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AUD$ 45.08 AUD$ 25.36
Nutrition Now PB 8 Original Formula

"Produto muito bom, eu já utilizo a quase 2 anos, e estou bem melhor. Tinha dores no estomago e intestino preso, e após uso do PB8 regulou minha flora intestinal. Fortalece muito o sistema imunológico, evita diarreia, gripes e resfriados. Mantenho o PB8 na geladeira para manter os probióticos frescos e conservados. Recomendo a todos pois é um produto excelente para o nosso organismo. Obrigado evitamins . Não fui taxada entrega em 2 semanas para o Brasil. Recomendo muito. "
- Maria das Graças Araujo Bezerra

"I cannot go a day without my PB8 Digestive Health pill. It really neutralizes my stomach and keeps my digest system functional. This is the most effective digestive health support supplement I've ever used and will continue to use as long as I breathe air."
- FL Richards.....
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AUD$ 27.86 AUD$ 17.79
Nutrition Now PB 8 Vegetarian Formula

"Sensacional, produto de primeira. Comecei a usar e continuarei a comprar."

"These are easy to swallow and gentle on the stomach. I’ve noticed a real improvement on my health since starting these probiotics. Ordering was easy and postage to New Zealand was really fast too. Will definitely be buying more."
- Jessica Young
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AUD$ 81.98 AUD$ 44.26
Now Foods Probiotic-10

"Produto realmente excelente, regularizou a minha flora e o meu trânsito intestinal, prisão de ventre, nunca mais; sinto o meu intestino trabalhar e melhorou muito a minha digestão.Vou fazer uso contínuo, não posso mais ficar sem ele. Os benefícios são incríveis!"

"Uso para controle da candidíase. E ainda melhorou o funcionamento do intestino e a imunidade. Hoje tenho certeza de que está tudo relacionado. Poucos lactobacilos fizeram tanto pela minha saúde como este. Excelente!"
- Viviane Cristine Ferreira Magalhães
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AUD$ 45.08 AUD$ 28.76
Nutrition Now PB 8 Vegetarian Formula

"Very Good Quality. "
- Rafael Fragoso Correia

"I love this product. I had C difficile and this product, taken every, balances my digestion and I do not get the shakes or bowel upsets "
- Sylvia Craig
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AUD$ 27.86 AUD$ 15.69
Nutrition Now PB 8 Acidophilus

"PB 8 Acidophilus is a great product. eVitamins' price is much lower than our local health food store."
- Louise M.

"I love PB 8™ Acidophilus! I have suffered for years with vaginal yeast infections, and even worse, an almost constant perineal irritation and general discomfort (like sitting in too-tight jeans for too long and being chafed). This product has eliminated this problem! Like a breath of fresh air!"
- Robin Shaw
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AUD$ 90.18 AUD$ 63.12
Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care

"Muito bom. 100% Aprovado. Produto de boa qualidade, com concentração ótima de 34 diferentes tipos de sepas em cada capsulas. E o que é bom, livre de produtos químicos, sem gluten e consertantes na sua fórmula."
- Angela Maria Santana de Lima

"Awesome Product!"
- Jacob
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AUD$ 45.90 AUD$ 32.85
Garden of Life Primal Defense

"It works well, but it gives me gas. I am going to try something different. I have a high protein diet, and every once in a while I still have a day I don't go on this. Might change if I take more than one pill per day, but then it starts to get expensive. "
- Steve Sunn

"Primal Defense is a very good product that is a godsend, since all other "probiotics" rarely work as they claim they will. I believe it is Primal's special blend that gives it an advantage over others. I had been taking this product for about a year, nearly two years ago, then quit. I regretted doing that because I developed worsening symptoms very recently, such as new attacks of IBS (diarrhea mostly), burning, gassiness, etc. I am just starting to take it again tonight and I will tell you, I already feel the difference. It's not a "miracle pill", but it really works and, when taken consistently, can really help people with digestive problems. It's worth trying a bottle to see if it works for you!"
- Evelynne
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AUD$ 27.06 AUD$ 19.73
Enzymatic Therapy Probiotic Pearls Acidophilus

"I have tried many probiotics and this is certainly the most effective that I have found yet. I have suffered with digestive problems. I have been taking Pearls for 20 days now and feel that I have finally found a cure! This product is amazing."
- Valentyn

