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Bath - Beauty Reviews

$ 19.95 $ 17.92
Heaven Sent Naturals Purvana Hair- Skin-  Nails

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Good vitamins, great effect.

I love to try various new items for the beauty of hair nails and skin. And if you take into account the fact that I am not getting younger with age, I just need cosmetic and vitamin support from outside. So, what are Purvana Hair-Skin-Nails? These are 30 natural gel capsules which include a large number of useful trace elements that are able to transform hair, nails and skin. All the detailed information is written on the package, so I will not retell it, but rather tell about the effect that I noticed after taking the capsules. Capsules are recommended to be used daily during the month with meals. It is very important not to skip the tricks, otherwise there will not be the desired efficiency. As always, the first thing I noticed, after taking the drug, is rabid nail growth, probably I never had such a nail growth after a vitamin. The effect was noticeable on the skin and not only on the face. As it seemed to me, small wrinkles were gone, the skin became more elastic. Hair growth also accelerated, I can not say that much, but noticeable. Hair became soft, shiny. She noted that there was less whipped hair, especially at the site of the gum. After studying the composition, I noticed that the composition has natural horsetail, by the way in Russia it is very difficult to find vitamins with this component, and it has a very positive effect on the hair and skin. Vitamins are excellent, but one course is not enough. to achieve lasting results.
- анонимное

Helped with my nails

The main difference I noticed while taking the Purvana Hair, Skin, & Nails was the difference in my nail strength. I could defiantly see a difference just after my first box. I've continued using it since. While taking it though, I did not notice any difference with my hair. Maybe that's because my hair is already very thick? Who knows, but overall a very great product and you only have to take 1 a day which is great.
- Harley Kensington
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$ 2.74 $ 2.09
Queen Helene 100% Cocoa Butter Stick

Great stick

Love the stick for easy application.
- Yolanda Wilson

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keep lips moisturized

keep lips hydrated longer
- Odete Fatima Drisner
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$ 3.29
EOS Lip Balm

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excellent the product. High quality the flavor of mint gives a freshness to the lips besides a deep hydration avoiding dryness and burns on the occasion of sun or even very cold.
- monique junqueira ferraz zanella

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great product !!! Super fast shipping.

Best lipstick q there, just use it! Super recommend it.
- Marcio Andre de Lima
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$ 23.20 $ 21.58
Nature's Plus Ultra Hair Plus

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We grow hair and fight with falling out.

Many years ago I suffered from terrible hair loss. And the Ultra Hair Plus vitamins helped me a lot then. Then for a long time I could not find them, and then I was lucky and on one site I met them at a very high price, thank God, that a friend advised this site where the price is three times less, also with a discount. These vitamins contain a whole range of selected standardized plant extracts, as well as a natural combination of vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients that help hair growth, as well as struggling with the terrible alopecia disease. Initially, while taking the drug, I felt pain in my stomach, but the fact of the matter is that I drank vitamins on an empty stomach. Taking the drug with food does not cause any discomfort. Hair does not begin to recover immediately. First, a small white fluff appears, then it becomes darker and longer and turns into a full-fledged hair. Now the main task is to let the hair grow to the required length, but here the entrance is followed by cosmetic preparations, which together with Ultra Hair Plus will give good results. My advice to those who decide to order - order several boxes at once, if your goal is to grow beautiful and healthy hair!
- анонимное

My go to hair vitamins!

My go to hair vitamins! Works really well.
- Ursula Pajak
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$ 9.99 $ 7.64
Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick

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Very good, it deflames the skin

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Very good.

Very good, the smell is strong, but it helps in the treatment of sporadic acnes.
- Fabiana Duda Diniz Sortino
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$ 14.95 $ 11.43
Futurebiotics Hair Skin Nails for Women

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I have been using the drug for more than 30 days and have had a significant improvement in hair loss. Let's see if after two months the hair is stronger because I still think he is very weak.
- Denize Cecilia de Jesus

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I usually buy the Natrol supplement, but for this one I came with 15 more tablets I wanted to test. Although this brand came with more tablets, the tablets are much larger (harder to swallow) and have a lower amount of vitamins than Natrol, which although it has more tablets, fewer vitamins does not pay. Besides, the taste is not good, it tastes like beef, and then you belch, I do not like it and I should not buy it again, Natrol's is better.
- Louani da Mota Badu
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$ 4.19 $ 3.63
EOS Lip Balm

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Best Lip Balm

Best Lip Balm I've ever used !! It moisturizes the lips very well and does not leave them looking oily like some other brand name lip balm that I have ever used. Necessary product in my day to day, can not be without using. Wonderful!!!!
- Ester de Arruda e Silva

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Aroma smooth, it moisturizes enough, the fixation is good and the product duration is good as well.
- Alexsandra Sayuri Yamashita
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$ 5.28 $ 4.04
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

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It has an unbelievably fresh odor of mint and leaves the skin of the face very clear and visibly brighter.
- Jenny Kourakou

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Amazing product!

