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Now Foods CoQ10

"A coenzima Q10 já está colaborando para as diminuições das minhas dores. Estou me sentindo melhor."
- Priscila Almeida Calado

"É muito bom para prevenção. No meu caso estou tomando para prevenção de hipertenção, por isso escolhi coq10 de 30mg. "
- Andre Luiz dos Santos Mello
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R$118.83 R$78.31
Solaray Red Yeast Rice + CoQ10

"I LOVE Red Yeast Rice w/CoQ-10 and want to know WHY it is unavailable! I have been taking it for years."
- Ann F.

"Red Yeast Rice w/CoQ-10 lowered my cholesterol significantly and my doctor was pleased when I told him that I was taking it."
- Jennifer M.
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R$62.52 R$51.28
Olympian Labs CoQ10 100 mg

"I've been taking 100mg CoQ10 for about a month now. Now taking 1 every morning, especially on days I feel like crap, on an empty stomach with a bottle of water. In about 30 minutes I feel GREAT! I am ready to achieve everyday tasks. Once it kicks in I'll eat my breakfast and never have problems with 100mg CoQ10 products."
- Bruiser

"Last year I was diagnosted with borderline hypertension. My nutritionist recommended I take CoQ10. I bought a jar of Olympian CoQ10-100mg and took one tab the next day my blood pressure was down to completely normal for the first time in years 120/70 after just one dosage."
- Sandra
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R$331.16 R$173.84
Now Foods Ubiquinol 200 mg

"Wonderful product! I have more energy than before and I do not wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. My period which was late by twenty days returned after taking this supplement. It does not contain soy like some other ubiquinol brands and I am just praying that it improves the quality of my eggs too. "
- Madhu Rao

"CoQ10 was recommended to me for high blood pressure. Ubiquinol is a finer form of CoQ10 which tends to break down better. I especially like the extra strength dosage of 200 mg. My blood pressure has reduced to normal since taking this product along with Magnesium and L-Theanine."
- Julie
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R$80.92 R$42.47
Now Foods CoQ10

"I don't know if it helps. Didn't see or feel any change... but maybe CoQ10 is like that. That it helps at the cellular level and over a long time."
- Emron Musavi

"It has changed the way I used to live a good food supplement for senior citizens."
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R$112.42 R$62.71
Enzymatic Therapy Smart Q10, 100 mg

"Easy to use, great tasting, and good for you."
- Anonymous

"I have to take a lot of pills and it's nice to have a break from all the swallowing and take the Smart Q10, 100 mg chewable. That said, I'll probably try a different Smart Q10, 100 mg chewable flavor next month as I tried the maple nut and found the taste a little odd. Did I mention how nice it is not to have to swallow another pill? If you're tired of swallowing pills, then Smart Q10, 100 mg chewables are for you."
- Lauren
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R$73.56 R$38.60
Now Foods CoQ10 Age Defying Moisturizer

"CoQ10 Age Defying Moisturizer is a very good product. Combined with the coq10 serum ... they give energy in your face in the morning!"
- Chris Ioannou

"i,m using Hyaluronic Acid Night Wrinkle Remedy Creme by Now, and Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum by Now at nightcombined with CoQ10 Age Defying Moisturizer by Now and CoQ10 Age Defying Serum by Now in the morning....well i feel my skin younger and brighter after a week. I will order these itemw again... i recomend them"
- Chris Ioannou
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R$202.77 R$162.21
Solgar Coenzyme Q-10 600 mg

"This product is exceptional. It is easy to swallow and meets the standards of my prescribing physician! I am very satisfied with this product. "
- Sara Parrish
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R$228.12 R$119.75
Now Foods CoQ10

"Ótimo suplemento! Melhorou meu desempenho nas atividades do dia dia. Principalmente nas do trabalho em dias corridos."
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R$55.16 R$35.22
Nature's Answer Liquid Co-Q10
R$132.30 R$84.64
Jarrow Formulas Q-absorb Co-Q10

"I've used Jarrow's Q-Absorb for over 5 years now and highly recommend it, especially for people with auto-immune conditions."
- Christa Holmes
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R$69.88 R$36.65
Now Foods CoQ10
R$58.84 R$30.88
Now Foods CoQ10
R$84.60 R$44.44
Healthy Origins CoQ10 100 mg

"Not only is this great CoQ10 for the heart, but it may also reverse gum disease."
- Tawanna Hunter
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R$132.85 R$106.28
Solgar CoQ-10 120 mg
R$113.68 R$74.92
Solaray CoQ10

"Gives you energy."
- Anonymous
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R$551.96 R$351.90
Healthy Origins Ubiquinol 100 mg

"Ótimo Suplemento para quem quer viver mais tempo! Excelente antioxidante! O melhor de todos. "
- Julio Cesar Ferreira Gomes Bertin
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R$136.17 R$115.74
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega + CoQ10 1280 mg

"No fishy taste, which is what I was looking for. I was looking for high 1000+ mg Omega and this has it!"
- Liza Dawson
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R$147.16 R$77.24
Now Foods CoQ10

"Keeps your heart healthy with regular use."
- Wirapich Sarakitprija
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R$206.04 R$108.16
Now Foods CoQ10

"Minha esposa já toma essa vitamina e tem excelentes resultados"
- Joaquim Jorge Pinto Gobel Gobel
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R$55.16 R$28.92
Now Foods CoQ10

"I just started taken this about 3 weeks ago. I haven't seen any changes."
- Laddie Gates
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R$176.60 R$92.70
Now Foods CoQ10

"I use it daily for more than 2 weeks and there is a remarkable change in energy level - checked lipid profile there is improvement there also, an all round health rejuvenating supplement for senior citizens."
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R$169.28 R$126.96
Life Extension Super Absorbable CoQ10 with d-Limonene 100 mg

"FULLY RECOMMENDED, It's very usefully for maintaining the heart's good condition."
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R$125.08 R$92.29
Doctor's Best High Absorption CoQ10

"Very good results after 30 days of use."
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