used it. After using stain remover and running them through the wash twice with no success, I called Burt's Bees and was told to use dish washing liquid directly on the stains and let the shirts soak in very hot water (that didn't work) and if that didn't work to put "Goo Gone" directly on the stains and soak them again (I haven't tried that yet). I'm thinking "Do I really want to use a deodorant that you have to use "Goo Gone" to get the stains and waxy coating out of your cloths?" NO!! "
- Anonymous
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R$31.72 R$21.02
Deodorant Stones of America Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone

"This deodorant is okay but did not last all day. At least it didn't mess up my shirts. Non greasy and did not cake up like most. I now mainly use it after a workout."
- Artelia H.

"Tried it once and it did not last."
- T. Hunter
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R$27.75 R$21.26
Crystal Essence Crystal Body Deodorant Stick for Men

"One of the best Deodorant, no smell, no allergy and no damage to your clothes. They improved the packaging so its easier to user. This product can last for long period, like they say but depending of temperature you will need to use it again, to avoid bad smell. Great product recommend to all "
- Henrique

"Helps get rid of the smell of sweat! Works wonderfully, I highly recommend."
- Valentyn
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Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Stick Deodorant

"I have been using Schmidt't since 2014 and it is my all-time favorite deodorant. Other cruelty free deodorants usually stop working mid-day, but this one lasts me at least 12 hours. What I appreciate most about Schmidt's is this: my arms no longer itch and swell. This was the most amazing change after switching to Schmidt's. Other retail products caused my arms to swell in painful bumps (probably because it blocks the pores from sweating due to the aluminium ingredient). I have changed my flavor to fragrance free, simply because I want to test its effectiveness without an additional flavor of Cedarwood (I currently use the Cedarwood flavor). I would recommend Cedarwood for men, since it has a nice 'manly' smell to it. The only improvement that I want to see is less residue on one's t-shirts, but I must be fair and say that sweat mixed with a product will generally leave a residue. I am waiting for my parcel from the US and will test to see if the fragrance free option leaves a residue or not. I am happy that I discovered Schimdt's - thank you, Schmidt's!"
- Combrinck

"I love that Fragrance Free is truly fragrance free. The other scents from Schmidt's I don't actually mind but having a neutral option is very nice. And this is first natural deodorant that works on blocking odor. You seem to get more from Schmidt's too than regular commercial brands which is nice for the price of it but I can't put a price on my health. A friend recommended me this so now I recommend it!"
- EK
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Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Sensitive Skin Deodorant

"the best deodarant ever! the only one that didnt made irritations.."

"I love this deodorant. It's great not to worry about harmful chemicals and it actually works. The Fragrance free is truly fragrance free and works really nicely. I haven't noticed any smears on clothing though I will admit to becoming very used to applying so that won't happen so I'm not sure if it does leave traces. But it actually works well for a natural deodorant. You have to let it warm up for a few seconds before it truly applies but for no harmful chemicals, that's fine with me. And I feel like you get a lot more from this than with regular commercial deodorants. "
- EK
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R$20.64 R$15.78
Queen Helene Tea Tree Oil Deodorant Stick

"Effective..., Very effective deodorant stick. Very long lasting. 1 stick lasted me 4 months."
- Radhika Sharma
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R$35.69 R$25.67
Home Health Products Flower Water Rose Body Mist

"I'm a little possessive of this little Bulgarian secret. Rose water has been a part of every Bulgarian girl's beauty routine and it's finally becoming popularized and discovered by the Western hemisphere. I could go on and on about the wonders of it, but you just have to try it. It leaves skin hidrated, fresh, smooth and clean. I admit, I'm addicted to it and have made my Bulgarian grandma send me packages for years now. No need anymore though, you can buy it here and it's just as good!"
- Lina
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R$23.78 R$17.83
Desert Essence Natural Roll-On Deodorant

"Usually all natural deodorants don't work for me but this one is good. The texture is milky, it applies evenly on skin and it is absorbed by the skin in 2 to 3 minutes. It smells like fresh herbs with top notes of lavender and I think is suitable for men and women. It will keep you fresh for 12 hours if you are looking for basic protection on a busy day at the office and you are not into intense physical activities or sports. The most important thing with all deodorants is to use them immediately after shower on dry skin."
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R$27.79 R$21.26
Alba Botanica Deodorant Stick

"Твердый дезодорант-стик с достаточно сильным запахом лаванды и натуральным составом. Запах пота удерживает достаточно долго, со своими задачами справляется нормально. Раздраджения не вызывает. Но он очень сильно оставляет следы на одежде — поэтому необходимо как минимум минут 20 подождать, чтобы он хоть немного впитался. Рекомендую на зиму, на лето скорее не подойдет."
- Anna Wilke
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R$23.78 R$18.16
Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant
R$23.78 R$18.16
Jason Natural Cosmetics Pure Natural Deodorant Stick
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