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AUD$25.82 AUD$18.22
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

"The right dosage of vitamin D allied with a reliable supplier. I have been taking these for a couple of months and the results are easily perceptible. I am not only coming back for more, but I am also recommending it to my close friends as well."
- Evandro Munhoz dos Santos

"I used this as part of my Vitamin D/K2 protocol for my psoriasis. I saw changes within a week and cleared it fully in a months time. Awesome product!"
- Priyadharshini
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AUD$25.82 AUD$13.57
Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength

"I have noticed a HUGE difference since using this product. I've used other biotin, but this is the first time I've actually noticed a difference in my nails and hair. I would buy this product again. "
- Meghan Johns

"BIOTIN 10,000mcg est un produit tres efficace pour l entetien et la repousse des cheveux. J'ai acheté cette marque et je suis trées satisfaite."
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AUD$52.42 AUD$31.46
Michael's Female Reproductive Factors

"It's being four weeks now since I started Micheal reproductive factors and I can feel it working, u can feel the difference well. I went to buy Vitex to regulate my when the lady in the store tell me to use this it's good, so am giving a try! Hopefully I get pregnant too I will keep all updated."

"Waste of money!!! No good, just waste money. I would not recommend this supplement. "
- Dainius Dzedulionis
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AUD$30.38 AUD$16.40
Now Foods MK-7 Vitamin K-2

"A melhor relação preço/qualidade. A melhor para um vegetariano. Já uso à bastante tempo e a qualidade do produto bem como da sua embalagem, mantem-se enalterada. É de recomendar de fato."
- manuel santos

"I have received it fast in my country and the quality of the product is 100%. I'm very satisfied."
- Gabriela de Abreu Silva
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AUD$34.94 AUD$18.86
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

"Soft small capsules easy to swallow."
- Sura Rosa Signoretti

"Otimo produto. Plenamente satisfeito."
- rafael antonio shimada
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AUD$45.57 AUD$34.18
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

"Good product, I will buy again. this website has everything I need thank you very much"
- jose alberto carmona silva

"Centrum men is an ideal and safe multivitamin for men.. It is a must have for gym guys... I have got very good results and my health has improved significantly... "
- Happy Saini
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AUD$58.29 AUD$49.55
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"Nature's Plus Source of Life is a great whole food supplement. Pill is a little larger than most other whole food supplements but if you do not have trouble swallowing pills I highly recommended this one over competitors. Days I do not take one my lack of energy and focus is highly noticeable. "
- A.Powers

"This multi-vitamin is a great product. The pill is and looks all natural. It doesn't have the most pleasant smell but doesn't have much of a taste when swallowing. I normally take one of these every morning with my breakfast and it gives me a little boost of energy to start the day. "
- Brent Harrington
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AUD$28.86 AUD$16.40
Nature's Way Vitamin D3

"No puede faltar un suplemento de vitamina D3 en nuestro día a día. Especialmente recomendable en invierno, para personas que pasan todo el día en oficinas o sitios cerrados o personas que no se exponen al sol con frecuencia. En mi familia la consumimos todos. Esta marca es excelente, el precio inmejorable. Ya lo he comprado en otras ocasiones. Ayuda a mantener o subir el nivel de esta vitamina en sangre dentro la rango óptimo, contrastado con mis analíticas. No es necesario tomarla todos los días, se almacena en el organismo. Es una concentración alta. Muy importante para la salud de los huesos y dientes, y para la función correcta del sistema inmunológico. Ayuda a evitar o mejorar la osteoporosis y fracturas, porque contribuye a la fijación del calcio en los huesos. También ayuda en procesos inflamatorios y a prevenir catarros, gripes y otras infecciones. Todavía se están investigando todas sus posibilidades terapéuticas (cáncer, enfermedades degenerativas, etc.). La cápsula no tiene ningún sabor y es muy pequeña, muy fácil de tragar. eVitamins es de mi máxima confianza. "
- Anónima

"The strength of vitamin is just enough for summer and the safflower oil is excellent as the bulking agent. Highly recommended vitamin for summer!"
- Katrin Lell
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AUD$19.74 AUD$10.66
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

"I live in Western Washington and would be totally deficient in vitamin D because of the tremendous amount of rain we receive. NOW Vitamin D-3 is sunshine to my body."
- Jack Sparks

"I like the cost x benefit and its' a great brand, I usually buy one for me and one for my wife monthly."
- Elba Miranda
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AUD$45.57 AUD$34.18
Centrum Silver Men's 50+ Multivitamin

"Centrum provides real value for money - available comparatively cheap. Delivery is also quite OK. Fully satisfied. I bought it for my 89 years old father, and now he never misses it, and the day it is missed, by afternoon his body realizes it. A great vitamin."
- Naresh Sood

"I have used one full pack and found very relieving and soothing for somebody diabetic at 64 years of age."
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AUD$28.42 AUD$21.33
Solgar Vitamin D

"I use this product for over 6 month and is great. I've done the exams and my Vitamin D level is amazing, so it did really worked. I use other products from Solgar, like this brand a lot. "
- Erika Cristina da silva

"This is the best form of D3 vitamin. Just one softgel a day to keep my D3 at level."
- Guy Sucupira Junior
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AUD$45.57 AUD$34.18
Centrum Silver 50+ Women's Multivitamin

"Used by my wife with amazing results and better stamina and no weakness."

