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Esteem CARDIO LIFE - 60 Capsules

Price: AUD$34.21

by Milt Skaggs on 19 December 2012
CARDIO LIFE really does it for me. My blood pressure is 105/50 my energy level is getting better all of the time and my cholesterol readings are all in the safe range--I know all of this after my annual checkup a few days ago. I really need and trust CARDIO LIFE. After all, I am told it has been helping heart problem people for over 15 yrs.--That's plenty good enough for me.
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by Joseph Bishop on 4 December 2012
Several months ago I was diagnosed as a person needing a heart transplant. I have been on the waiting list for some time now. Knowing that I was quite concerned with all of this, my Naturepath suggested that I take a product he had experienced good results with called CARDIO LIFE. I bought it and have been on it a little over 3 months. My health condition has improved remarkably well and many of the symptoms I was experiencing like shortness of breath, low endurance and sometimes palpitations are really improving and I couldn't be happier. My doctor is monitoring me closely and is in close contact with my cardiologist--as a result we are in a wait and see mode and I am hoping for the best. I really don,t want a new heart if mine keeps improving so well. I feel CARDIO LIFE has given me a second chance as of now--and thank you so much.
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by Anonymous on 27 November 2012
A friend told me about CARDIO LIFE and the good things it has done for him. I ordered it and have been using it for nearly a month and the changes in me are remarkable. My blood pressure has dropped significantly and I am no longer experiencing heart palpitations. Its hard to believe that a nutritional supplement can do so much but it has. I trust it!
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by Elaine on 25 November 2012
I first tried CARDIO LIFE about 6 weeks ago and really like this product. I feel stronger and do not feel out of breath like I did before. I am now taking the large bottle as it is a better value since I plan to keep taking it. I think it is the answer to my problem and maybe yours.
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by Marcus Laux, Naturepath on 20 November 2012
My 83 yr old father needed a Heart operation but doctors were fearful if it was performed that he probably would not survive it in his frail and weakened condition. I saw CARDIO LIFE advertised at a health food show and bought a case for him. In a period of 6 months he was doing so well that doctors decided against an operation. My father went from being "couch bound" to working around the house and mowing the grass. I can't thank CARDIO LIFE enough and thank you ESTEEM. I am now recommending it in my Naturpathic practice to patients in need.
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by Lewis Sojak on 18 November 2012
I have been taking CARDIO LIFE for over 5 yrs. It gives me good energy and helps keep my heart strong. My Cardiologist is aware and approves of my supplementation regime
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by John Sheaffer Pres. CEO on 12 November 2012
Some 18 yrs ago I nearly died on the operating table while undergoing what was supposed to be a routine Angio-gram procedure. Three cardiac arrests in two hours followed. I was in intensive care for 24 hrs not knowing if I would live or die and now I was left in a very weakened condition. I went home in a week too frail and weak to do more than go to the toilet. Today, 18 yrs later I am living a good life in a golf community playing golf 2 or 3 times a week. I am convinced that my state of health is largely due to a wonderful heart supplement called CARDIO LIFE. This product was developed for me under the watchful eye of a renouned Naturepath, two herbalists, a Certified nutritionist and a list of the most potent and reliable heart ingredients ever put into a formula. It has given me a new life--I can speak from experience because I am the President of ESTEEM. Try my product-I think you will love it as I do.
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by Sharon Hildeman on 24 May 2012
☑ Verified Review
I found Cardio Life years ago. It's great for my my heart as I have atrial fibrillation. Controlled by Digoxin, I refused to take the extra heart control medication and have been taking both Cardio Life and Nattokinase. No side effects and no changes in my heart tests for 13 years now. I really recommend Cardio Life.
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by John Sheaffer on 12 May 2012
In 1985 I had an Angioplasty procedure that nearly took my life. The Cardiologist performing the procedure punctured a hole in my Aorta causing Cardiac arrest. By the time I got into surgery to repair the damage I arrested two more times. My recovery was quite long and discouraging and I just couldn't regain my health even though I was only 56 yrs old. There seemed to be no nutritional supplement product on the market at that time that could produce the results I needed so I put our own team of professionals to work building one. A Certified nutritionist, a naturepath, two well regarded Formulators, an Herbalist and myself went to work on the formulation of a product we later called CARDIO LIFE.. I am very pleased to say today that we have helped thousands of folks with their heart related problems and the favorable testimonials are numbered in the hundreds. My name is John Sheaffer, Pres. CEO Esteem Products Ltd. Bellevue, Wa. and there is no question that CARDIO LIFE has contributed greatly to my recovery.
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by Dr. Marcus Laux ND on 6 May 2012
My name is Dr. Marcus Laux ND and my practice is in Malibu, Ca. I am writing this article to tell all about the very wonderful results I have seen in my NATUREPATHIC CLINIC. using CARDIO LIFE. My 83yr old father's health had deteriated so badly he was in dire need of a Heart operation but doctors were fearful that he would not survive it in his weakened condition. As an alternative I had heard about the healing results other people were experiencing with this product from the ESTEEM company called CARDIO LIFE. I ordered it for him and after 3 months on it he not only improved so much that he got off of the couch and became quite active around the house--even mowing the lawn. Needless to say his heart operation has been put off indefinitely. I would like to report that CARDIO LIFE is now a mainstay in our clinic. Dr. Marcus Laux ND, Malibu, Ca.
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