She has entered my routine and I doubt it will come out! Amazing product!
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$ 7.99 $ 6.11
Home Health Products Herbal Magic Deodorant

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Deodorant without chemicals.

Herbal Magic Deodorant is a product without carcinogenic ingredients that attack our body. It fulfills what it promises, providing well being with health. Of course, I'll be buying more, including, also, for family members. Excellent product.

Great product!

This is the first natural deodorant that I found that works better then any deodorant I have ever used.
- KP
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$ 5.49 $ 3.56
Now Foods XyliWhite Toothpaste Gel

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Excellent product!

I'm in love with this toothpaste. At first use I already felt a great sense of cleanliness. I'm only using it for two days, but the results are excellent. It foam a little less than normal and the cinnamon flavor is very nice!
- Christiane Maria PEreira

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Toothpaste. with real cinnamon flavor leaving the palate pleasant.
- Luciano G Duarte
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$ 9.99 $ 7.52
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

If you haven't tried this you DEFINITELY SHOULD!

This stuff really works wonders! Using this in the form of a facial mask has really aided in prevent my acne prone skin from breaking out. Using Indian Healing Clay regularly has also helped balance out the oils in my combination oily skin. I also believe incorporating this clay mask into my skincare regimen has also helped even out my skin tone and clear up pre-existing acne scars.
- Alesia Shumpert

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I really wanted this product

I am very happy with my request, it really worked, I liked the final result, thankful for the shipping!
- Vandressa Pereira
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$ 2.39 $ 2.16
EOS Hand Lotion

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I recommend

Product Smells good and moisturizes enough without leaving sticky!
- Christiane Maria PEreira

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Loved it

The texture of the EOS hand moisturizer is lightweight but very moisturizing! He is not one of those sticky moisturizers, so my love so great for this product. The smell is soft and delicious, not sweet and cloying. And the best point for sure is the immediate absorption of this product, I can apply it on the hands and quickly re-use the computer without leaving the keys dirty, you know? It certainly was worth the investment. The pack contains 44ml that yield at least 1 month using 3 times a day. Enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Very fast delivery
- Sweetie Rodrigues
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$ 19.72 $ 15.78
Twinlab Horny Goat Weed

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Excellent product

Very good, high quality, no smell, portable is very powerful and effective,
- Alexandre barroso carbonell schiam

Do not take Horny Goat Weed. I had a allergic reaction to the niacin in the pills. My skin turned bright red and it felt like the worst sunburn I had ever had. My lips became swollen and had trouble breathing. I read some stuff online about niacin reactions. My symptoms were that of niacin overdose. I've taken supplements all my life without any problems until now. I am starting to believe that if something isn't supported by the food and drug administration I will not risk it.
- Matt
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$ 3.65 $ 2.79
Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Lotion

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Good, but unfortunate

It is not very moisturizing, I imagined it to be more dense and leave the dry skin moisturized all day.
- Lilian Kelly Costa Rodrigues

Very Smooth and love the smell!

I've purchased this a couple of months ago and I was very pleased with what I've ordered. The first thing you will notice is it's soothing cocoa buttery scent soon as you open the bottle. It came out as a semi thick texture of lotion and I proceeded to rub it on my skin coating my arms first of course. Within minutes I felt the difference and it made my skin feel very hydrated and revitalized. My skin overall had a very smooth and relaxed tone and look to it. Not really shiny or anything but just alive you could say. Some Cocoa Butter products aren't worth your time and seem to be more of a weak or fraud type but this isn't. You will enjoy this one! I'm looking forward to purchasing this product again very soon as not only it helped me with skin from being dry but also made it very noticeable when I walked into a room. People would compliment me on how good I smell and ask what type of cologne am I wearing. I look at them and say it's not cologne it's Cocoa Butter! Maybe you should order some as well!
- Shadow Spirit
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$ 5.29 $ 4.07
Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque

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Mask with pink clay.

Excellent face mask, pink clay cleans the skin well, after rinsing there is no tightness. (I have combined skin) The clay melts quickly from water and is easily washed off. After the mask, the pores taper a little and the skin is slightly tucked up.
- анонимное

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Perfect mask !!!

The face mask from MUD PACK MASQUE is perfect! I have tried another face mask from the same series and I was completely satisfied! It is easy to rinse with lukewarm water. The packaging is perfect. Also, the smell is wonderful! It makes a deep cleansing that you understand when you rinse it with water. The price is very affordable for deep cleansing and the perfect feeling. I dedicate this product to those who are looking for a good face mask at an affordable price. I loved her and of course I will buy it again from the evitamins.
- Tk
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$ 13.99 $ 9.06
Now Foods 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Recommended essential oils

I work with complementary medicine, my experience with this brand has been favorable, you feel the purity of the oils, they have not generated any reaction in me or in my patients. The blends in which I use the essential oils now, comply with the specific properties of each type of oil; That means, that they are pure. They arrived in Peru correctly sealed and without breaks.
- Estrella Melissa Mendoza Camacho

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Help sleep calm

This is the third time I have bought lavender essential oil. It still takes a long time for acne marks. I prefer to use it to drip on the pillow. The effect of sleeping and calming is excellent, or water is used as a facial spray.
- Xidong
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$ 5.49 $ 4.91
EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

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I recommend!