"Acidophilus Pearls are a wonderful product! Very convienent and cost-effective. I had been suffering from chronic constipation for a long time when my doctor suggested probiotic therapy. It worked from day one, no more constipation. Very effective product!"
- Anonymous
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AUD$ 49.18 AUD$ 26.55
Now Foods Probiotic-10

"I was suffering from irregular bowel movement and since I started taking this product in between meals it has improved my digestion and I do not feel bloated anymore. "
- Kusum

"It is an effective probiotic. I liked it. "
- sheetal dhillon
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AUD$ 68.86 AUD$ 48.20
Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily Women's

"Great probiotic. Easy on my stomach and my doctor recommended these for great absorption. I have been taking them for over a year now and always order them from eVitamins because they have the best price. "
- Barbara Wagner

"Good for the digestive system & has kept my interstitial cystitis from acting up. It also kept me from getting a yeast infection after taking an antibiotic."
- Suzanne Henry
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AUD$ 18.06 AUD$ 11.51
American Health Chewable Acidophilus Wafers

"These taste good. Bought 2 bottles."
- Sunwan Park

"Chewable Acidophilus Wafers do have a chalky taste, but they're really not that bad. They do the job and mine have been in my fridge since March and I take them when I remember. It's October, I just finished them, and they tasted just like brand new still. I'm buying more :)"
- Mettie M.
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AUD$ 29.50 AUD$ 15.92
Now Foods Gr8-Dophilus

"We are using this product to help in the process of healing my husband's gut. It works primarily in the intestine which is awesome. We use it in conjunction with the NOW brand super enzyme which works primarily in the stomach. And we like that they're both organic."
- KarolAnn Clopton

"Another great product., I have tried the other probiotics products by NOW and was very happy I decided to try these as they have a slightly broader spectrum of bacteria, I have to say that so far I cannot fault them. And as usual excellent service from e-Vitamins."
- Brenda Marc Bladen
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AUD$ 90.18 AUD$ 63.12
Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women

"The RAW Probiotics Women probiotics are very good. The quality of these probiotics is excellent. It has 85 billion live cultures with 32 strains to help keep the body healthy. It helps with overall bodily health for women. I have ordered these probiotics several times before and would buy these probiotics again. In fact, I just placed another order for these probiotics again just a few minutes ago."
- S H

"I've always had digestive problems because I used to take a lot of antibiotics. Even though I discontinued the use of antibiotics, my stomach never feels right. Almost every food I consume makes me gassy. A very uncomfortable feeling to live with. Raw Probiotics helped me to reduce gas in my gastrointestinal tract and overall improved digestion."
- Svetlana Z.
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AUD$ 81.98 AUD$ 44.26
Now Foods Probiotic-10

"It makes me feel a lot better even when not eating too healthy."
- Roberto André de Almeida

"This is one of the best probiotics I have ever taken. It is strong enough, 50 billion and my intestinal flora has improved a lot immediately after I started taking it. I would recommend it without hesitation."
- Konstantia Kostarelou
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AUD$ 44.20 AUD$ 30.95
Jarrow Formulas Fem Dophilus

"I usually use acidophilus for my stomach problems, but when I read about this product I was pretty excited. I have frequent uti's and yeast infections and really wanted to try this out. I do think it helped with the yeast infections but I did take more than the reccomended dosage because of the medication I take. As far as helping with the uti's I'm not so sure it helped with them, but who's to know for sure with a woman's body."
- Dana Roth

"I have been using this product for 6 months and have finally after years of repeated infections and countless rounds of antibiotics have found the answer. I have tried other similar products as well but none worked as effectively or as fast. "
- Anonymous
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AUD$ 90.18 AUD$ 63.12
Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Men

"Bought it for my husband. He said that his digestion has improved a lot while taking this product. He was struggling with excessive gas. After taking these probiotics everything went back to normal. So I'm ordering it again."
- Svetlana Zaytseva

"This returned my digestive tract back to normal. "
- Adam Rigden
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AUD$ 73.78 AUD$ 53.12
Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra

"I had leaky gut really bad, which caused my MS to act up. These probiotics are the best. Brought my digestive system right back to order. I highly recommend Primal Defense Ultra. "
- Marie Grace B.

