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Alvita Valerian Root Tea

"I don't know about anyone else but this Organic Valerian Root Tea gave me lots of energy! I also noticed a few days after drinking this tea my skin was glowing. Price is not bad, either."
- Lisa H.

- Giovanni Pingitore
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R$24.99 R$19.98
Alvita Decaf Green Tea

"I am having Alvita green tea in a daily basis right before lunch and I really think it helps me to digest my food. The taste is fantastic and I love even more because it's decaf since I'm a coffee drinker. The smell is neutral which I think is fantastic. I would recommend this product to anyone. "
- Aline Santos

"Alvita Chinese green tea is a good Diuretic tea. I drink it occasionally when I've overindulged in soda, juice. I give it to my aunt who retains a lot of fluid and by drinking this tea she's able to release water a lot. This tea is very bitter to me without honey. You can have at least 3 cups a day between meals. Works for me!"
- Lisa Hunter
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R$27.20 R$22.52
Alvita Alfalfa Tea

"Taste great and a great source of iron."
- Jen

"I suffer from anemia and I forget to take pills for it all the time. But I always remember drink my tea instead of coffee and this product just makes my life a lot easier."
- Jennifer D.
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R$44.12 R$35.29
Alvita Cranberry Tea

"I just started drinking Cranberry Tea when found out that it was a part of a kidney cleanse formula along with parsley leaf, cornsilk, and cayenne pepper. I need something to help boost my kidney function and I am using this tea as a part of a daily kidney regimen. It is delicious hot with some honey mixed with it."
- Cynthia

"Alvita's Cranberry Tea has a really nice flavor and is a much better tasting alternative for urinary tract infections than plain cranberry juice. It is something that you can drink daily to prevent UTIs with a great taste."
- Tracy
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R$23.15 R$18.51
Alvita Sage Tea

"My friend recommended Sage Tea for my soar throat and cough. I am pleased with the flavor and found it very soothing. I am recommending it to another friend who lives in Phoenix and also has been fighting a cough. I like the fact that it is easy to prepare and doesn't come with side effects other cold remedies seem to produce. "
- Anonymous

"The sage tea has an excellent taste. It is very calming and cleansing."
- Anonymous
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R$29.04 R$23.22
Alvita Spearmint Leaf Tea

"This tea is just amazing I'm on my second box of this and I love it. Firstly it is Organic which is a plus point and secondly the taste is also good it's not very bitter or strong as compared to other Spearmint Tea that I have tried. Overall this tea is amazing and has helped me a lot to clear my skin also. "
- Sofia Pathan

"I would like to share that Spearmint Tea from Alvita has definitely worked wonders for me. I can clearly notice it in my health and hair texture. Would like to give a big thumbs Up to it. :) "
- Suhani Priya
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Alvita Red Clover Tea

- Anonymous

- Anonymous
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Alvita Dandelion Root Tea

"I drink Alvita's Dandelion tea to help with the digestive process after eating, especially when eating processed foods. I even drink it every morning before breakfast. I love this brand."
- Deepak Patra

"Great taste. Easy to use. Doesn't work as a detox to lose 5- 10 lbs in a week if you already drink that much water in your typical day."
- Sarah Morris
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R$29.04 R$23.22
Alvita Echinacea Tea

"I think it is very wonderful! It really clears out the membranes and is very good for sinus problems. "
- Spirit
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R$38.97 R$31.17
Alvita Echinacea and Goldenseal Tea

"This tea is very bitter. It almost taste like black tea without sugar added. You need at least 2 cups per day to feel energized. This tea really helped my cold and cough. My entire family uses it during this season."
- Lisa Hunter
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R$31.98 R$25.58
Alvita Horsetail Tea

"I love teas in general, but Alvita's Horsetail Grass Tea is extremely good in taste. Plus, my skin and hair have improved since drinking this tea. I recommend it highly!"
- Dianthia Simon
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R$29.40 R$23.52
Alvita Milk Thistle Tea

"Always helps my husband's upset stomach."
- Christa Holmes
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