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$ 16.99 $ 10.05
Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength

"I have noticed a HUGE difference since using this product. I've used other biotin, but this is the first time I've actually noticed a difference in my nails and hair. I would buy this product again. "
- Meghan Johns

"BIOTIN 10,000mcg est un produit tres efficace pour l entetien et la repousse des cheveux. J'ai acheté cette marque et je suis trées satisfaite."
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$ 17.99 $ 9.71
Now Foods Biotin

"This has helped my nails improve in strength. We love the price. "
- Cindy Riebe

"Entrega super rápida! Biotina é ótimo para os cabelos engrossarem."
- Rms
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$ 4.59 $ 2.94
Thompson Biotin

"Excellent vitamin with excellent strength! I strongly recommend."
- Katrin Lell

"Produto de qualidade em uma dosagem sem exageros."
- Gomes
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$ 23.99 $ 11.99
eVitamins Extra Strength Biotin - Vegetarian- Non GMO

"My hair and nails have suffered since undergoing chemotherapy 5 years ago. Since increasing my Biotin intake from 5000 mcg to 10000 mcg I have noticed a considerable difference in my hair and nails. My hair grows more quickly and is longer and not as wirey. My nails do not split and crack like before and grow evenly and longer faster. I am very happy with this product and would definitely buy it again!!"
- Patricia Panetta

"The best Biotin!"
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$ 9.99 $ 5.39
Now Foods Biotin

"Amei o produto, melhorou bastante a qualidade dos meus cabelos."
- Anderson Carvalho Nascimento

"Acelerou o crescimento do meu cabelo!"
- Silvia M Maestrelo
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$ 15.69 $ 11.84
Superior Source Biotin

"Stronger hair, fast hair growth, better nails. Down side, more pimples until your body gets use to the increase in Biotin. Just remember, tell your Doctors prior to any test being run. Biotin will cause "false negatives" on certain type of results."
- C/O Jeanette Patterson

"Tablet forms of biotin do not seem to work as well as this dissolving tablet. I am taking this to give me the energy I need that PCOS takes away from me. My son has also noticed some hair growth since he's been taking it. It is a family favorite."
- Tami Qualls
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$ 7.99 $ 4.31
Now Foods Biotin

"Excelente qualidade, nomeadamente pelo facto de que a Now Foods tem Certificação NSF. O produto é muito bom, especialmente para o cabelo."
- Mauro Alexandre da Silva Varela

"O produto é excelente. Minha esposa já está tomando juntamente com minha mãe e minha irmã. Tudo muito bem embalado e vieram com o lacre perfeito."
- Maicon Santos
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$ 16.29 $ 13.22
Nature's Bounty Ultra Strength Biotin

"I am having Gastric Bypass surgery in a month and a side effect is hair loss caused by combination of surgery, anesthesia and lack of sufficient protein intake. I started this supplement to (hopefully) ward off the loss of hair post surgery. Time will tell what the end result will be, but am trying to do everything possible to ensure my health needs before and after my surgery. "
- John B Harris III

"Maravilhoso, estou no terceiro vidro e não fico mais sem! Cabelos fortes e crescendo muito, excelente."
- Rosiane Rezende
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$ 14.99 $ 9.39
Natrol Biotin

"I would say though my hair growth has not shown significant improvement, hair fall has certainly stopped. I hope if I continued with it may be soon I will have regrowth too."
- Srinivas V

"It is a real good help for woman's hair. I really love it and recommend it. Good flavor."
- Agofar
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$ 23.99 $ 12.95
Now Foods Biotin

"I'm very happy to have bought this product. It's a very high quality product. Very useful for hair and brain."

"Ajuda muito na queda de cabelo e preenche as falhas. "
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$ 19.20 $ 14.40
Solgar Super High Potency Biotin

"I can already notice a difference in my hair. My hair became thin from a previous prescription and I notice a significant difference in texture and I can see more new growth coming in. No negative side effects."
- Ruth Ann Moorman

"Produto excelente para fortalecimento e queda de cabelo. Recomendamos para todas pessoas que tenham queda de cabelo além do normal"
- Eduardo Hernandes Couto
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$ 10.80 $ 7.56
21st Century Biotin

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$ 15.49 $ 8.80
Enzymatic Therapy Biotin Forte

"Biotin Forte 5 mg was recommended by a physician for hair loss due to anti-seizure medication. Biotin Forte 5 mg has improved the strength of my hair, and reduced the quantity of hair loss."
- Paul Porath

"Estou usando e já melhorou muito a saúde do meu cabelo. "
- Iidalina Munhoz Deana Ribeiro Borges
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$ 15.99 $ 10.83
Country Life Biotin

"Biotin from Country Life did wonders for me. Keep up the great work of producing these fine quality products."
- Christeena Murphy
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$ 18.39 $ 13.80
Solaray Two-Stage Biotin

"This Biotin is outstanding! I self-diagnosed myself with palmoplantar pustulosis (fortunately very mild for me). This manifests itself as small pustules under the skin on the palms of hands and soles of feet. After hours of research I found an article by a Japanese professor who claimed 100% successful cure using high-dose biotin. I can't get 5000 mg in the UK but I can in the USA. After a couple of weeks of using this once a day it has gone for good. Anyone with an unexplained skin condition or psoriasis should give this a go."
- Jake

