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Nature's Plus Animal Parade AcidophiKidz

"I don't know how any child could eat it. My son chewed it up, gagged it out, then threw it up. I tasted one, it's terrible. Bitter, sour,and chalky. "
- Ashley L.

"Animal Parade is very good for children and it works great!"
- Cheryl Christensen
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R$64.40 R$36.60
Nature's Way Primadophilus Children, Powder

"I love that this is specifically for children. So easy to get my daughter to take it, just mix it in with some juice, and that's it, easy, healthy, beneficial!"
- Marie Hunt

"Along with yogurt, I supplement my two-year-old twins daily multivitamin intake with Primadophilus Children, Powder. When I run out and they don't take it, I notice the difference in their bowel movement regularity. It also helps in the overall strengthening of their immune system by keeping their intestinal flora balanced. I also took it daily for myself while doing a stint on antibiotics and I did not get a yeast infection! I have no regrets in making this purchase a regular one."
- Marizel D.
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Nature's Way Primadophilus Kids, Orange

"My 2 children are very picky, I was worried they wouldn't like these. They love them and ask for one every night after dinner!"
- Amy Murray

"This is the second time I purchased this product for my child. It helps build up my child's immune system and clears my child's system. I also bought this for my sister's child. Would recommend to parents with youngsters(2-12 yrs old) at home."
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R$35.76 R$24.35
Nature's Way Primadophilus Kids, Cherry

"Excelente produto. Minha filha adorou o sabor e mantem uma boa imunidade."
- Marcilene Heidmann Soccol

"We love Primadophilus Kids, Cherry and my kids love taking it! Keeping them from getting sick has never been so easy. "
- shay
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ChildLife Probiotics Plus Colostrum
R$107.22 R$69.70
Zahlers Kidophilus
R$157.34 R$102.28
Zahlers Kidophilus Plus

"This product has 10 billion live and active CFU's so I was excited about purchasing it for my kid who was just recently on anti biotic. my Pediatrician claims that its good for general immunity as it boosts the system and I should constantly give my kid 1 chewable daily. My child likes the taste so I can even give it instead of candy!"
- Sheila
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R$286.22 R$186.05
Zahlers Kidophilus Plus

"Kidophilus plus is a great product because of its good taste and that it has lots of acidophilus in each chewable. my 5 yr old has been having digestive issues and I just purchased these last week. He claims his tummy is better and I do believe that these work. I give him 1-2 daily and I myself take 3 chewables daily as probiotics are great for general health!"
- Sheila
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Nordic Naturals Probiotic Gummies KIDS
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