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Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil

"The taste of lemon is excellent and smooth. I started to take a few days ago."
- Leopoldo Bern

"Excellent product, quick delivery. Satisfied overall."
- George L.
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R$85.16 R$45.97
Now Foods Cod Liver Oil

"I have been using it for 8 weeks and there I have no more joint pain."

"Cod Liver Oil is good, and I like how easy these are to take. I take them after food one time, every day with a glass of water. I have loved having this product in the cupboard and I noticed a difference. This items also lasts forever because of the 250 count. "
- Sameer Al Qodwa
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R$76.64 R$61.30
Twinlab Emulsified Cod Liver Oil

"I am 59 and I have been taking the orange flavored Twinlab Norwegian Cod Liver Oil for about 4 years. My LDL cholesterol has remained fairly constant, but it was on the rise recently when I ran out of this product for about a month and had my yearly physical. Not a good idea. The orange tastes good, easy to handle, even for our children. Yes, I do have 5 children at home who are 11 years old and under. They love it, too."
- Anonymous

"Not only do I take a teaspoonful of Emulsified Cod Liver oil daily, but I also use it on my face. Over the past few months, my skin has cleared and become softer. After my pregnacy, I had problems with elevated blood pressure. My pressure is now down to it's normal number. In addition, I have lost several pounds. I would definately recommend this product."
- Akeisha A.
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R$212.57 R$154.13
Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil

"excelente producto buen precio"
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R$110.55 R$93.98
Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil

"I give this to my dog to help him with his allergies and it helps keep it under control along with a healthy diet. "
- Diana

"I give my cats about 1/4 tsp of this product a day with their wet food. They love it! I had tried flax seed oil but one cat would not eat her wet food, but she enjoys this."
- Valentyn
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R$94.57 R$68.59
Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil

"COD without synthetic vitamin A added. I recommend!"
- Marcelo Nakamura
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R$80.90 R$58.23
Garden of Life Olde World Icelandic Cod Liver Oil

"I have always been a fan of Garden of life products. But this cod liver oil is the best one out there. This is a virgin cod liver oil. Raw, unprocessed and unfiltered. It has no added synthetic vitamins like vitamin e. A whole food product. Also it does not contain soy. Perfect description. A great option for people looking for virgin cod liver oil with naturally formed vitamins. Besides, it has very good amount of omega 3 Fatty acids including dha and epa. 8oz bottle of cod liver oil for $13 is really affordable. It would be great if the manufacturer can improve the quantity. It's not diluted with soy oil since the ingredients does not contain soy. No concern about this product. I would recommend this garden of life fish oil since it doesn't have any synthetic vitamins and virgin. Good for hair, skin, heart, etc. But it's slightly expensive compared few other cheaper brands. End of the day quality matters. Go for this high quality fish oil. Worth every penny. Highly recommend for general well being!"
- Abdul Basith

"Perfect remedy for arthritis, Cod liver oil is a perfect natural remedy for your well being especially to cure your arthritis."
- Jan Filipecki
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R$59.60 R$32.16
Now Foods Cod Liver Oil
R$212.57 R$154.13
Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil
R$138.45 R$100.37
Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil

"It is effective. All my family members take cod liver oil."
- Ernesto Lozardo
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R$106.29 R$89.29
Barlean's Cod Liver Oil
R$114.81 R$97.60
Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil

"This was exactly what my toddler's doctor prescribed and with it having such a great lemony taste, she reminds me if I forget to give it to her. "
- Wikus Schoeman
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R$178.71 R$151.91
Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil

"I have ordered this for my 33 years old son. One can see the effect with a week of start taking it. "
- Naresh Sood
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R$19.55 R$12.52
Thompson Cod Liver Oil 400 mg

"Fiz um exame de sangue e os meus resultados de vitamina D no sangue deram satisfatórios."
- Andre Luiz dos Santos Mello
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Kirkman Labs Cod Liver Oil
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