"I've been taking Biotin for three weeks to be exact. I see a change in my skin it is very clear and smooth looking. I'm waiting to see results for my hair."
- Octavia Henry
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$ 11.19 $ 8.55
Jason Natural Cosmetics Restorative Biotin Shampoo

"I love this shampoo, very gentle on my hair - and I can rest easy knowing its paraben/sulfate/cruelty free."
- Rebecca

"My wife had a bariatric surgery on June 2015, and started to loose hair. We heard about the Restorarive Biotin Shampoo from evitamins to be used with biotin 10.000, and in 2 months she has recovered about all her hair."
- Francisco Valenzuela
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$ 22.29 $ 18.12
Nature's Bounty Super Potency Biotin

"Amei, super recomendo. Conseguir resultados com 2 meses. Tomei 1 por dia, sempre após a refeição."
- Karla Pedrosa
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$ 6.50 $ 4.55
Source Naturals Biotin

"This Biotin by Source Naturals has really helped my skin to be clear. I give it two thumbs up and recommend it."
- Allan Cecilio
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$ 12.99 $ 7.68
Natrol Biotin

"Biotin is Good, Loved this product a lot and I noticed that it made my hair a little thicker than not really longer. Maybe the more I will try it that effect will kick in. "
- ShadowSpirit
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$ 12.99 $ 8.72
Natrol Biotin

"I have used Natrol vitamins in the past and am looking forward to this easy-to-take dissolving Biotin. Since getting a botched haircut, I have been taking a lot of Biotin, hoping to encourage growth. So far, so good! I am happy to have found evitamins. New and surely repeat customer :)"
- Julie K.
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$ 9.59 $ 7.18
Superior Source Biotin

"I am 5 steps closer to healthy hair nails and skin. I love this and am so happy to purchase these at such an affordable cost. The price is upward to $30 at health food stores in town!"
- Alessa Brown
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$ 19.99 $ 8.09
NutraLife Biotin

"Про Биотин я готова писать ежедневно и не просто отзывы, а настоящие мемуары. Вот скажите, как раньше мир жил без Биотина. Я не стану описывать состав и упаковку витаминов, я хочу поделиться результатом, но сначала не могу не упомянуть, что свой биотин я купила по акции сайта 2 по цене одного, поэтому настоятельно рекомендую просматривать вкладку "сегодняшние сделки". Итак, пять лет назад я осталась с почти лысой головой. У меня в один ужасный день, просто стали выпадать волосы, при чем я совершенно здоровый человек и могу полететь в космос, говорили мне врачи. Это все прекрасно, но в космос я не собиралась, и волосы терять тоже. Пройдя через целую коллегию врачей ( сама с мед. образование), все и в том числе пришли к выводу, что вся проблема в стрессе. Но, увы от успокоительного и антидеприсантов волосы так же не перестали выпадать, а все больше показывали окружающим мою блестящую голову. И вот в интернете в одной из групп людей, которые страдали такой же проблемой как и я, начинающий трихолог посоветовал бросить пить все кроме биотина Nature's Life и продолжать втирать в голову рекомендованные врачами ампулы. Найти их труда не составила. Кстати пить посоветовал именно в дозировке 10000, потому, что именно такое количество биотина необходимо человеку в сутки. Биотин я пила долго, потом он подключил мне другие препараты и о Боже, у меня начали расти волосы. Вы знаете, говорят рождение ребенка- это чудо, для меня, как уже состоявшейся мамы, чудо было- рост моих новых волос. Благодаря всего одному препарату, который был нужен моему организму. Мне очень хочется что бы мой отзыв был полезен тем, кто переживает сейчас то, что когда-то пережила я. "
- ???????? ???? ?????????????
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$ 3.60 $ 2.52
21st Century High Potency Biotin

"Ótimo suplemento ajudou no crescimento do cabelo e melhorou a pele. Chegou rápido foi uma grande surpresa. A Biotina aumenta o sistema imunológico me sinto mais forte. Faz parte do Complexo B é essencial para ajudar a combater a Candida e outras enfermidades. Além de auxiliar absorção de proteína, carboidrato e do açúcar. Conhecida como vitamina B7, ela é uma das vitaminas do grupo B. Por ser hidrossolúvel ela deve ser reposta diariamente porque o nosso organismo não consegue armazená-la é necessária para o bom funcionamento das células do nosso corpo. Gera energia para o corpo e produzindo ácidos que mantém a pele, as unhas e os cabelos em bom estado, também atuando no sistema nervoso como calmante. Recomendo este suplemento, que vem em uma boa dosagem. Estou adorando!!"
- Mike S.
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$ 9.39 $ 7.64
Nature's Bounty Biotin

"This is another product I ordered to cure my seasonal hair loss. I am using it since one month combined with an iron supplement from the same company, Nature's Bounty. I am excited to see positive effects. My hair doesn't fall so much anymore and I feel they look healthier. The taste of the tablets is pretty nice, it doesn't feel fake or filled in chemicals, it is vegan and has no added sugars. My nails feel stronger too. This product positively surprised me, I think I will buy another one for another treatment, perhaps in spring."
- Diddy
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