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R$128.41 R$77.07
Optimum Nutrition BCAA

"Eu já utilizei BCAA de outra marca e notei que essa marca trouxe melhor desempenho. Recomendo."
- Pedro Seckler Yoshikawa

"Fale o que você gosta e o que não gosta sobre este produto."
- Alex Moreira
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R$106.39 R$71.79
Dymatize Nutrition BCAA Complex 2200

"Resultados visíveis!"
- Pablo Xavier

"BCCA Complex auxilia muito nos treinos intensos e ajuda muito na recuperação. Senti o resultado logo de cara. Excelente produto."
- marcos vinicius de morais anacleto
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R$32.99 R$17.29
Now Foods L-Tyrosine

"Tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine and a bunch of others neurotransmitters and hormones. I've noticed that it really helps with my mood, making me calmer and more positive! It is also great for the thyroid, depending on the issue. I feel very calm in spite of stressful situations when I use tyrosine. evitamins always delivers fast so no complaints!"
- Deepak P

"Um companheiro aos estudos. Revigorante. Animador. Mexe com sua altivez. Aguça sua perspicácia."
- Zeilton de Sena Pinto
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R$66.02 R$34.64
Now Foods GABA

"The product has very calming effect on mind and aids in better sleep."
- Veeranjaneyulu N

"Ótimo suplemento. Vai te proporcionar dias de maior tranquilidade. Diminui o stress e a ansiedade. A marca é confiável. Recomendo."
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R$119.24 R$73.36
Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiNO Energy

"Wow! I am very impressed with this Essential Amino Energy supplement! The grape flavor is outstanding and doesn't have any weird after taste. The scent is very pleasant! The container is a little large for travel but that's okay I just split servings up into plastic bags or add it into my shaker cup dry and wait to add water later."
- C. Wolfe

"Performance supplements typically get a bad rap for their taste. However I find the taste and smell of Optimum's Amino Energy as tasty. What matters most is the pick-me-up that I get from taking the product. I'm totally ready for my workout."
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R$73.36 R$38.50
Now Foods NAC

"Good Product, improved liver function, no common cold and cough, improve respiratory function and immune function. Recommended."
- Sharath Gowda

"NAC has been suggested by my physician to alleviate some persistent cough due to a lung infection. I have found NAC top be very effective for the same. Apart from being able to breathe better and more freely, I guess NAC is also being effective in flushing out heavy metals from my system and giving my antioxidant levels a boost. I feel more fresh and alive."
- Sukanya Dutta
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R$161.99 R$121.50
Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA

"The best, A ON como sempre de parabéns, ótimo suplemento."
- Vitor Santos Paixão

"Excellent BCAA!!!, Excellent BCAA!!!"
- Gregório Amorim Cunha
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R$58.68 R$30.79
Now Foods Amino Complete

"Very good product. Very correct delivery. "
- Katarina C.

"Although we haven't felt any results yet, we're confident Amino Complete will be beneficial to our health in the long run. The snap on top doesn't appear to help the capsules stay fresh. A twist on cap may be a better method."
- Wayne H. S.
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R$88.04 R$46.21
Now Foods L-Arginine

"Bom suplemento! Este aminoácidos ajuda a fortalecer e reparar os músculos após os exercícios, a própria creatina é um subproduto da arginina, utilizada em suplementos para ganho de massa muscular."
- Pablo Caires Rocha

- Tamara Eller Barros
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R$44.00 R$23.08
Now Foods L-Arginine

"I am using this for sometime and it's really helpful and keep your energy levels at optimum level, and also I continued taking ecospirin 150 mg too without any issues."

"A L-Arginina é um bom vasodilatador, aumenta o ganho de força e disposição nos treinos ."
- Paulo Sérgio Vieira Dutra
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R$47.67 R$24.99
Now Foods GABA

"This product definitely calms one down and get a restful sleep. It also helps achieve a relaxed state throughout the day. One is more focused and in control of oneself. Helps alleviate anxiety. Highly recommended!"
- Sukanya Dutta

"I'm finding this product helps with my anxiety... and with inducing sleep. It took a couple of weeks to kick in, and now I feel like my anxiety is a lot better controlled."
- maria raftellis
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R$66.02 R$34.64
Now Foods L-Glutamine

"O produto parece ter boa qualidade. Ele se mistura muito bem com a água. Porém, não tem bom sabor. Mas nenhuma outra glutamina em pó tem bom sabor. "
- Luciano Alves de Araujo

"Bom Produto. Tomo 13 gramas por dia (5 gramas no café da manhã, 3 gramas no pré-treino e 5 gramas no pós-treino). Me ajuda na recuperação e contribui para o sistema imunológico. Recomendo."
- Diego Santana
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R$62.35 R$32.70
Now Foods Acetyl-L-Carnitine

"It's been a month that I've been taking NOW's Acetyl-L Carnitine. I take it in the morning on an empty stomach. The effects are totally noticeable. I stay alert during the day. Daytime sleepiness is totally gone! Definitively increased my energy levels as well. Overall I would say I have become active after taking Acetyl-L Carnitine. "
- Ritwik Kukreja

"Muito bom! Não fico mais sem!"
- Douglas William Freitas
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R$66.02 R$38.50
Now Foods L-Tyrosine

"Muito Bom! Combinado com outros suplementos faz com que melhore a quem sofre de ansiedade, insonia etc..."

