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Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

"I like this version of Coconut Oil. I use it for a variety of cooking and the price is good."
- James W.

"Been using coconut oil for the last couple years now so not exactly an expert but so far the Nature's Way Coconut Oil is the best thus far. I pretty much use this product on everything and am yet to be disappointed. Flavor is extremely pleasant and the smell is not over powering. Not the type of person to use it on my skin and hair like most people but from a cooking stand point it is great. "
- A.Powers
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Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

"Best organic vinegar. Good taste and no problem to stock."
- Safia DJAMA

"Despite the acrid taste, ACV is amazing for weight loss! Soon as I received my package, I had to test this out. Within the first few hours of trying this and weighing myself I'd lost a pound of water weight! I know if i continue to use this 2-3 a day out of the week my results will be even greater!"
- Alesia Shumpert
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AUD$17.41 AUD$16.96
Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

"りんごにつけたり、ポップコーンと食べたり、すっごく美味しかった!またな くなったら買おうと思ってます。"
- Renna

"Nutiva is the best brand. Don't expect it to taste like coconut, but it is definitely coconut oil. Great for vaginal dryness, certain skin, certain hair texture, finger nails, re-new old wooden furniture, baking. "
- T Hunter
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AUD$16.07 AUD$9.37
eVitamins Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

"Great for using in your everyday cooking. Healthy fats, clean oil. This coconut oil tastes great and is organic!"
- Bob Leskoviansky

"Quite good organic cold pressed coconut oil especially for cooking! Try it and enjoy the many benefits. Good size jar at a bargain price, great in my kitchen. Stocking up while free is shipping available! Love the high temperature for cooking, EFA's from nature are also good for skin smoothing and personal lubrication."
- Steve
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AUD$23.12 AUD$18.72
Garden of Life Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

"Great coconut oil. I use this in a wide variety of recipes for cooking. My kids even put it on their pancakes in the morning sometimes instead of butter. The Garden of Life coconut oil is a good brand and the price is also good."
- James

"Having a wide opening top is perfect for cooking. A little goes a long way even if you're adding it to a recipes, cereal or just greasy the pan. I also use some on my skin and hair. I like having organic coconut oil around no matter the need."
- EK
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AUD$10.04 AUD$6.31
Now Foods Coconut Oil

"I use Now Foods coconut oil for a lot of things. I put it on my scalp to help make my hair grow faster. I put it on my skin to prevent dryness. And I use it for oil pulling to prevent cavities."
- Diana

"Loved this Now Foods Coconut Oil. I use it mostly for my hair and for my skin. I put the coconut oil on my hair and leave it on for about an hour and it makes my hair feel silky and smooth and helps with knots. It also makes my hair smell great and it lasts for quite a few days. Has really helped with moisturizing my hair. Would highly recommend."
- Harley Kensington
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AUD$43.40 AUD$35.16
Garden of Life Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

"A great butter alternative for the kitchen. Melts quickly and is pretty easy to spread. The taste is incredible. I love coconut, so that helps. Love this stuff. It's on par with the Now Foods brand. I would buy whichever one is in stock. They're both great."
- Bruce Kent

"Έχω δοκιμάσει λάδι καρύδας απο αρκετές εταιρείες αλλά η Garden of Life είναι σε άλλο επίπεδο, όχι μόνο γι' αυτό το προϊόν. Το λάδι καρύδας το χρησιμοποιώ ως ολονύχτια μάσκα για τα μαλλιά, στην κουζίνα σε σαλάτες και για αντιμετώπιση της ξηροδερμίας όταν είναι ανάγκη. Η ποιότητά του είναι απο τις καλύτερες που έχω αγοράσει ως τώρα. Δεν χρειάζεται διατήρηση σε ψυγείο απλά μακριά απο το χώρο όπου υπάρχει πολλή θερμότητα όπως ο χώρος όπου μαγειρεύει κανείς, διότι θα λιώσει εντελώς. "
- Eva C.
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AUD$22.75 AUD$19.05
Barlean's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

"This oil is great for cooking, softening skin, and just about anything else you can think to use it for. I have tried other brands of coconut oil, but I don't think I could find anything better than Barlean"s."
- Dana Roth

"I use Barlean's Organic Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to stir fry my veggies on the stove top grill. They comes out crispy and I didn't have to worry about cooking the vitamins out of my veggies. This coconut oil is great, giving my food a crunchy effect. It's also good for conditioning the skin which I use in the winter only."
- Lisa Hunter
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AUD$6.69 AUD$5.05
Dynamic Health Laboratories Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

"A lot less stronger than Bragg's vinegar, but it works. It's great to use to clean mold, for hair etc.."
- T Hunter

"Before deodorant existed, an old remedy was acv as a natural and non toxic deodorant spray. The smell does fade and it keeps the odor away, even on hot days. Sometimes mixed with water 50/50. It taste great when you add a few tsp of acv to a cup of hot/warm water and a few tbsp of raw honey for upset stomach or joint pain etc. Rub on legs, shoulders, etc. At full strength for cramps and so forth."
- T. Hunter
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AUD$21.43 AUD$11.24
Now Foods Virgin Coconut Oil 1000 mg

"Ótimo suplemento para quem quer fortalecer a imunidade! Coincidência ou não, desde que comecei a tomá-lo não peguei mais nenhuma gripe. Outro ponto importante é que ele recompõe a flora intestinal, dando uma maior regularidade ao nosso sistema. Costumo usá-lo no café da manhã e tem sido uma ótima maneira de começar o dia com energia, disposição e cabeça funcionando! Parabéns, Now Foods."
- Tales Pinheiro

"Ótimo produto! Ótima entrega! O óleo de coco fortalece, e muito o nosso sistema imunológico, melhora a função intestinal e é um ótimo alimento para nos fornecer energia de forma rápida e benéfica. Como sempre, a Now Foods se destaca!"
- Tales Pinheiro
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AUD$54.93 AUD$53.14
Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

"loved by the whole family, One of the best values you can get for coconut oil. The whole family including our dog love it!"