"This is the best choice for women! A must have vitamin at anytime."
- patricia f pereira
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AUD$136.80 AUD$118.56
Theralogix Ovasitol

"Prezzo migliore di sempre!"
- Maria Elena Casellato

"Got my period within 2 weeks of taking this product after being absent for more than 6 months. Was a couple of packets short however from a 90 day supply."
- Teresa Glusac
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AUD$12.45 AUD$7.96
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals

"Great multi with all you need. Convenient pack size for how long it lasts. Good price too."
- Carla Howe

"An excellent, easily manageable combination of vitamins and trace elements."
- Dr Janusz Kedzior
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AUD$22.78 AUD$12.30
Now Foods Vitamin K-2

"Easy to swallow, good complement to my calcium pills."
- Marilyn G

"Excelente produto. Estou comprando mais!"
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AUD$42.48 AUD$33.99

"A friend of mine asked me to buy him the vitamins Total Man. He said he didn't feel any physical changes. But after a hard workout he said it has become easier to refill the energy with the product. He takes about 2 pills a day and says that's enough for him. Thanks for what you do and the products you sell!"
- Oleg Zhigalko

"Amazing! You will never be the same. "
- Mark J.
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AUD$48.32 AUD$38.46
Emerita Pro-Gest Cream

"A god send. After struggling with peri menopausal symptoms for a couple of years, this has proved to be the final piece of the puzzle. I now sleep through the night and the mid cycle psychological issues have gone."
- Moira Mulvey

"Pro-Gest Cream is a life saver."
- Lorraine K.
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AUD$31.90 AUD$24.03
Superior Source D3

"Very good product. Tastes nice. Lasts very long. Does exactly as product states. Cheapest website to buy."
- Deborah Thompson

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AUD$19.74 AUD$10.37
Natrol Vitamin B12

"This product is perfect... and tasty! Excellent and very quick shipping! I highly recommend this..."
- Herr Randy

"Pleasant taste, quick melt, and brought my B-12 levels back up to my doctor's requirement level."
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AUD$18.22 AUD$11.38
eVitamins Vitamin B Complex

"Excellent vitamin B Complex!"

"Highly recommend to people suffer mouth ulcers. Ordered because of mouth ulcers, since started using this, not happen again. Will reorder when I finish it."
- Shuyan Li
Read 20 Reviews >
AUD$18.22 AUD$11.38
eVitamins Vitamin B Complex

"Excellent vitamin B Complex!"

"Highly recommend to people suffer mouth ulcers. Ordered because of mouth ulcers, since started using this, not happen again. Will reorder when I finish it."
- Shuyan Li
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AUD$136.72 AUD$113.92
Kirkman Labs Speak-Smooth

"Tenho tido excelentes resultados com o uso do Speak Smooth no meu filho. As ecolalias diminuiram, algumas esteriotipias (como flapping e correr em torno do próprio eixo) também, o tempo de foco ocular e contato visual também melhoraram de forma bem perceptiva. Tanto é que estou até escrevendo um artigo científico sobre essa suplementação e tentarei publicar em breve. No entanto, não sei se a longo prazo ele pode trazer algum tipo de malefício, uma vez que estou apenas na terceira garrafa com meu filho. Mas houve um período que eu deixei de dar ao meu filho por causa da demora na entrega e senti que meu filho regrediu muito. Isso para nós é um problema porque é uma suplementação cara, que não se encontra facilmente no Brasil (por isso é preciso importá-la sempre) e, em poucos dias que a criança fica sem tomá-la, a queda no desenvolvimento é rápida e facilmente perceptível. No período de adaptação - que no meu filho foram as quatro primeiras semanas - a criança fica com um hálito de peixe bem forte além de ter causado efeitos intestinais altamente adversos. Paciência e disciplinas são terminantemente necessárias. É a primeiara vez que compro neste site, portanto, não posso afirmar que tudo vai correr bem para você caso compre também. Minha avaliação é puramente do produto, que diga-se de passagem, foi muito eficiente no meu filho. O meu filho tem um grau leve de autismo e completará três anos em breve. Não sei se esses fatores fazem alguma diferença no efeito desta suplementação. Mas se você que está lendo esse comentário tem condições financeiras razoáveis e percebe que os vários tipos de terapia (com fonoaudiólogo, terapeuta ocupacional, psicólogo, etc) já não produzem mais os efeitos que você esperava, talvez o Speak Smooth seja uma aposta que valha muito a pena tentar. Se você que lê esse comentário deseja comprá-lo, espero que possa dar certo para você quanto deu para meu filho. Não digo essas palavras por qualquer interesse comercial. Boa sorte e que Deus abençoe você e tua família."
- Jarbas Medeiros de Lima Filho

"Muito bom esse produto, tenho visto resultados excelentes no meu filho, que tem autismo. Ficou mais calmo, mais focado, mais concentrado, e ajudou na fala. Recomendo!"
- Roberto
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AUD$25.35 AUD$18.26
Alacer Emergen-C Vitamin C

"Gives me an amazing boost and great anti-oxidants."
- Jenn

"Emergen-C is the best vitamin C I take. It goes directly to my blood stream and I feel it has kept me healthy through the winter months. "
- Patrick M.
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eVitamins Vitamin D3

"I started taking vitamin D when I was living in Michigan because there is no sun there the whole year pretty much haha However, I am still taking it even though I moved to Florida because I still do not have enough of it. It does not mean that you live in a tropical city that you do not need to take it, I realized it when I moved down to Florida. I suffer from milk allergies as well and the vitamin D helps it. I buy that one from the eVitamin brand because is much cheap the ones on Amazon."
- Juliana Ferguson

"This is a very basic vitamin D supplement. It's reasonably priced and perfect for a daily vitamin."
- Meghan Johns
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