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The Swimming Pool Workout Perfect for Vacation

When you stay at a hotel, it may seem easy to skip your workout in favor of lounging by the pool. But with this workout, you can tackle both at the same time.

Most people would agree spending time in the pool is a favorite vacation pastime. All that sun and relaxation -- the last thing you might want to do is excuse yourself from the fun to head to the hotel gym. But there's a better way to sneak in some exercise. This pool workout can help you burn calories and tone muscles while keeping you cool.

This workout includes three circuits of exercises to tone you from head to toe. Repeat each circuit two to three times (more if you can) to help you stay on track, wherever you're vacationing. Stand along the wall of the pool where the water is deep enough to cover your shoulders but you can still stand and move comfortably. The water will provide the resistance you need without weights.

Five laps

Upper Body: 15 side raises with straight arms (hands open and flat)
Lower Body: 15 fire hydrants (each side -- bend leg at 90 degrees and raise to the side)
Abs: 15 leg tucks (legs together, facing forward, brought up toward the chest)
Cardio: 1 minute high knees

Upper Body: 15 tricep kickbacks (hands open and flat)
Lower Body: 15 back leg lifts (each side -- straight leg lifted directly behind you)
Abs: 15 leg tucks with a twist (alternating sides)
Cardio: 1 minute high knees

Upper Body: 15 bicep curls (hands open and flat)
Lower Body: 15 front kicks (each side -- straight leg lifted directly in front of you)
Abs: 15 sit-ups (legs out of water on the edge of the pool)
Cardio: 1 minute high knees

Five laps

Outdoor Workout Tips
When you're working out outside when it's warm, it's important to take the proper precautions to keep your activity productive and safe. Make sure to keep these tips in mind:

  1. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
  2. Wear sunscreen from head to toe and reapply every 40 minutes to one hour if you're in the water.
  3. Make sure to eat an hour before.
  4. Avoid peak sun hours when the sun's rays are their strongest.
  5. Pay attention to how you feel and don't overexert yourself.

Give this workout a try on your next trip and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter!


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