"Como todo óleo de coco, MARAVILHOSO! O gosto de coco não é forte portanto dá pra cozinhar qualquer tipo de comida tranquilamente. O tamanho do pote é o melhor, super grande, dura por meses. Vale muito a pena adquirir especialmente pelo tamanho dele ser tão grande o custo-benefício é melhor."
- PriscilaR
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AUD$15.53 AUD$11.59
Spectrum Essentials Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

"Esse produto é excelente. Eu uso tanto para hidratar meu cabelo e pele quanto para retirar a maquiagem. Eu tenho ele há alguns meses e ainda tem metade do pote. O fato dele ser orgânico e sem GMO é um diferencial pra mim. Quanto mais natural melhor. "
- Kdano

"O melhor tratamento de cabelo que eu já usei na vida. Ele vem em uma consistência pastosa mas eu deixei ele no sol pra derreter e virar um líquido pra facilitar a aplicação. Eu tento aplicar 1 vez por semana nos cabelos secos, deixo agir por 1 hora, massageio bem o couro cabeludo e lavo umas 3 vezes com shampoo e condicionador depois. E por incr[ivel que pareça não fica oleoso (mas tem que lavar bem com shampoo). O brilho que ele dá é inacreditável e as minhas pontas duplas melhoraram já na primeira aplicação. Ah e você ainda pode aproveitar e passar um pouco nas pernas e braços pra reduzir o ressecamento da pele. Amo Amo Amo. "
- Priscila Ramos
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AUD$21.43 AUD$13.68
Nature's Way Liquid Coconut Oil

"You can use this to oil your hair clippers."
- T. Hunter

"You can also use this in place of your shaving cream."
- T. Hunter
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AUD$22.11 AUD$12.94
Source Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

"If using this other than cooking it's just too oily. this need to be kept refrigerated because it will melt down into liquid fast. I used it for my dry elbows, make sure you use very little... too oily. Great for a hair hot oil treatment too."
- Lisa Hunter

"Excellent coconut oil. I sauted my vegetables in which came out perfect. I also used a little on my face to moisturize and my face is no longer ashy! Also great for the entire body."
- Lisa Hunter
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AUD$3.74 AUD$2.73
Cococare 100% Coconut Oil

"Muito bom uso ele até dentro do shampoo na comida e tudo."
- patricia alves dos santos silva
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AUD$16.07 AUD$14.46
Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade Organic White Virgin Coconut Oil

"Excellent coconut oil, you can even just have a teaspoon on it's own it is that nice. I cook with it, rub it into my skin, just love this one in particular. Cold pressed virgin is the very best you can get."
- Valentyn
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AUD$20.09 AUD$16.77
Harvest Bay Organic Coconut Oil

"Very good for stir frying. My vegetables came out very crunchy. I also used it to condition my hair but you must wash it out because this is not a good leave in oil. Pleasant smell and very oily but works great."
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AUD$12.05 AUD$10.71
Now Foods Virgin Coconut Oil

"Замечательное масло.Брала его для масок. Запах не сильно выраженный,но достаточно приятный. Косметический эффект ярко выраженный,волосы и кожа стали намного лучше.Безумно рада покупке, буду заказывать еще!"
- Alena Kolpakova
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AUD$16.44 AUD$13.97
Eden Foods Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"I've had better brands than this. Maybe it would taste all right on salads?"
- T. Hunter
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AUD$17.29 AUD$14.69
Eden Foods Organic Extra Virgin Sesame Oil

"Much better than coconut oil, it's expensive but it may well be worth it, great for oil pulling, certain skin problems, salad, bad breath, as a massaging oil etc.. "
- T Hunter
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AUD$40.19 AUD$25.86
Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

"I've been using the Natures Way Coconut Oil off and on for the past few years. I switch between this the Garden of Life brand and the eVitamins brand. Overall the taste of this product is consistent with all the others I've tried. I think the texture is the same as well except in the summer time when this turns to a liquid format. Overall the price is very good for this coconut oil and I will continue to buy it."
- James
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AUD$40.56 AUD$34.06
Barlean's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
AUD$6.15 AUD$5.23
Annies Homegrown Natural Shiitake Sesame Vinaigrette

"This vinaigrette is very nice. It tastes more of sesame than shiitake mushroom, but the combination of the ingredients screems out "Asia"! It is a flowerful vinaigrette, amazing on chinese/japanese/korean food!"
- Erika Agostino
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AUD$21.43 AUD$13.68
Nature's Way Coconut Oil

"I am on a strict diet with minimal carbs. Within few days I noticed longer lasting energy without insulin levels being adversely affected. Fats are the cleanest burning energy for our body. It gives much more balanced and less manic energy than any carbohydrate. Thumbs up to nature's way coconut oil."
- Ritwik Kukreja
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