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R$ 67,95 R$ 55,53
NeoCell Super Collagen Plus C

"Good, if you have no problem with acne. Makes my skin texture feel great, but gives me acne. So I had to give this away to my mom, who loves it. Still giving 4 stars because what is bad for me isn't necessarily bad for everyone else."
- Fallaway

"Uma das melhores marcas de colágeno. Poucos dias e já é possível sentir pequenas mudanças positivas no aspecto da pele. Recomendo. Sem efeitos colaterais."
- Lays A Lazzerotti
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R$ 22,54 R$ 17,32
Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque

"É fácil de aplicar e seca razoávelmente rápido. Eu percebi alguma diferença, mas não muita!"
- Jhonathan Reis

"Excelente, minha esposa observou resultado imediato. "
- Paulo Sérgio da Rocha Ferreira
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R$ 107,78 R$ 80,85
Reviva Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid Vit.C Ester  DMAE Cream

"Well, it works sorta. Give it at least a month's time. But please do not expect any miracles by any chance!"
- HealthFreak

"Very good product. Really hydrates and moisturizes your skin."
- madhu jain
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R$ 85,16 R$ 45,97
Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum

"Bom, cheiroso, deixa a pele macia."
- Rodrigo Reis

"Estou usando a uns dias estou gostando porém ainda não tenho uma opinião formada. "
- Andréa Costa Nunes Passeri
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R$ 76,89 R$ 58,79
Jason Natural Cosmetics Ester C Cream

"I put Ester C Cream on my face at bedtime. It helps me avoid actinic keratosis. Have been using it for years!"
- Sheila V.

"I bought Ester C Cream a few days ago and after about 3/4 days of using it morning and evening I have a horrible rash on my face! I have no clue how to get rid of it and am so far away from home to see a Doctor. I bought it because I could not find my usual face cream and thought I could use this in the interim. I cannot believe that the results are so crazy after just a few days! I regret buying it. "
- Anonymous
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R$ 80,90 R$ 43,67
Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid Creme

"Ótimo creme para reduzir marcas de expressão. Essa é a primeira vez que uso acido hyaluronic e não tenho o que reclamar. Com uso diario mesmo que a poucos dias já vi grandes resultados, reduziu muito minhas marcaas de expressão. Pretendo permanecer usando e recomendar para as amigas."
- Daphne Souza

"Excellent product. Softens my skin by moisturizing. Highly recommend!"
- Alex Haroldo Jeller
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R$ 95,85 R$ 60,39
Derma E DMAE Alpha Lipoic C-Ester Cream

"I have been disappointed in this product because of the level of DMAE. I have used 2 other products with DMAE that had far greater results. I haven't noticed any results at all in this product in terms of tightening, which DMAE is supposed to do within 10-14 days. I like the product in that it's not too oily and it absorbs well and I like the moisturizing aspect. Another DMAE cream I used worked really well, in 7 days, but it had alcohol and was drying. It had no moisture in it. So for me, this cream did not do what I expected. I've used it probably 6wks and still no noticeable improvement. I will not buy it again. "
- Anonymous

"I really like Derma E's DMAE Alpha Lipoic C-Ester cream and plan on buying it again. I tend to have dry skin and have found that this works great. It has reduced my wrinkles, slightly, but I think it has just moisturized my face and reduced the look of my wrinkles. I am very happy with it and plan to keep using it."
- Maureen
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R$ 127,59 R$ 104,09
NeoCell Collagen 2 Joint Complex 600 mg


"Tenho tomado para as articulações, especialmente joelhos. Muito bom."
- Miriam Arado
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R$ 99,68 R$ 76,17
Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Face Cream

"This was good, not sticky, smells like lemons. I use it after my shower before bed. I don't know if it does all it says, but it is a nice moisturizer skin cream. "
- Anonymous

"진짜 피부가 좋아져요! 인터넷에서 유명하던데 진짜 효과가 좋더라구요 :) 처음에는 약간의 온열감이 있었으나 적응되고 향이 굉장히 상큼해서 좋고 마무리감도 좋고 !! 너무너무만족해서 다 사용한 후에 재구매의사있습니다"
- Anonymous
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R$ 58,96 R$ 45,05
Avalon Organics CoQ10 Facial Cleansing Milk

"AVALON ORGANICS WRINKLE THERAPY I saw this product while searching for something to add to my cart to qualify for the free shipping😁.... I am glad I chose this organic facial cleanser, My face was left cleansed, soft, gentle on my skin and mainly it did NOT feel dry or stripped. I will purchase the entire Avalon Organic Skin line which also includes, toner and facial lotion as well. GREAT PRODUCT... P.S. I ended up paying for Rush delivery to try the product...LOL #Go Figure😊😁😊"
- Deouna Jagne

"I love this product and the whole line. My skin never felt better. The moisturizing wash is especially helpful during the winter months when my skin tends to dry out."
- Anonymous
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R$ 63,69 R$ 50,95
Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Creme

"If you read the ingredients in this creme, you will find many ingredients. Vitamin A is among them, but I do not understand how it can be called Vitamin A Creme."
- Anonymous

"I love Vitamin A Wrinkle Treatment Creme. I was surprised by the size at such a minimal cost. I've tried many creams on the market that were much higher in cost but did not deliver what they promised. I wear this cream in the morning and at night, and whenever I just want some additional moisture. I have very sensitive skin and have had no reactions whatsoever to this cream. It has reduced the lines and wrinkles on my face and I've only been using it a short while."
- ff
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R$ 122,39 R$ 93,55
Avalon Organics CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Serum

