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Books Back to Eden, Kloss

"Back to Eden. Wow, where do I begin. This is one of the greatest books on how we can help our bodies cure themselves. This book has taught me alot. And has shown me that nothing is incurable. With alot of faith and knowledge and patients. All things are curable. I highly recommend this book."
- Malachi Hill

"Back To Eden is an excellent health care resource. As a spiritual healer, I have recommended it as reference material to clients over the years. Many of the herbs that I recommend are described in detail. This reinforces much of what I tell my clients. This book should be a 'must' in every household."
- Derrick Fraser
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James Dowd, M.D. The Vitamin D Cure

"I am giving The Vitamin D Cure as a special gift to some of my relatives rather than gift cards or clothes, etc. There is so much valuable and interesting information regarding this simple vitamin and its benefits. This is a must read for those that like to read and for those that don't like to read, it may help you live a healthier life. "
- Anonymous

"Reading this book, I have learned many new things regarding Vitamin D that I was not aware of. Dr. Dowd has done an excellent job simplifying the process and benefits of supplementing Vitamin D. I have already recommended this book to several others as I think this book is a must read for anyone desiring to live a healthier life. "
- Tom W.
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Books Chromium Picolinate by Gary Evans

"This book is excellent for those with Diabetes Type I or Type II. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes a year ago. I saw Dr Gary Evans on Doug Kaufmann's program and purchased his book. It is the best book for informing you on a supplement that makes it possible for you not to have to take conventional medication and/or make it possible for you to reduce the dosage. This product has been known about since the 1950's. I highly recommend the book and Chrominum Picolinate."
- James Rast
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Now Foods Aromatherapy for Everyone

"Honestly, I'd learned a lot from this book. It's a must have for all essential oils lovers. I learned that applying neat is not better than diffusion, inhalation and dilution with any carrier oils (grape seed, jojoba, sweet almond). Ingestion is not advisable which I agree totally since the dosage is not printed on all essential bottles. Imagine a drop of lemon maybe 5 actual lemons, not everybody got the stomach for it and I believe that Blood group O+ and probably A+ may have gastric problems ingesting (drinking) it. Hence, I only diffuse and apply topically. I feel... GREAT! "
- Ashley F.
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