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R$73.60 R$57.04
Dose Per Serving: 2,000 IU
Biotics Research Bio-D Mulsion Forte

"We have been getting this Bio-D for several years. My wife has osteoporosis and it has really kept her back from getting worse. Great stuff!"
- Robert Cohen

"My wife has used Bio-D Mulsion Forte with great success. I am now trying it and fully expect the desired result, but I will need more time before I test my blood level."
- Anonymous
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R$104.88 R$81.28
Biotics Research Dysbiocide
R$159.34 R$123.49
Biotics Research A.D.P.

"Excelent product and service for evitamins."
- Bere MI
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R$98.62 R$77.00
Biotics Research Aqueous Multi-Plus

"I was looking for a good multivitamin for my 2 boys who always tend to fall sick and need something good and also need to taste good as they are picky on the taste plus they don't like those gummy type supplements. Came across aqueous multi plus which is recommended by my doctor. So tried it out. A very good multivitamin and kids like it as it tastes nice too. Price is also very reasonable. Will definitely continue to buy from There are rewards program as well which make it even more attractive. Thumbs up and recommend this to everyone. Give it a 5 stars product and price. "
- Joan Soon
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R$141.68 R$109.80
Biotics Research Berberine HCl 500 mg
R$110.03 R$85.56
Biotics Research Beta-TCP
R$69.55 R$53.90
Biotics Research Carbamide Plus

"Carbamide Plus is my magic bullet for gout. I was finally lucky enough to discover this in time to prevent what would have been my now 10th annual midwinter attack. Been using it for almost 2 months now, bought elsewhere first before finding it here for less :) I noticed some pain and swelling, signalling the beginnings of a flare. I fasted for 36 hours and was very careful of what I ate and drank until it arrived days later, in the same kinda painful swollen state. A few days later, the pain was mostly gone and the swelling began to come down. 2 months and many beers later, nothing but smiles for me. Passed the Beer Test with flying colors! Got Gout, Get Carbamide Plus!"
- Vince Di Carlo
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R$65.87 R$51.34
Biotics Research Cytozyme Orchic

"Great to boost testosterone"
- Joel Sutton
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R$180.32 R$139.75
Biotics Research Cytozyme-AD

"My naturopath recommended these to help fight my adrenal fatigue. In just 2 months my test results have come back to almost normal! This product helped so much, I found it the cheapest here on eVitamins! Thank you!!!!"
- Stacy Weller
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R$102.67 R$79.86
Biotics Research FC-Cidal
R$112.24 R$86.99
Biotics Research Hydro-Zyme

"Smaller tablets that are easier to digest. Comes with large amount of tablets for a great price. Taste a little bitter at times. My first choice for a digestive enzyme."
- Deborah Young
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R$367.63 R$285.20
Biotics Research Intenzyme Forte

"Quality digestive enzymes."
- Vladimir Garaj
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