"As soon as the CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense serum dries I feel like I've had a face lift. You can feel the tightness. It's great and Ph balanced. It doesn't feel greasy and can go on under makeup. One bottle lasts about 2-3 months if applied twice a day."
- Joyce

"I can't live without this. It fills in all the little crow's feet. I put it under eye, over lids and the area above my lids then apply my cosmetics after is drys which is clear. After it drys you can't tell that it is there but you can see a huge difference. CoQ10 is best used when absorbed through the skin and it renews cells making this product fantastic. It took 10 years off my face."
- Jen
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R$ 117,87 R$ 90,04
Avalon Organics CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Cream

"CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Cream seems to be working on my wife! Her skin looks smoother."
- Ike Agustin

"I have an acne issue and was using traditional products, but found that my face was rough and dry, so I looked for a product that I could use for aging as well. I found that using CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Cream alone made my skin firmer and the Ph balancing regulated my skin so I no longer need acne products. This renewed my epidermis to a youthful stage, minus all the acne. My skin was just yearning for the moisture and balancing. Acne products were just making it worse. I love this product and combine it with the serum (used around the eyes) and with Alba Coconut Facial Wash. The three are a dynamite combo. All three last about 3 months. I'm 30 and have finally found my baby skin!"
- Joy
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R$ 81,62 R$ 62,37
Avalon Organics CoQ10 Ultimate Firming Lotion

"It's fabulous. I have sun damaged skin on my forearms which bruises and tears easily. Since using this cream I have no more bruises and no tearing. "
- Maree Mayer

"Lovely aroma. My skin feels firmer and softer and small wrinkles are smoothing out."
- Karen E.
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R$ 102,15 R$ 71,53
Source Naturals Skin Eternal Cream

"I have been using Skin Eternal Cream now for just over one year. Being a holistic practitioner, I did a lot of research into natural products that are good for the skin. Hands down this product has all the ingredients (and some)that I had found to be the best for the skin. I have actually promoted up to 15 users of it- men and women alike and they are all repeat buyers. I will never be out of this product in my house."
- Gena Beaver

"Отлично подходит на холодный период, отлично выравнивает цвет кожи и рельеф. Аромат в баночке напоминает пина коладу, но при нанесении видоизменяется. Имеет приятную консистенцию. Легко распределяется по коже, на утро дает небольшой блеск. "
- Tatiana
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R$ 85,16 R$ 45,97
Now Foods Wrinkle Rescue Caps

"Excelente, ótimo. Dá energia, deixa sua pele mais luminosa e mais macia. Adorei!!"
- Alexandre Luis Rodrigues

"Great product, similar to Dr Perricone's at a much better price."
- John Wilson
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R$ 85,16 R$ 45,97
Now Foods CoQ10 Age Defying Moisturizer

"Uso como creme de dia e já não vivo sem ele. A minha pele melhorou significativamente. Parece mais saudável e jovem."
- Brígida Raquel Dias Pinto

"CoQ10 Age Defying Moisturizer is a very good product. Combined with the coq10 serum ... they give energy in your face in the morning!"
- Chris Ioannou
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R$ 91,59 R$ 70,10
Mayumi Anti-Aging Squalane Oil

"Mayumi Anti-Aging Squalane Oil is so convenient anti-aging product. I can use it under my make-up! It is still too early to see results, I'm using it just a few days but I feel my skin smoother and it feels great. "
- Eva C.

"I am so excited about Mayumi's Anti- Aging Squalane Oil. I put it on under my make up and a little does go a long way. I wish I had started using this when I was younger but am so glad I have found it now. I can feel my face getting younger every day."
- KHiller
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R$ 106,29 R$ 81,28
Andalou Naturals Lift  Firm Cream

"Cream in a plastic jar, by sight as glass. Butter cream, smells sweetish tasty, is distributed easily, it is possible to tell thaws when drawing and is absorbed without the rest. I have a dry skin, cream doesn't shine on skin in general. It is clear, that won't smooth a wrinkle, but softens them perfectly and warns new. Feeds and humidifies at the same time."
- Alexa

"Отличный лифтинг крем для лица, вообще очень люблю марку Andalou Naturals и она никогда не подводила. "
- Tatiana
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R$ 65,60 R$ 49,20
Reviva Labs Elastin  DMAE Night Cream

"This cream is not oil free, so if you are prone to breakouts or have oily skin, this will not work for you. It made me breakout and gave my skin a dull appearance. I used it for about 3 months."
- Anonymous

"This Elastin and DMAE night cream is a terrible product. It made my skin look worse!"
- Lea
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R$ 85,16 R$ 45,97
Now Foods CoQ10 Age Defying Serum

"CoQ10 Age Defying Serum refreshes your face. Good product."
- Chris L.

"I'm using Hyaluronic Acid Night Wrinkle Remedy Creme by Now, and Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum by Now at nigh combined with CoQ10 Age Defying Moisturizer by Now and CoQ10 Age Defying Serum by Now in the morning. I feel my skin looks younger and brighter after a week. I will order these items again. I recommend them."
- Chris L.
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R$ 97,77 R$ 74,95
Earth Science Cellagen Renew Serum

"My skin has never looked healthier."
- Lucía sanz valles

"My skin is very hydrated without being greasy. I really like it. I have problems with breaking out and this serum allows me to hydrate without causing any breakouts."
- TC
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R$ 100,07 R$ 67,10
Life-Flo Retinol A 1-

"My favorite night time product!!!!! I can see the results of using it for quite a while now and I am scared to stop!!!"
- PS

"Makes my skin feel smooth and visibly reduced lines."
- Bhelps
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R$ 306,72 R$ 230,04
Life Extension Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ

"Too many other ingredients are mixed in this product. I just wanted the PPQ plain."
- Charles D. Keefe
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