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R$116.12 R$62.69
Now Foods Quercetin with Bromelain

"Quercetin is the best anti-estrogen I have ever tried."
- Amith B

"Now foods Quercetin with bromelin is an amazing supplement having quick results. It helps me to keep my respiratory allergy and nasal congestion under control without any side effects and it helps to maintain a healthy immune function too."
- Ranga R
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R$23.20 R$14.81
Thompson Rutin 500 mg

"Great product!"
- Karren Matthews

"Excellent product. Good brand too. Taken with vitamin C my blood vessels no longer break. If I stop using it for a week I notice that a blood vessel will break - so sore."
- Helen Samujh
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R$54.41 R$29.37
Now Foods Citrus Bioflavonoids

"I was expecting it to be a little smaller so much easier to take them. That is the only thing I did not like it. Very good product though, I realized I have not had any flu since taking it. So I recommend it."
- Mary Lois

"Simply the best, Great cost-value, excellent for your circulation and vascular structures (anywhere)."
- Martin Tamez
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R$43.20 R$36.74
Nature's Plus Rutin 500

"I was in so much pain that from hemorrhoids that I went to the doctor. They said they could do surgery, but it would be painful and they may come back again. I heard Rutin 500 would help with hemorrhoids so I started using it. They went away and have not come back since... and now it's been 5 years! I would recommend this for anyone with hemorrhoid pain."
- Greg Radford

"I personally have not ever taken Rutin, however almost two years ago my cat was diagnosed with chylothorax. This is a condition where lymph fluid drains into the chest cavity rather than staying in the lymph system. At the time I was told that he had anywhere from two weeks to 6 months to live. My veterinarian suggested I start him on rutin to try to prolong his life. This November it will be two years! Rutin slowed down and stopped the drainage and he is doing great."
- Anonymous
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R$79.82 R$57.46
Garden of Life Living Vitamin C

"I love Living Vitamin C. We use it and avoid colds and the flu."
- Jeff W.

"Living Vitamin C from Garden of Life is an excellent product!"
- Jeff W.
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R$217.76 R$117.58
Now Foods Quercetin with Bromelain

"The size of the capsule is good."
- Lymcs

"Очень полезный и эффективный продукт. Высокое содержание кверцетина."
- ??????? ?????????????
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R$68.06 R$39.80
Source Naturals Activated Quercetin

"I had urticaria. From the past 2 years i had been taking anti allergics. But after taking this product i never had to take any anti-allergic. Excellent product!"
- Madhu Jain
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R$162.95 R$107.38
Kal Quercetin

"Quercetin is a great anti-oxidant that promotes general health. I learned about it from a leading health magazine. I have felt invigorated and very fit since taking it."
- James Long
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R$50.78 R$28.87
Nature's Way Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids
R$54.41 R$29.37
Now Foods Rutin 450 mg

"I´m testing yet, but I think its good."
- Helmuth Pacheco Salazar
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