I was surprised by the size, looking at the photo I thought it was small .. more is huge .. and the smell wonderful! The EOS brand was well known for being the famous brand, by the famous Lip Balm EOS, is a very famous and very good lip moisturizer, after the fame with the lip moisturizer, the brand launched the cream EOS Ultra Moisturizing Cream EOS more known as Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream EOS that promises to help you at the time of epilation, promoting hydration and decreasing the risk of ingrown hairs. The brand claims that the product nourishes and softens your skin while shaving with EOS Ultra Moisturizing Depilatory Cream. This product uses shea butter, aloe and antioxidant vitamins E and C to help moisturize the skin. EOS Ultra Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream provides a protective barrier and increased moisture while you shave, helping to prevent minor cuts. The intense moisturizing properties of this formula allows you to shave with wet or dry skin. I received two creams to test and tell you what I'm finding, you can buy this product for only $ 17.00 on the website of evitamins, it's a super reliable website, it's international, it sends worldwide. I have never tested a product as tasty and efficient as this, really the EOS brand complied with what it promises, this product is imported, here in Brazil it is more expensive, costs on average $ 40 to $ 60, so it is important to buy in one site with a fair value. The scent of the cream is very tasty, I tried to use it as a hand moisturizer and it worked perfectly, besides being great for helping you with epilation, it acts as a hand moisturizer. It does not have that whole foam, it is a lighter mouse, my cream is from Pomegranate Raspberry (Raspberry) and has 207 ml, the bottle comes full and will last a long time, it pays to buy a lot, besides being a great product, the packaging is beautiful and the smell amazing, highly recommend!
- Raina Trindade Silva

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Depilatory cream, not a foam, I prefer, because I think the cream ends up moisturizing the skin, leaving the skin soft after shaving.
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$ 5.20 $ 3.98
Queen Helene Vitamin E Natural Deodorant

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I liked the deodorant. It works well but does not secure a day's work followed by a gym. But certainly less aggressive than traditional deodorants.
- Diogo Fujiwara

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Product without smell, I did not have any allergic reaction.
- Eleonora Ayres Dusmanovich
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$ 5.99 $ 3.87
Now Foods 100% Pure Essential Oil

Excellent smell

Strong and dominant smell. We're using in combination with Citronella and Eucalyptus oil in the steam room and as an aromatic oil added to Almog or the Grape seeds oil for massage, very good in winter time.
- Vitaly Rozenfeld

My new favorite scent!

This lemongrass essential oil has to be one of my favorite essential oils I've used in a diffuser thus far. The scent is not too citrusy or overpowering, it is very sweet and refreshing. I would definitely recommend this lemongrass essential oil to anybody.
- Amber Wenturine
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$ 49.99 $ 41.03
Now Foods Ultrasonic Faux Wood Grain Diffuser

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stylish home diffuser

A great diffuser for the house, for some reason a different color came up and the bottom of the diffieser, but this does not affect its performance. Very easy to use, you need to draw water to the specified mark, drip oil and can already be used. Sprays cold air. It has a beautiful backlight. I am very pleased with it and now I order various oils for its use.
- анонимное

Works great!

Fantastic diffuser! Gives off a soft, cool mist. The small night light on the front is pretty cool too. It adds a nice touch. The oil and water I dropped in it last several hours. I also continued to smell the scents for several hours after that as well. I highly recommend this!
- Bruce Kent
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$ 3.29
EOS Lip Balm

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Excellent product!

Very fragrant, well moisturizing, and the product arrived very fast.
- Iasmim Liria Aquino dos Santos

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Very good

I liked it, I'm wearing it a little while and it really makes the lips very soft.
- marta pfeifer dell osbel
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$ 15.53 $ 11.88
Hyland's Leg Cramps


Absolutely brilliant, stops the cramp in minutes.
- Robert Bell


These are a must if you have leg cramps often. My husbands uses these when he gets one and it stops it instantly.
- Cara Hasper
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$ 49.99 $ 24.99
M.D. Science Lab Max Size Male Enhancement

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Product Placebo.

I did not see any difference after using the product. Does not work. Placebo product.
- Jose Adilson Simoes Junior

Terrible! I don't recommend this product. It made me restless and sleepless, sort of like I was on an anti-depressant. Caution!
- Allan Tan
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$ 12.50 $ 9.57
Natural Balance Cobra

I began using Cobra about a week ago. I have noticed that I feel more energy. I also think about sex quite a bit more than I did before, and have a much better release at the end.
- Eric

I thought I would give this stuff a shot to give me a little more, ya know.. Well I think it gives me a lot more. I feel my erections are stronger than before and I ordered my 2nd bottle. Take it a couple of hours before it's time and your good.
- Anonymous
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