"Gostei, acho que me ajudou muito na concentração. "
- Gabrielle Malvásio
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R$168.78 R$88.59
Now Foods L-Theanine

"Seems to work well with coffee."
- Alef Goulart

"Tenho utilizado este produto durante um tempo. Recentemente, têm estreitado fora medicamentos de prescrição para a ansiedade e voltou para o fiel L-teanina. Pouco depois de tomar este, tenho uma sensação de calma. Isso me ajuda a dormir à noite, se necessário. Também eu tomo durante o dia, durante períodos de estresse, e funciona bem. Eu sou um fã deste produto."
- Fabiano Santana da Silva
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R$92.45 R$52.81
NutraLife Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl

"Good quality product. I felt a positive impact on alertness. I am satisfied."
- Sumit D

"O produto que comprei L Carnitine HCI com evitamins esta me dando maior vontade de ser ativo e me sentir melhor, acho porque contribui a melhorar os processos de antioxidação que com idade vão envelhecer o corpo humano. É um produto útil para manter seu bem-estar. Gabriele Dell Utri"
- gabriele dell utri
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R$52.11 R$39.09
Solgar GABA

"I tried many brands and this one, Solgar's, to my mind is very effective. It does not give any side effects and does everything stated on the bottle."
- Ludmila L

"I have taken GABA for about three months. I began taking it for weight loss recommended by DREAMSHAPE but had no results. After taking it for one month, I noticed a decrease in stress and I was able to get to sleep quicker then usual and I am taking Zyprexa for that. GABA works better then Zyprexa and doesn't make me drowsy so I will keep taking it."
- Susan Stanley
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R$57.18 R$43.65
Twinlab L-Tyrosine

"L-Tyrosine works for keeping cravings down."
- Kyle G.

"I have suffered from chronic fatigue symptoms for several years. Prozac helped for a while, but then seemed to wear off. I tried L-Tyrosine last week, one capsule a day before eating, and I'm feeling better than I have for years. Energy level, concentration, memory and motivation all increased considerably. By the way my hair has got softer too!"
- Bill
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R$51.34 R$26.94
Now Foods L-Carnitine

"Excellent, Very good product. I liked it very much!"
- Caroline De Barros Cordeiro

"I love L-Carnitine. It makes me feel ten years younger and improves my alertness without giving me any jitters. Don't take any after 4 pm or you might have trouble falling asleep."
- Lyn B.
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R$124.74 R$88.92
PrimaForce ALCAR

"Excelente. Recomendo que encapsule para evitar agredir o esmalte dos dentes."
- Sergio Pansarini - PARTICULAR

"Amazing quality & it's so damn economical!! I used to have ALCAR pills & their monthly cost ran into several $ but for me powder ALCAR is grace in disguise just like water to thirst! Thanks eVitamins I am now hooked!"
- Rishab Mahajan
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R$91.71 R$48.11
Now Foods GABA

"Realmente maravilhoso. Acalma, diminui o stress, causa um relaxamento. "
- Virginia Araujo

"I have suffered from terrible anxiety for years, this product, along with magnesium and L-theanine has completely changed my life. This is now an essential product for me and helps me to stay calm and relaxed. I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from anxiety. I would also recommend taking sugar out of your diet. It has made a massive difference to me."
- Rachel Gordon
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R$161.44 R$84.74
Now Foods Glutathione

"I am not sure what, if anything, this product did for me physically. But I certainly felt a sense of "cleanliness" from it. It is suppose to help battle free radical cells - taste was fine - size was fine - definitely a "worth it" product for the internally health conscious person. "
- Jean-Claude Van Damme

"I bought 2 bottles of this supplement specifically to improve my skin, I have sallow looking complexion. It gave me a dangerously beautiful glow in the first 2 weeks, I kid you not! I then decided to jump on to the glutathione iv wagon and my overall complexion got one shade lighter and I kept getting compliments on how I was getting prettier whatever that means lol. I then ran out of the Now glutathione capsules and continued with the jarrows brand and my iv, boy was I in for a surprise my skin returned back dull and became a bit dark! It's then that I realized the Now glutathione is the one doing the work. I will never be without this supplement and I have stopped the outrageously expensive glutathione iv."
- Anne
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R$47.67 R$24.99
Now Foods L-Lysine
R$165.11 R$86.65
Now Foods Beta-Alanine

"Produto muito puro de beta alanina, de ótima qualidade, atendeu as expectativas ."
- Vitor Freitas

"This stuff is awesome. It's effects don't kick in for couple weeks so be patient when first starting Beta-Alanine. After a couple months my dead lift went from 375 lbs to 465 lbs and dumbbell bench went from a set of four at 85 lbs to a set of five at 110 lbs. You'll notice that pins and needles feeling in about five to 15 minutes after taking the recommended dose, you can take half or a quarter dose a few times over the course of the day until you body gets uses to it and that sensation minimizes. Once I got to that point I just took it before a workout."
- Brandon D.
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