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R$144.36 R$129.91
Zoller Laboratories Zantrex-3

"Zantrex-3 is one of the best products out there. It gives me the extra boost I need in the mornings."
- Aktar K.

"I love Zantrex 3. It does not give me any of the side effects besides occasionally I get a bit irritated but not to the point where I cannot control it. Zantrex has encouraged me to eat healthier and exercise everyday and the results show. I love Zantrex 3 and highly recommend it."
- Ally Irons
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R$32.45 R$24.33
Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Burner

"I tried this product for about 2 months and did not notice any difference really. Only thing I noticed was more energy but I could not take the suggested serving size. If I did I got really shaky my heart would race and I would have a really hard time sleeping at night. Once I started taking only 1 a day it was a bit better. Also was not a fan of the size of the pill. It was very large and hard to swallow. "
- Harley Kensington

"Helps burn fat. I would say this is a medium level fat burner and although results take slightly longer you will lose weight if you stick with it. Took about 3 weeks before I noticed the weight dropping. "
- James W.
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R$162.41 R$129.89
Generix Laboratories Leptopril

"I had read a lot of good reviews about the product so I thought I'd give it a try. Went through the bottle and I honestly didn't see, feel, or notice any difference. With how many it suggests you take and how to take when hungry, the bottle does not last very long. I started with recommended dose and immediately had to cut back because it was making me so shaky and I was having a super hard time sleeping. "
- Harley Kensington

"Leptopril absolutely sucks. I've been taking it, per the bottle's instructions, for who knows how long and have had no results. The side effects I have had consisted of constant headaches, upset stomach, the urge to eat more, and drained energy. I wouldn't recommend it."
- Anonymous
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Cortislim International CortiSlim Original

"Ótimo!! Estou tendo resultados e o preço é excelente!!"

"Great product. Helps curb appetite cravings."
- Charl Steinman
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R$46.75 R$35.05
Nature's Secret 15 Day Weight Loss Cleanse and Flush

"Not sure if I'm the outlier, but this product has made me extremely bloated, with a very upset stomach and I feel terrible. I eat fairly healthy, and exercise regularly. I thought this would be a good way to up the ante and make me feel even better. Now I'm just worried I may have messed up the balance of my stomach. "
- Megan

"I just started the 15 Day Weight Loss Cleanse and Flush and I do notice a big difference. I am less bloated and I definitely have more energy. I have been working out about 5 times a week and trying to eat healthier. I guess I will see what happens. I am someone who has a sensitive stomach and I don't have any problems taking it. "
- Kait
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R$180.32 R$117.34
Nutrex Lipo-6

"Por ser menos concentrado é indicado para iniciantes em atividades físicas. Possui menos efeitos colaterais sendo considerado mais seguro. A marca é muito boa. Deve ser utilizado juntamente com um rigoroso regime e reeducação alimentar."

"Although I've only taken this product for a week I can feel a difference. I feel lighter and more energetic. There was a few occasions where I had dizziness and nausea, but that was when I had taken the pill without food. I recommend taking this product with food. "
- Leeann
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R$74.01 R$47.22
Natural Sources Raw Thyroid

"I feel much better taking this product rather than the synthetic hormones given by my doctor... Thank you"
- Julie pitman

"This is my second order - It really works - more energy - I feel normal again!"
- Kate Farrant
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R$185.88 R$108.26
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

"Optimum Nutrition faz o melhor Whey protein do mundo."

"Melhor whey custo benefício. O sabor é muito bom, isso é um diferencial deste produto. Os resultados são muito rápidos. Uma das melhores proteínas que já consumi. Recomendo a todos. "
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R$185.88 R$133.43
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

"Produto de ótima qualidade. Fácil de dissolver e tem um gosto delicioso. Recomendo muito."
- Elvis Esgroi

"Melhor proteína do mundo na minha opinião. "
- Ricardo Luiz de Melo
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R$79.38 R$42.85
Now Foods Tribulus

"Já utilizei este produto. Não digo que seja excelente mas sim muito bom. A marca é Top! Não senti grande diferença com o uso de tribulus para fins de ganho de massa muscular."

"Produto muito bom, e chegou rápido no Brasil"
- Anonymous
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Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

"Best organic vinegar. Good taste and no problem to stock."
- Safia DJAMA

"Esse vinagre é uma delícia além de fazer super bem para saúde ele é bem mais saboroso do que os outros. Li um artigo na internet a respeito de todos os benefícios que ele oferece, é muito interessante e esse vale a pena adicionar na dieta!"
- Talita Oliveira
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R$214.76 R$146.28
BSN Syntha-6

"Excelente diluição na água, ótimo sabor e digestão super tranquila, vale a pena, uma das melhores whey do mercado."
- Lucas

"This protein tastes great! I've tried other Syntha-6 products and was not disappointed, and this one is not different. This Chocolate Milkshake has such a great flavor and I love how the power mixes well even with water. It doesn't leave any weird after taste like other proteins and it doesn't get clumpy the closer to the bottle you get. Really good product. "
- Harley Kensington
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R$54.11 R$29.20
Now Foods Tribulus

"Produto excelente! Ideal para intensificar o ritmo de treinos. Tomei alternando uma/duas cápsulas por dia e senti uma grande diferença na qualidade dos treinos."
- Babi Domingos

"Excelente Produto!!!!! Obtive ótimos resultados."
- Anonymous
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R$72.16 R$38.95
Now Foods Thyroid Energy

"Works for me. It is good for hashimoto. I am use everyday. Muito bom, estou tomando todos os dias. Desde que comecei a utilizar o produto minha vida está melhor."
- Vanessa Avelar Mendes