"I take this because a nurse practitioner recommended it for my acid reflux. I must admit that I stopped burping so I guess it did some good."
- Cheryl F.
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AUD$ 65.58 AUD$ 55.74
Renew Life Extra Care Ultimate Flora

"Den bästa probeotikan som inhåller vad man skall ha. Tarmfloran med alla bakterierna är den alra viktigaste delen i en människa. Vid fel tarmflora så kan allt bli fel i en kropp så det gäller att vara redd om dom som styr kroppen. Vid en pensilin kur så skall denna alltid tas för att inte förstöra för mycket för länge i mage och kropp."
- Nina Ström, CO Brit Ström

"Os produtos da Renew Life são de ótima qualidade, mas este Probiótico Ultimate Flora de 50 Bilhões resolveu meus problemas de intestino preso e aumentou minha imunidade. Sempre compro ele e gosto muito, tem outras marcas muito boas no Mercado também, mas este sei que posso confiar. Recomendo a todos que quiserem experimentar e melhorar como eu fiz a saúde intestinal e a imunidade para ter forças para enfrentar a rotina diária."
- André Annes
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AUD$ 31.73 AUD$ 26.98
Nature's Plus Animal Parade AcidophiKidz

"I don't know how any child could eat it. My son chewed it up, gagged it out, then threw it up. I tasted one, it's terrible. Bitter, sour,and chalky. "
- Ashley L.

"Animal Parade is very good for children and it works great!"
- Cheryl Christensen
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AUD$ 29.50 AUD$ 16.76
Nature's Way Primadophilus Children- Powder

"I love that this is specifically for children. So easy to get my daughter to take it, just mix it in with some juice, and that's it, easy, healthy, beneficial!"
- Marie Hunt

"Along with yogurt, I supplement my two-year-old twins daily multivitamin intake with Primadophilus Children, Powder. When I run out and they don't take it, I notice the difference in their bowel movement regularity. It also helps in the overall strengthening of their immune system by keeping their intestinal flora balanced. I also took it daily for myself while doing a stint on antibiotics and I did not get a yeast infection! I have no regrets in making this purchase a regular one."
- Marizel D.
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AUD$ 50.82 AUD$ 34.64
Nature's Way Primadolphilus Reuteri Superior Probiotic

"THEY DESTROYED THIS PRODUCT BY ADDING THE F.O.S I have been using this product for 5 years for my Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome. This product has reduced pains, bloating and flatulence for me. I wouldn't hesitate a second to rate the old version of this product with 5 stars. It was a real good help to me. However, now after they added the FOS I can not tolerate the product any more. Now the product GIVES me pain and gas in stead. So either if I quit or if I continue I am lost. If there are more of you who agree with me, please email them or call them (Nature's Way). I have already done that 2 times. I don't know what to do. This is like taking away the heart medicine from a heart sick patient. :("
- Tom

"Este probiótico é constituído do Primadolphilus reuteri e contém muito mais unidades formadoras de colônias do que os probióticos similares nacionais. Acho que vale a pena, mesmo sendo caro. "
- Carolino
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AUD$ 49.18 AUD$ 34.42
Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Kids

"I bought this to help with boosting immunity and helping my infant with digestion. I believe it has helped with both. I believe it has helped with her ongoing battle with constipation on and off. Its very easy to administer and put in her formula. One suggestion is that if you put it in a bottle definitely stir it cause it can clomp up in the bottle. I definitely recommend this product and have been happy using it for the first month. "
- Marcia Gibson

"I have heard great things about this product and I'm excited for it to arrive so my children can get their gut issues in order! "
- Sharron C
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AUD$ 72.14 AUD$ 50.50
Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Vaginal Care

"The RAW Probiotics Vaginal Care probiotics are good. The quality of the probiotics is excellent. It has 50 billion live cultures with 38 strains to help keep the body healthy. It helps with yeast, vaginal health, and urinary tract health. I have ordered these probiotics several times before and would buy these probiotics again. "
- S H

"Great Product! Keeps Me Healthy."
- Jacob
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AUD$ 29.01 AUD$ 21.78
Solaray Multidophilus

"I'm now itch free. Before taking Multidophilus, I could hardly go a night without itching. Now I can finally get a good nights sleep and this is my first week of use thank you so much I'd recommend it to anyone during the stage of menapause."
- Blanch

"Believe it or not but Multidophilus can help with athelete's foot. I have had it on one of my heels for about three years. Nothing helped. But an employee at my local health food store told me this should help. It took about two months for it to kick in but it worked. But, don't stop taking it because I did and it came back. Give it a try. I hope it works for you too. Lisa"
- Lisa
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