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R$60.77 R$46.46
NeoCell Super Collagen Powder

"I really can't believe it. My nails are growing fast and strong. My skin is supple and glowing. I am 57. And I do not look my age. The changes are quite obvious."
- Purnima Dutta

"Está sendo ótimo para minha esposa após ela ter começado a tomar suas unhas ficaram mais fortes, a queda de cabelo diminuiu, além de sofrer com menos dores nas articulações."
- Alexandre de Lima e Silva
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R$60.77 R$46.46
NeoCell Super Collagen Plus C

"Good, if you have no problem with acne. Makes my skin texture feel great, but gives me acne. So I had to give this away to my mom, who loves it. Still giving 4 stars because what is bad for me isn't necessarily bad for everyone else."
- Fallaway

"Ótimo para transporte e para viagens, para o dia a dia uso o pó que me garante 10g de colageno diarios que é o recomendavel, mas para o dia a dia e ter na bolsa é um ótimo custo beneficio, minhas unhas nunca estiveram tao rigidas e cabelo brilhoso, depois dos 30 todos deveriam tomar. Muito prático. "
- Ana Flávia Delben Pereira de Arruda
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R$95.06 R$72.69
NeoCell Super Collagen Plus C

"I have been using this collagen for some times & I like the result I feel. My skin is more soft, nails stronger and healthier, easy to swallow. Love to use every some time. "
- Sameer Al Qodwa

"Taking these for 3 months now and my skin is soooo smooth, nails stronger and hair softer. Will definitely be continuing."
- kara butt
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R$175.22 R$142.88
Olympian Labs Biocell Collagen II

"I'm turning 60 in 2017 and I cannot live without my Biocell. It keeps my face looking so young and know one would guess how old I really am. Plus it keeps my joints supple."
- Cynthia Daniels

"Biocell Collagen II is a good product for back pain."
- Irene H.
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R$87.59 R$70.07
Youtheory Collagen Advanced Formula Types 1, 2 & 3

"Excelente Colágeno, vale a pena comprar, tanto para as articulações como para a pele. Não tem sabor algum e não deixa mal estar no estômago. Já tem um ano que estou tomando. E na relação custo benefício o Colágeno de 290 tabletes é melhor. "

"Uso esse produto há anos, não fico sem, antes de acabar já estou comprando outro,. Super recomendo!!"
- Micheline Soares Torres
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R$60.92 R$48.73
Youtheory Collagen Advanced Formula Type 1, 2 & 3

"Excelente produto. Ideal para fortalecimento de pele, unha, cabelo e articulações. Já coloquei na entrega programada para receber sempre. Melhor colágeno que comprei, e chega sempre certinho sem tributação."

"Produto excelente."
- eduardo inacio soares
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Metagenics Collagenics

"Collagenics is great for the skin, hair and nails. I have been taking it for almost 6 years. I go through one bottle in autumn and one bottle in spring. I highly recommend it."
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R$58.67 R$44.01
Reviva Labs Collagen Night Cream

"COLLAGEN NIGHT CREAM, Excellent produit. Qualité prix. "

"I have been using the night cream for over a month now and I find my skin is younger looking and people have commented on how fresh my skin is looking. I highly recommend this cream. Its excellent, absorbs quickly and is not greasy at all!"
- Kim Peterson
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R$76.01 R$58.12
NeoCell Fish Collagen 2000 mg

"This collagen is great. It helps your skin keep moisturized, helping you look younger, while also helping you tendons and ligaments move pain free."
- Ahinoam Mckinney
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R$46.10 R$34.59
Reviva Labs Elastin and Collagen Body Firming Lotion

"After only a week of using it my skin look so much better. Leaves a good smell and helps with toning. I am so pleased!"
- Valentyn

"Ένα γαλάκτωμα σώματος που βοηθάει ορατά στην σύσφιξη του δέρματος, αλλά παράλληλα έχει εξαιρετικό άρωμα και προσφέρει και ενυδάτωση! Υπέροχο προϊόν! "
- Maria Tsapi
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R$99.02 R$79.21
Youtheory Collagen Powder Advanced Formula

"My skin has cleared up and it looks radiant and translucent. Good product. Will continue to use it."
- Valentyna