"Bom, MUITO bom, dá suporte de energia. Te deixa mais animado mas tem o efeito colateral de te deixar meio enjoado às vezes."
- Erika Soares de Oliveira
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R$151.58 R$101.48
Libido Edge TestaEdge Cream for Men

"This product works wonders!!! "
- Joseph Martin

"this is my first time using this cream and it worked great my lower back hurt all the time and I rub some of this cream on my back and the pain was gone"
- Eldon Conorquie
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R$252.52 R$160.99
Hi-Tech Supplements Lipodrene

"Na minha opinião é o termogenico mais potente do mercado, aumenta e muito a termogenese, muita disposição e muito foco, meus treinos renderam e muito com este suplemento, perdi muito peso com ele."
- Gabriel Avelino

"Helps curb appetite and gives an energy boost for a few hours. "
- Sarah Perez
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R$70.94 R$45.31
Universal Nutrition Creatine

"Creatina melhora muito minha força, principalmente em treinamento com pesos, consigo aumentar a carga em todos os aparelhos. Não me deixa fadigado, consigo treinar com um ótimo rendimento do início ao fim."
- Márcio Cohim Guimarães Freitas

"Rápida absorção, cristais nao diluem."
- Jones Cordeiro
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R$205.59 R$132.49
Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

"Um preço super acessível e o produto completo."
- francisco Weslay Ramalho lima

"One of the most complete supplements on the market!"
- Savio Dos Santos Mendes
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R$118.95 R$75.97
Premier Marketing DermaLoss - Weight Loss Patch

"DermaLoss has really helped me stop craving bad food and greasy carb-filled foods. I have lost about 5 lbs and am eating much healthier :) I just ordered a second box. I love that it's easy to use and less easy to forget than pills. "
- N.M.

"It did not work for me. I thought, seeing the good reviews, it was going to. I have been on them for 30 days and no weight loss."
- Jennifer M.
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R$91.41 R$68.55
Irwin Naturals Advanced Yohimbe-Plus

"Advanced Yohimbe-Plus is very strong product! I only need one or two softgels for a good and fast result. I highly recommend this supplement."
- Frank V.

"I have used Advanced Yohimbe-Plus for the past one month one tablet daily. Initially (2 or 3 weeks) the results were great but now I see no difference. It is as good as not taking the tablet. In fact I took 2 tablets yesterday night and still I feel nothing. I have decided to stop taking this tablet. In fact I feel better now by not taking this tablet."
- P
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R$108.12 R$63.25
Bio Nutrition Pure Green Coffee Bean

"Excellent product"
- Simone Antaki

"Awesome and easy to take, I love this product and can see quick results!"
- Charlene Robinson
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R$120.86 R$90.21
Quest Nutrition Quest Bar

"This in my opinion is the best protein bar. My wife loved it. If you did not try, you must try soon. Super recommended."
- Alexandre Costa

"Uma delícia, nem parece que é uma barrinha de proteína, é grande e dá pra segurar a fome. Eu só não gostei muito do gosto, a que eu comprei foi a "cookies & cream", mas se você intercalar com outro sabor, não enjoa, mas se for pra comer todos os dias, não dá.. enjoa demais. Comprarei outros sabores, com certeza. RECOMENDO! "
- Priscila Ramos
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R$139.71 R$111.77
Nature's Plus SKINNY MINI

"I love these! I've taken Hydroxycut before and it didn't work as fast as these do. You HAVE to diet and exercise to lose weight though, you can't just buy a few pills and expect it to work miracles. I was 141 when I started these. After two weeks of taking these, drastically decreasing my portion sizes and working out hard everyday I'm right at 131. The combo of these diet pills and diet and exercise works fast! Just stick to it so you don't gain it back! Good luck all! Upside: very good price for the amount you get Downside: I am having some chest pains. I don't know of it is from skinny mini though!"
- Jade

"Hi! I have noticed that Nature's Plus Ultra Skinny Mini really works. I'm 33 yrs old. I've started taking it since October 4, when I was 160lbs. For two weeks, combined with my exercise regimen, I lost 8lbs But during the last week of October, at 150lbs I stopped taking it because I thought that my exercise was the reason for my weight loss and ultra skinny mini has no contribution and was not working. And so I went on with my exercise: yoga booty ballet, treadmill, dancing, but I became lazy and felt like I can't stand even for 15 minutes because I got easily tired and my appetite soared high that I opened the fridge almost all the time! On November 5, I gained 4 lbs in just a week! So I started taking it again and lost the pounds I have gained. Last week, I already weighed 148lbs but I ran out of the pill. But I have it again since yesterday but its a pity because I am again 150lbs! But I am now optimistic about my losing weight, and I feel happy because with the aid of Ultra Skinny Mini tablets I can reach my ideal weight. I already bought 3 packs of 90tabs each, so I will not run out of it again. At first, I didn't believe that it worked. But now, I can attest to its effectively. I could have never learned until I skipped it. See it for yourself... Thanks Nature's Plus Ultra Skinny Mini.. "
- Anonymous
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R$214.76 R$119.09
BSN Syntha-6

"O Syntha com gostinho de sorvete de banilha me conquistou. Facil de misturar em agua, nao fica com aquelas pelotinhas que alguns pos ficam, o cheiro e maravilhoso e o gosto muito bom. Eu sempre coloco uma colher dele na minha garrafinha com agua e vou para academia. O BCAA e um suplemento importante para a recuprecao dos musculos e pra mim funciona ainda melhor quando tomado durante o exercicio."
- Monica W

"O cheiro é delicioso, fácil de misturar com uma coqueteleira, o gosto é fraco quando misturado com água como qualquer outra proteína mas se misturado com leite ou adicionado à vitamina de banana é bem melhor. "
- kdano
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