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Futurebiotics Chill Pill

"The Chill Pill works very well. Definitely calms you down and makes you feel more relaxed. Would advise starting with taking 1 only until you see how it works for you. If you take too many at once though definitely feels like you're about to fall asleep. "
- Harley Kensington

"I have been taking Chill Pill for over a month now and if anything my symptoms have worsened. Sure wasted my money."
- Ginger C.
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R$67.49 R$51.31
Natural Care Anxiety Relief

"This product works. I love it! "
- Jen

"Excellent product! It really works !"
- Tammy Dale
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R$59.00 R$31.84
Now Foods True Calm

"Tenho uma vida profissional muito agitada. Com isso, estava me estressando muito, o que estava sendo muito prejudicial para minha saúde. Desta forma, resolvi procurar um suplemento que me auxiliasse no combate ao stress. Após muita pesquisa, li bons relatos do produto True Calm da Now Fods. Já conhecia a marca pois compro outros produtos e sei da qualidade e excelência da marca. Resolvi comprar este produto para experimentar. Conforme descrição, este produto é formulado para aliviar o stress mental, utilizando uma mistura de aminoácidos.Também, ele contém nutrientes cerebrais como GABA. Ele também contém ervas que ajudam a acalmar o corpo e a mente para ajudar a pessoa a rejuvenescer e gerenciar os níveis de stress relaxante. Após iniciar o uso deste produto percebi uma melhora em meu stress. Nos primeiros dias de uso já me senti mais relaxado e tranquilo, melhorando o desempenho em meu trabalho. Realmente o produto tem funcionado comigo. Minha esposa também está fazendo uso deste produto e relata que seu stress tem diminuído significativamente. Certamente irei comprar novamente este produto."
- Adilson de Chaves

"Me sinto melhor, Estou me sentindo muito bem, ele tira toda a minha ansiedade e o meu sono melhorou bastante."
- Paulo Sérgio da Rocha Ferreira
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Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

"Not my favorite of Yogi's. I personally am not the biggest fan of the flavor, however the calming effect was noticeable."
- Meghan Johns

"Having children does stress you out a little more worrying all the time, but after the day is over ,drinking this tea helps me feel more relaxed and helps me sleep a whole lot better."
- Jennifer D.
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R$71.92 R$55.02
Liddell Laboratories Letting Go Anxiety & Tension

"Natural product is handy to carry in handbag. The taste is not unpleasant, very useful for mild anxiety."
- Rachael Allen

"Letting Go Anxiety & Tension is great to use for anxiety!"
- Tara K.
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R$81.00 R$68.86
Nature's Plus Kalm-Assure

"I bought Kalm-Assure for a friend who has been having trouble being nervous when she drives. After taking it for a month, she says that she is already feeling less nervous and intends to continue on the product. Thank you!"
- Anonymous

"I took Kalm-Assure years ago when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It went away after 1 bottle and I took one more to be sure. It has never come back and that was 9 years ago. I take it now and then when ever my life gets very stressed. I have recommended it to friends with fibromyalgia and it went away for them also. Great product"
- L. Henly
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Olympian Labs Calm

"This supplement was nothing short of a miracle for my fibromyalgia. I was able to discontinue my serotonin reuptake inhibitor within 2 weeks of starting this supplement. I would encourage fibromyalgia sufferers to try it!"
- Anonymous

"It did not work for me, money wasted. I recommend trying another supplement if you're looking for something to calm your nerves."
- Ellen
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R$47.93 R$35.42
MediNatura BHI Calming

"Calming is an overall good product that I would buy again. It calms without making one sleepy. Good for dealing with a tense situation: it turns down being oversensitive or over reactive. Take it before dealing with a tough boss or just before driving during rush-hour. This would be a good alternative to zoning out in front of the TV to relax or drinking a beer. Your pets will like you more, and so will your wife!"
- Anonymous

"Ii have used Calming Homeopathic Medication and it really calmed me down without being dozy or sleepy. I would recommend it to anybody that is up tight or nervous or panicky it works. Dillard ."
- Anonymous
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R$47.90 R$33.54
Source Naturals Calm Thoughts

"This is an excellent supplement! As efficient as the name. I have had anxiety problems since past 10 years and this supplement has worked wonders in reducing my anxiety and stabilizing my mind. It's contents are perfect! Great formulation! No more foggy thoughts and I can relax and sleep better."
- Ritwik Kukreja

"Amazing... at first I was taking 1 at a time and it didn't really help much, as I have extreme anxiety that only Xanax would help. Then my friend told me to take 2 or 3 of these and I did. Wow what a relief and it's all natural. I even have horrible headaches when I get anxious and it even cured me of that. Such a relief. It makes my stomach feel weird if I take on an empty stomach, but isn't so bad. I would recommend to anybody."
- Buddy K
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Now Foods Kava Kava Extract 250 mg

"Good product. Not a "knock out" drug but definitely helps with relaxation :)"
- Rachael Allen
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R$54.98 R$39.85
Carlson Labs Mellow Mood

"I purchased these vitamins about 3 weeks ago and usually only take one at night time. It says you can take them 3 times a day but I also heard that they can make you drowsy and didn't want to run the risk of being tired and sleepy during the day. I have found that I get a good night's sleep when taking the one tablet before bed and I don't get up to go to the bathroom as much during the night either (that's a big plus). There is a slight smell to the tablet but nothing bad or offensive. I am super sensitive to smells and this didn't bother me, so it must be alright! "
- Missy
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