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Alvita Organic Herbal Tea

"Taste great and a great source of iron."
- Jen

"I suffer from anemia and I forget to take pills for it all the time. But I always remember drink my tea instead of coffee and this product just makes my life a lot easier."
- Jennifer D.
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R$23.88 R$18.27
World Organic Chlorophyll

"It works amazing!"
- Kat

"I thinks Chlorophyll caps are the greatest."
- Anonymous
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R$33.08 R$17.85
Now Foods Alfalfa Leaf

"Super supplement! My mother deals with constant joint problems. Especially knee, finger and shoulder area. After doing some research on the internet I have found out that this herb in combination with Boswellia Extract can be a very effective medication. She is taking 2 capsules with food for about 3-4 days and already experiences tremendous relief. Unfortunately she has to take some prescribed drugs too, but no contradiction has occurred so we are absolutely satisfied! Thank You very much! "
- Alexander D.

"I like the fact that this is organic alfalfa. The capsules are easier to swallow than tablets and you dont have to bother with the taste at all. Now foods should release a bigger bottle for this product. The price for 100 capsules is amazing. Service from eVitamins is excelent."
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R$36.76 R$19.84
Now Foods Alfalfa

"I eat my vegetables but I am sure that I never get enough so I supplement with NOW Alfalfa pills every day."
- Jack Sparks

"An easy way to get your calcium and iron."
- Jenn
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R$43.02 R$30.10
Nature's Life Alfalfa Leaf

"I have been taking this Alfalfa Leaf product every day for 2 years. I think it is an excellent way to increase your dark green food intake, which, in a busy life, is hard to get enough of. I soaked one of these in a glass of water and it turned very dark green and looked very pure and clean. I highly recommend it, especially for anyone with a busy life. Also, the price is fair and reasonable for such a high quality product."
- Carl Lorentzson

"Pills are quite large so I chew them rather than swallowing. The taste is quite acceptable - very tolerable and very different from other brands of alfalfa pills I have tried."
- Janice Kline
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R$51.48 R$33.45
Dr. Christophers Alfalfa

"I found that an alfalfa 'sprout' product worked even more wonders. My cholesterol and blood pressure are down substantially."
- Jack Vultaggio
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R$35.66 R$24.07
World Organic Mega Chlorophyll

"Good product at a great price! Much better than liquid."
- Tracy Fitch
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R$19.10 R$14.57
World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll

"Liquid Chlorophyll is a really great way to freshen your breath internally!"
- Christen L.
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R$49.64 R$33.51
World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll

"Great product."
- Aurélia chanteur
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R$51.48 R$34.72
World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll 100 mg with Spearmint and Glycerin

"The information on Chlorophyll is so abundant, it is diffult to condense. Chlorophyll is so valuable to the body that chlorolphyll should be part of a daily regime."
- Anonymous
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R$66.20 R$35.73
Now Foods Alfalfa

"Very convenient to just put in your shakes and be on the go."
- Jenn
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