"收到货以后吃了一惊,很大的一瓶,价格比同类的产品低,配方另外添加了维生 素C和生物素,这样我不用另外补充维生素C来辅助和增强胶原蛋白的工作了,非 常方便。我查了一下这个品牌应该很不错,曾经获得过美国betternutrition年度 保健品胶原蛋白大奖,价格又很实惠,无论从品质还是性价比来看都是极佳的选 择。"
- ? ?
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R$58.64 R$44.86
Mill Creek Elastin Cream
R$114.11 R$87.27
NeoCell Collagen +C Pomegranate Liquid
R$66.26 R$42.52
Nature's Life Marine Collagen 550 mg

"I wanted collagen but without the meat. Great product!, Easy to take I like the fact that is marine and it has a good price. As for results I have been taking it for a week only so it's a bit early to tell."
- Francesca Mari Torres
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R$83.78 R$61.84
Doctor's Best Collagen Types 1 and 3
R$45.68 R$36.54
Youtheory Collagen Skin, Hair & Nails Formula Types 1 & 3

"Eu e minha esposa estamos consumindo este suplemento de colágeno. Ambos estamos sentindo bons resultados. Percebi uma melhora na pele e cabelos. Em resumo em excelente produto."
- Adilson de Chaves
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R$64.73 R$51.78
Youtheory Marine Collagen Enhanced Formula Types 1 & 3
R$99.02 R$79.21
Youtheory Marine Collagen Advanced Formula Types 1 & 3

"buy this product as a gift to my mother since at your age you need to get the proper benefits to lead a healthy life, when consulting how you are going, tells me that without problems that has no side effects, it does not affect you at all take these pills and above all you feel better"
- Peter Paúl Ramírez Rodrigo
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R$133.16 R$101.84
NeoCell Beauty Infusion Refreshing Collagen Drink Mix

"I love the taste of Neocell's Beauty Infusion. I mix a scoop of the powder with a cup of hot water and drink it before I go to bed. It has a wonderful sweet flavor. I can tell it works well by how strong my fingernails have been after drinking it for a couple of weeks. It is full of a lot of healthy vitamins to help with hair, nails and skin. "
- KHiller
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Shea Terra Organics Kigelia Firming Gel

"I am 35 with normal skin that has some rosacia and is sensitive and I get clogged pores easily. I was looking for a light gel based moisturizer that would not feel suffocating or oily in the warmer months yet still hydrating. The fact that it is a firming product was also a plus as I need firming in certain spots. This definitely delivers on everything it promises and more! When I first apply this, It does have a noticeable scent to it but much to my surprise the scent does not linger and disappears fairly quickly. This is important to me as there are products that I love but can only use at night due to the strong smell. Huge plus for me! The texture is a light, thin/semi liquidy like gel that absorbs very easily and quickly into the skin. It spreads out nicely and very smooth! A little goes a long way and my skin just soaks it up. I am left with hydrated, smooth, silky skin, where I do not need additional products. I am a makeup artist and while I do not like to wear facial primers personally, I can see this taking the place of one. I noticed my pores were less visible and this created a smooth canvas for my makeup. My biggest surprise ever that I did not expect was how it instantly reduces redness and inflammation. Imagine my surprise when I applied this product and got the instant gratification of redness relief! I applied this and in just a couple of hours, I noticed that my rosacia flare up & redness was reduced significantly. When I waxed, it helped with the post waxing irritation as well. I wear this alone in the daytime & at night, I use this as a layering product where I apply this first than one of the facial creams over it. It's an excellent product to use in that way as well! I feel like I am getting the extra boost in hydration plus a treatment as well. My skin feels and looks very toned! The results have been so instant and amazing- I just had to share my love for this product. As for the actual firming of sagging skin- at 35 I only have certain areas of concern to me as I previously mentioned and only time will tell if it has helped with the tightening of loose skin & firming but I will make sure to update on that. For now, I can vouch that this does leave your skin so smooth and improves the texture & tones a great deal where it does give the appearance of less fine lines and wrinkles. I think this one product can benefit all women regardless of age because of the many things that it does!"
- Alexa
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